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While keeping the perspective of making your eLearning website more attractive and convenient for learners, let’s discuss the most effective way to make it happen. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss the best Addons for Your Corporate LearnDash LMS.

Learning sites can be made to appear unique to learners in many ways. Whether it is about aiming to earn or keeping the perspective of enhancing your skills through teaching, the reason to start an E-learning platform could be anything. But in order to make these experiences more appealing, there are various mediums being developed and designed. Addons are one of the most innovative methods to make your site perfect.

Addons are the features that are being added to our E-learning website, making it look more and more versatile and unique. They act as peripheral device support just as same a computer machine does, turning our task more convenient while performing the more significant operation. Addons enhance the productivity of your LearnDash site by attaching more integrated elements, enhancing its capabilities. By linking these additional features to your online course, you turn the learning experience more interesting and special for the students. After integrating Addons to your course, you benefit your E-learning website through endless factors.

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What is Corporate LMS?

The corporate Learning Management System is said to be the solution that involves the features for you to implement training instructions. It is a specialized solution that offers you the facility to design a training program.

At the same time, it offers enhanced features like integrating analytics, authoring tools, a course library with certified courses along with learner engagement capabilities to support increasing the productivity of your employees. The corporate LMS is the solution that is being specifically implemented with the purpose of creating, representing, as well as managing content to dedicatedly train the workers, enhancing their skills and proficiency further.

Being the system designed to provide integrated learning, corporate LMS is built upon the Content Management system. It turns out to be the fact that usually, LMS tools are integrated with the CMS solutions. For instance, one of the most famous LMS, LearnDash, is being developed by the top CMS system, WordPress.

WordPress: As the core for LMS solutions

WordPress is a CMS

Besides LearnDash, WordPress is the core platform for developing many LMS solutions. Being effectively supportive software, WordPress tends to be the essence of LMS platforms. This could be proved through the points stated below.

1. WordPress is Free

The most beneficial point to discussing WordPress is that it acts as a free-form CMS platform. With this piece of software, you could implement, design, install, integrate, download, alter and change, along with using it as per your necessities. It is helpful in using in designing and developing all types of websites, through its innovatively convenient functionaries, including LMS, with the advantage of being free of cost. Portraying as an open-source platform, it is the most robust form to provide effective services.

2. Easy to Customize with Themes and Plugins

Another point of benefit to knowing about WordPress is that it has various themes and plugins to make our website more enhanced and upgraded in the eyes of the appropriate audience. It enables a compelling opportunity to attach unique features to your site efficiently. You could easily add many elements that make your website appealing as well as sophisticated, like forms of membership, analytics, and many more.

3. WordPress is Super SEO-Friendly- Corporate LearnDash LMS


Search Engine Optimization is an essential factor for any website. WordPress offers all impactful SEO-friendly plugins just to make your site rank at the top in the search results as compared to the others. You could optimize your website while keeping in mind that you attach many extensions for SEO and simply make it reachable to the audience.

4. WordPress Manages Contents

WordPress provides all the features and elements that are being structured to maximize the content and its delivery productively. It could design as well as manage your set of content without any further use of extensions or plugins. Moreover, the functionalities of WordPress don’t get bound with explicit content; you could also add creative media such as images, video attachments, audio files, etc., making it more appealing.

Corporate LMS vs. Academic LMS

Corporate LMS vs Academic LMS

Now that we have discussed all the factors that support the reasons behind LearnDash being the most effective LMS solution by knowing the relationship between LearnDash and WordPress, let’s know further about the difference between corporate LMS and Academic LMS.

Corporate LMS, as we discussed above, is an effective solution through which you train your employees while adapting a training program for them to begin with. It allows a compelling opportunity to enhance the productivity of the workers and thus, directly benefits the organization. Academic LMS, on the other side, involves the options of providing learning for students and other potential learners who want to adapt and certify in new skills and knowledge.

While keeping into consideration, corporate points support the professional setting while academics turn out to be the points that support the settings of a scholar, involving the ethics of knowledge and learning. Hence, searching for the difference between the two could be varied. The corporate LMS offers training and development of workers, whether it is about the business world, the modes of operation at the workplace, or the ethics of the work environment.

It could also be about instructing the customers about your products. Academic LMS provides a base for the learners and instructors in order to enable the development and skills of the appropriate students, making them known about certain fields. It involves educating them on the specific matter outside of the classroom.

Corporate LMS features and Capabilities

  • From Convenience to Accessibility: The best part of corporate LMS is it’s easily accessible. The employees could take the learning the convenience of place and time. They continue to take courses even in the tight work schedule, shifting the classes on the timing and place they see fit. Compared to traditional training, it turns out to be the most effective way of attaining knowledge with convenience. It provides many features of convenience, such as recording classes so that the learners won’t miss any important piece of training.
  • Tracking of Progress: It also enables the feature of progress tracking. The progress can be tagged and tracked easily in order to know the position of learning in a better place. It comes with a report recording option through which you quote your learning skills and provide comprehensive feedback. It is efficient for the managers to track down the progress of training of any specific employee, and they can alter or enhance the guidance as per the same. 
  • Integration of E-Commerce and Marketing: This factor involves the element of marketing the course among the other communities so that it could lead to attaining the maximum amount of learners. It ensures opportunities for the organization to sell their courses to the appropriate audience, gaining their interest in attaining new skills and learning. This feature also includes the further chance of recruitment from the students who acquired the knowledge from the same set of learning.
  • The functionality of Multimedia: Through the corporate LMS system, you attach various assets of multimedia in order to make the website look more updated and grasping. By adding effective video clips, images, audio files, and many more appropriate assets to the E-learning platform, you make the training experience more interesting for the workers. These days almost all organizations adopt LMS platforms to start a training base for their staff while at the same time gaining brand identification.  
  • Feedback by the Users: Another useful feature of corporate LMS is that it gives the option of feedback. Feedback is an essential factor for the corporate LMS to function efficiently and without any dubiety. Most organizations offer employees a chance to give their feedback and views that show their perspective on the training they are taking. It makes the course beneficial and engaging for both workers as well as the organization.

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Best Addons for Corporate LearnDash LMS

To get the best outcomes from the tool you are adapting, you should choose the best of its properties. Corporate LearnDash offers various innovative extensions in the form of Addons and plugins through which you could make your course look more interesting as well as efficient, and thus, it will turn out to be more profitable for the organization.

Some of those compelling Addons of LearnDash are being explained under:

1. LearnDash wpForo- Corporate LearnDash LMS

LearnDash wpForo offers the facility of instructions in the most specialized manner. It is the Addon that assigns your course with an option of an instructor who gives the learners the advantage of learning more properly. The instructor enables to teach, develop, administer, as well as guide the students throughout their courses. It is the Addon that acts as a more compelling point for the learners to be attracted to our E-learning website. It gives benefits the organization to be more certain about the training of the employees. This extension carries functionalities that act beneficial for both learners as well as instructors.

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2. BuddyPress Integration

BuddyPress Integration offers you various effective features to add to your E-learning course. It enables appealing elements to the site, which makes it look more sophisticated. This Addon allows you to add private messaging functionality to the website or course. It gives engaging options to add online profiles and user groups as well. It is being concluded that using BuddyPress and LearnDash together act as more effective ways to create community with the perspective of course creation. Offering course lessons, group feed, forums, and further enhanced features for your corporate LMS.

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3. LearnDash Certification- Corporate LearnDash LMS

Integrating the plugin for certification adds a great deal of efficacy to your E-learning website. It makes the website look more achievable in the eyes of the learners while opting for this training option. This plugin helps to create a certificate. The certificate could be of any mode, like assigning it to the course completion or a specific quiz. This Addon allows you to design and create a versatile certificate for the students using the built-in Gutenberg Builder.

Certification tends to be an essential factor to keep in mind while designing an online course. It serves as an indicator of authenticity and completion. Hence, by adding this plugin, you turn your E-learning site to be more specified.

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4. WooCommerce / EDD Integration

WooCommerce is the most popular element of marketing. It is the plugin that provides all the E-commerce services used to market your course or E-learning platform to the appropriate audience. It involves all the necessary features to be integrated E-commerce into your website. It requires excellent measures and time to decide on an effective platform for E-commerce services. Thus, this plugin covers all the requirements of marketing and promotion. It effectively handles your site to be promoted.

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BuddyX theme

Corporate LearnDash LMS-Concluding Points to Discuss

Therefore, corporate LMS is the essence of adequate training among employees. It literally acts as an impactful method to enhance the proficiency of workers while at the same increasing the productivity of the organization. And in order to make it more prominent, we should add the appropriate plugins, making it more dynamic. LearnDash turns out to be the solution that strengthens the efficacy of any corporate LMS. So, take a step towards efficiency and advancement of your organization by adopting this method of eLearning.

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