What is eLearning

There are many sources we are interested in acquiring learning in any field. The art of learning anything has become immensely convenient these days. Many effective mediums offer various methods of teaching. One of those creative sources involves eLearning. Being a structured form of teaching, eLearning delivers a learning experience through electronic sources.

It carries performance content through which you learn and adapt to new things while sitting at home or any place you want. It is referred to be a compelling delivery of specialized learning and training through digital resources. This method of pertaining knowledge has various innovative as well as easy forms of learning programs; video classes, recorded lectures, activities, quizzes, assessments, live teaching, and many more.

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What is eLearning?

Through E-learning, you can attain knowledge with ease and convenience. Thus, it has become popular day by day, as people find it appealing to gain new skills. It has also been estimated that approximately 50% of institutional students are using these platforms as a source to gain proficiency. Moreover, 80% of organizations are adopting it as a medium of income. Being the impactful tool of tutorials, E-learning is turning into the essence of learning.

How To Deliver eLearning?

Nowadays, it is almost effortless to provide E-learning classes if you own proficiency in any field. Many organizations are implementing online courses as it turns out to be beneficial as well as a simple form of earning. Whether it is about a step towards enhancing the knowledge of their employees or offering assistance to the customers, there are efficient measures to providing training.

Let’s take a look at the platforms through which we could deliver E-learning:

Using LMS solutions

The most efficient method to start an online course in order to gain earnings through your skills is by selecting a Learning Management System. These solutions are solely being designed to provide you with an effective opportunity to set an E-learning medium as per your choice. Some of the popular as well as specialized tools are described below:

1. LearnDash- What is eLearning

What is eLearning

LearnDash is an extended version of the popular as well as flexible CMS platform WordPress. It involves various effective plugins and themes that could help you in setting up an online course as per the requirements of your knowledge and skills. The tool carries many compelling features to highlight your expertise and attract the appropriate learners to your course. Being an open-source platform, it provides all functionalities flexibly.

Whether it is about choosing a versatile theme effectual enough to enhance your set of instructions or enabling an impactful plugin, its elements are solely designed to gain the interest of the student.

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2. Design Development

The best thing about adopting any of the effective courses, specifically LearnDash, is that they offer specialized design development for your E-learning website. With LearnDash, you get a fantastic opportunity to make your course reachable to the appropriate learner through an impactful website that highlights the good points of your courses and the knowledge that you are providing.

3. Versatile Themes and Plugins

LearnDash has various themes, add-ons, or plugins to help your website look more appealing in the eyes of the target audience. It is the tool that offers all attractive features of themes to sell your course online. It gives you the chance to build your learning platform with all the appropriate features required to make it look more engaging to the learners. From adding the functionality to create notes through LearnDash Notes to attaching the element of LearnDash Dashboard, you get many options of extensions in this tool.

4. Effective Quizzing- What is eLearning

It also provides the functionality to start a quiz. Through a practical quizzing feature, you make your online course a more exciting experience for the students. Whether it is about questions through images, filling in the blanks, choosing the correct option, or many more creative forms of learning, you could attach any of these options to your course and make it more grasping for them to learn.

5. Designed to maximize content

LearnDash is said to be structured to maximize content delivery and making it increase the competition rate. Through this LMS tool, you could enhance your content quality and make it more polished. It creates and manages your content while keeping all the online principles in mind.

6. Udemy

What is eLearning

Having approximately 155,000 courses, this platform enables a great opportunity to market your course online. It offers fields for designs and development, marketing, IT and software, personality development, and so on. If you acquire some creative skills such as photography, music, and design, Udemy offers you a great base to begin with. The tool makes it easy for instructors throughout the world, giving them an occasion to take steps towards attaining income.

You could learn and teach various new things about designing, business, development, software, etc., through the many options and features it offers. Becoming an instructor and teaching through worldwide tech and functionalities designed to keep our requirements in mind gives you a great chance to transform your life through education and knowledge.

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7. Moodle

Being the full-fledged open-source LMS solution, Moodle provides a lot of tools to assist you in organizing the course as per your choice. It is a learning platform designed to provide educators and learners with a personalized environment for learning. Being an old LMS solution, it is proven worldwide for both academic as well as enterprise solutions.

With Moodle, you could start your E-learning website, design your own community forum and take steps toward sharing the knowledge you hold. Providing effective hosting support for your online course, Moodle helps you to shape your future through your skills.

8. Teachable

Teachable- What is eLearning
What is eLearning

Teachable is an easy-to-use LMS tool to share your skills with others. It provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who owns knowledge about any field and wants to earn while sharing those skills with others. The platform requires no set taxes and further payouts. Being accessible and convenient for learners as well as instructors, Teachable offers an effective e-Commerce medium that helps you to market your course to the appropriate learners. It provides impactful marketing strategies to sell your course online. In order to get the learners more affiliated with the learning content that you are enabling, this LMS tool also gives the option of a quick-start webinar.

9. Podia

Podia is another platform that offers you a great chance to start earning through your income. It is an LMS tool that acts as an effective platform to set up your online course or design your E-learning website. Having all the compelling e-Commerce features, Podia also helps to market your skills to the appropriate learners.

This LMS solution is also easy as well as convenient to use, helping you design the course or site as per your requirements and skills. It also has many engaging functionalities like digital downloads of PDFs, audiobooks, ebooks, webinars, whole-week assistance, and many more.

10. Clickfunnels- What is eLearning

Clickfunnels enable website building as well as sales funnels for business minds. Unlike other LMS solutions, Clickfunnels is not an entirely course-creating platform. Knowledge commerce tends to be one of its functionalities, providing you with various options to create as well as market your skills to the target audience. Its e-commerce services help gain more learners to know about your online course.

While creating a specialized website for your E-learning, it also offers many sales templates. Providing easy drag-and-drop options for web page editing, email, and Facebook marketing, it turns out to be convenient and simple to use.

11. Thinkific- What is eLearning

This LMS solution helps you customize every touch-point of your online course. Thinkific offers all control access features to design your E-learning website. It creates a base to brand your expertise, and the rest is handled by all the other integrated tools to make your course look more and more attractive to the learners. It provides you with options like LIVE lessons, course templates, drip schedules, certifications, and many more options to enhance the experience of learning for the students as well as instructors. In order to make it more convenient, Thinkific also ensures preview and publish so that one can view and check the whole content before making it available for the audience.

12. Ontraport

It is the platform for sales, marketing, and business development. Although Ontraport has the characteristics of e-commerce, it also offers the element of a membership community, which puts it in the realm of knowledge commerce. This tool isn’t solely dedicated to enabling LMS solutions like LearnDash and other famous ones in the market of E-learning.

Being designed to ensure effective marketing tactics, it involves many features of sales representatives. It supports you in building your business through the knowledge you hold while creating the options of learning and many more facilities of marketing.

13. Kajabi- What is eLearning

Kajabi- What is eLearning
What is eLearning

Kajabi is the Learning Management System tool that is said to be the base to turn your knowledge into income. Its functionalities involve content creation, factors to highlight what you are best at, online coaching facilities and courses, membership, podcasts, and so on. It also ensures all innovative templates to design content as per your choice, offering you opportunities for campaigns and funnels.

It is in one solution to give all creative services of designing your E-learning platforms, acting as a medium for you to step ahead in the industry of earning through knowledge and skills. Kajabi has many features to offer, including the built-in method to collect payments with PayPal, Stripe, etc., making it a more convenient platform.

14. TutorLMS- What is eLearning

TutorLMS is another extended feature of the popular as well as robust CMS platform WordPress. Thus, it has almost the same functionalities as LearnDash. It provides an effectual base to set your E-learning website, ensuring specialized content creation as well as management. TutorLMS also gives elements of gamification, enabling the learners with certification and reward points, making a more interesting learning experience for the students.

Being designed as an extension to WordPress, it’s entirely convenient and easy to use. You could also use all the functions of e-Commerce involved through the same CMS tool. However, having almost the same features and elements as LearnDash, TutorLMS is still less updated and enhanced as compared to it.

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Types Of e-Learning

Now that it is being discussed what platform we go for LMS solutions let’s take a look at the type of E-Learning and training. The reasons to choose this form of learning to vary, whether it is about the intentions of pertaining new skills, learning something remotely, and with comfort, the accessibility of online courses is wide. It could be described through the following types:

1. Employee Training

Employee Training- Employee Training
What is eLearning

Numerous organizations choose E-learning to further educate their employees, enhancing their skills in order to increase their productivity or to improve their performance. Training employees through the online education method came as an efficient way to increase their knowledge. It allows them to give professional exams and assessments, resulting in improving their proficiency.

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2. Customer Training

This type of training involves customer education about products or services, leading them to know about them thoroughly. Customer training tends to be popular in software-providing fields. It helps in gaining a better customer experience and benefits the organization. It also gives the advantage of increased sales as a trained customer utilizes the product with utmost ease and its right accessibility; being content will eventually lead to enhancing sales. E-learning enables compelling customer training.

3. Compliance Training

This training helps to put down topics like health, safety, and dignity in the workspace. It turns out to be mandatory in most firms as it educates people about necessary facts such as law and diversity. The organization adapts E-learning for the topics like anti-harassment law, HR law, diversity education, etc.

4. Partner Training

E-learning is also beneficial in providing learning to the partner involved in the business. It is also referred to as reseller training as it gives them necessary information about the product, sales technique as per the product, guidance on impactful marketing, etc. It helps in representing a point to engage with partners, leading towards the benefit of the organization.

Benefits Of eLearning

Being the most convenient form of acquiring education, E-learning carries many advantages for both learners as well as instructors. Its wide scope and flexibility turn is beneficial in many ways:

1. Cost-Effective- What is eLearning

cost effective- What is eLearning
What is eLearning

This turns out to be the most beneficial factor of E-learning, which is pocket-friendly. It tackles the tension of expensive printing and the burden on on-site instructors. The amount caused by E-learning is always reasonable for the organizations at the same time learners to bear. It doesn’t usually take much to design an E-learning website for your course.

2. Less Time Consuming

The most outlining advantage of E-learning is that it requires lesser time. People could easily apply for classes they seem interested in, scheduling them as their work timings. The updated versions of LMS solutions involve features of recording classes and so on to save your time. While engaging in work or any other daily chores makes it difficult for us to adapt to anything, with that point in mind, E-learning seems to be advantageous to a greater extent.

3. Improves Proficiency

Through online courses, you easily educate yourself about the things you are interested to learn; at the same time, it increases your proficiency by instructing new things others. It helps us gain as well as share knowledge, enhancing our expertise in many ways. Through expertized learning, it will be easier for us to reach our targets or goals.

4. Knowledge through Convenience

Convenience and simplicity are the key features of online learning. By this method, we could sit back and relax while grasping new skills. Whether it is about being at home, gym, or even in our workspace, we can learn anytime with ease. Moreover, adapting any LMS platform which has all in-built features like LearnDash, Kajabi, etc., you aren’t required to be troubled by marketing and sales, as they handle all.

Lesser Impact on Environment: It came as a noble fact of benefit that E-learning provides as it causes lower impacts on the environment. No amount of paper is required for this type of learning, and thus, it indirectly saves trees. It contributes to being a more sustainable as well as an environment-friendly medium. Hence, if you are aiming for a more eco-friendly mode of sharing or adapting knowledge, E-learning is the best option for you to begin with.


E-learning, the Essence of Attaining Knowledge

In this digitally growing world, eLearning is the essence of sharing knowledge. It gives us the motivation to adapt more while growing ahead with each step through our skills. Hence, in today’s digital world, we shouldn’t stay back at any point when we can learn, adapt, and educate at the same time. E-learning provides many opportunities for us to grow. So, let’s take a step toward digital learning; whether it is about setting our own course through effective LMS solutions or choosing the right courses as per our set of interests, it has become effortless.

Thus, if you are planning to set up an effectively designed platform to share your knowledge and skills in the form of a specialized E-learning website, you could adopt our services. Our certified designer professionals help you take a step towards success while providing you with the course as per your requirements through various themes and add-ons.

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