Can You Advertise CBD on Instagram? Tips and Marketing Guide

Advertise CBD on Instagram

The CBD industry’s success does not come without its marketing hurdles. The federal government continues to prohibit the use of cannabis, despite its legalization in 19 states. As a result, from an advertising standpoint, it’s handled similarly to firearms, cigarettes, or gambling – stringent limitations or complete prohibitions are applied. You can Advertise your CBD on Instagram, but there are drawbacks. We outline six digital marketing strategies in this article.

A brand’s only option for reaching consumers and setting itself apart from the competition is to create valuable organic content backed by strong SEO strategies, beautiful branding, interactive websites, user-generated social content, and earned media. CBD brands cannot run paid ads on major digital advertising channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, or Amazon.

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Can You Advertise CBD on Instagram?

Ads mentioning CBD, cannabis, marijuana, or hemp are not permitted on Instagram, even though users can publish organic CBD material on both platforms. Your ad may be allowed if you remove any explicit references to them; however, Instagram has been known to reject ads that adhere to its regulations despite their compliance.

Because of this, Instagram now allows advertisements for CBD topicals but not CBD ingestible. The domain will also be searched for advertisements linking to ingestible CBD product sites, so keep this in mind.

Either working with influencers to generate instructional content that circumvents the prohibition or focusing on CBD’s lifestyle and well-being features will be the most effective strategy for most brands. Others will use a more cunning strategy and remove any references to CBD from a second domain, which they can then use to link to a sales page on Instagram once the advertisements have been approved.

Instagram’s strict CBD advertising policy

Instagram has a zero-tolerance policy for posts or accounts that do not adhere to this regulation. Falsehoods regarding CBD’s legality abound on the internet, so you must do your homework and find the truth.

Many firms advertise CBD products on Instagram by utilizing innovative hashtags such as #CBD, #Cannabis, and others to circumvent Instagram’s prohibition.

Instagram only deletes posts that identify certain conditions or drugs that CBD may be used to treat; therefore, these accounts get away with the regulation.

They can get away with it because these firms don’t advertise that they sell cannabis but instead that CBD is a treatment for various ailments. Though this marketing method is effective, Instagram does not allow this practice.

Tips for Advertising CBD on Instagram

Using Instagram to Advertise your CBD goods is difficult, but not impossible. Keep these pointers in mind if you don’t want to be prohibited from advertising these products:

  • Instagram’s privacy policy prohibits sponsored advertising for CBD products, so don’t consider it.
  • Hemp products are safe and include CBD; therefore, don’t use terms like “hemp products,”
  • The stories, posts, and photographs you upload on Instagram must reflect that you are not marketing CBD products.
  • Your post should appear as though it is a piece of information rather than an advertisement for your CBD business.
  • You can’t just promote to teens if you want to be successful.
  • Using tags and hashtags, you may boost the number of people who notice your posts.
  • Stay in touch with Instagram’s most popular users.
  • Follow these basic recommendations to ensure you have access and avoid privacy issues.

Organic CBD marketing on Instagram

On Instagram, the easiest way to promote CBD products naturally is to do it the same way you would share any other post. Instagram users will be more likely to follow your CBD-related posts if you include photographs of your items. It is a good idea to ask individuals who like and comment on your postings if they have any friends who would be interested in viewing your items so that you can start a discussion with them and try to sell them anything without seeming too aggressive or spammy.

To be clear, Instagram’s terms of service prohibit the sale of actual cannabis goods over their platform, and products containing any quantity of THC are included in this category. It is against Instagram’s community rules to post anything portraying the sale of narcotics on the platform, including marijuana.

Even if you’re not selling marijuana, posting about it frequently can eventually result in your post being removed from your Instagram account. There are even photos of marijuana plants being grown in the backyard.
Only a few companies can fulfill Instagram’s CBD advertising policy and effectively advertise on Instagram.

Products that include THC (even if they come from hemp) must not be sold or promoted by businesses, and CBD products must not contain more than 0.3 percent of CBD. All advertising would have to include a statement about FDA clearance.

Approaching Instagram to inquire about a sponsored promotion for CBD products:

An independent third-party laboratory should also be used to guarantee that the items advertised on Instagram are safe and free of pollutants like heavy metals and pesticides. Compliance with Instagram’s regulation on CBD advertising necessitates the firm keeping these test findings on file.

To advertise on Instagram, a company must be at least a year old and have 50,000 followers to qualify.
To succeed on Instagram, companies must ensure that their profiles adhere to the platform’s rules and restrictions. A social media manager should be well-versed in all of Instagram’s policies, including the new CBD policy and all of Instagram’s other policies and standards.

A business must contact Instagram directly using the form on their website to advertise on Instagram. Within 10 business days, they can use the form to request approval to advertise on Instagram.

How to advertise CBD on Instagram?

1. Create educational content

Develop New Content- Advertise CBD on Instagram
Advertise CBD on Instagram

For this reason, commercial posts are out of the question. Instead, put your energy into producing visual and audio content that may be viewed as instructive. Always keep in mind that there is something to be said about marijuana.

You may compare different strains, provide advice on increasing yields, discuss CBD’s health advantages, and so on. Some farmers may believe this is a waste of time and money. If you’re looking to get people to follow you on Instagram, this may be the best method. Your customers will recognize that you’re selling marijuana in one form or another when they see you.

2. Establish yourself with your local lifestyle

To successfully market CBD on Instagram, you must become well-versed in the local culture. Content that resonates with your audience should be the primary focus of your efforts. Content regarding the health advantages of CBD for surfing or sunbathing might be helpful if you live near a beach.

To attract new clients, you must demonstrate to them that you understand their requirements and can provide them with items that enhance the way they live. Credibility and trustworthiness may be built quickly and easily in this manner.

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3. Engage Influencers

To work with influencers, you must first understand what they are. They have a significant following on Instagram and are well-known, recognized, and trusted companies. They promote your company and items on their social media accounts in exchange for a charge. Many people in the audience will be interested in your CBD goods as a consequence. Advertising can likewise be done in this way. Because trustworthy and well-known businesses are talking about your CBD goods, your products’ reputation rises due to this advertising.

4. Don’t get distracted by the short-term

New cannabis cultivators sometimes push too tight to promote their dispensary on Instagram. Most of them had to put up a significant amount of money. Keeping their firm going requires a speedy return on investment, so this is what they’ve done. Instagram does not make it easy to advertise a new CBD firm. Thus, some people may get trapped because they cannot locate a viable market.

Whatever you do, keep your eye on the prize: long-term success. Even if you don’t get immediate results from Instagram, it’s the direction you should be going in. More and more states will legalize marijuana, and social media platforms will become more tolerant.

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5. Opt for an Unpaid Advert

To run an unpaid ad on Instagram, you have two options.

Instagram is a great place to start if you want to promote your CBD products by tagging individuals in posts. It is possible to tag up to ten people at once. Use the term hemp product rather than CBD and avoid targeting youngsters.

Instagram stories may also make use of hashtags as a second strategy. This is a new feature that has just been added to Instagram. Customers searching for CBD goods on Instagram will be sent to your Instagram story if you use relevant hashtags and include your retail locations. To avoid being mistaken for a company selling CBD products, you must ensure that none of your Instagram story material reflects this.

Using one of these non-paid ad solutions may help you keep your Instagram account from being blocked or from violating Instagram’s privacy policy.

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6. Be Social

Social- Advertise CBD on Instagram
Advertise CBD on Instagram

On the social network Instagram, you must also be an active user. Use “selling” sparingly when chatting with new acquaintances about CBD products on Instagram. These will help raise knowledge about CBD products and advertise your CBD goods. There are ways to promote CBD products on Instagram without getting shut down, including this one. It’s a straightforward approach, and you don’t even need to know how to program.

To promote CBD goods on Instagram, you may use the following approaches. To market your CBD goods on Instagram, they are as simple as if you don’t know how to do anything technical.

7. Using geotags

Using geotags is critical when Advertise CBD on Instagram. The use of geotags is a terrific approach to connecting with local customers. However, avoid using the same geo-location tag several times. Using geotags, you can reach clients who haven’t heard of your company before. Credibility and trustworthiness may be built quickly and easily in this manner.

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8. SEO for CBD-related websites

SEO- Advertise CBD on Instagram
Advertise CBD on Instagram

Search engine optimization (SEO) may help your website reach the top of search results. You may use this strategy to boost your website’s traffic, making more sales and conversions possible. The following are some pointers for enhancing the search engine optimization of your website:

People looking for CBD goods will find you if you use keyword-rich titles and descriptions on your website.
As the number of individuals utilizing mobile devices to do internet searches rises, so should your website’s responsive design. A mobile-friendly site will make it easier for visitors to locate and buy your stuff.

Your website’s traffic will increase if you use social media to spread the word about it. Register on well-known social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, share the URL to your website with your social media followers. You may learn more about CBD on Facebook for your campaigns to be more successful.

A high-ranking website relies on high-quality content. Help people learn about CBD by writing informative posts and product descriptions on your blog and social media accounts. Following these guidelines, you may boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). This can lead to increased sales and conversions for your organization.

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If you want to get your message out and differentiate yourself in a world where Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Snapchat, and TikTok don’t allow CBD brands to run paid ads, the only viable option is to use valuable organic content supported by solid SEO strategies; beautiful branding; interactive websites; user-generated content; and earned media. That’s a viable option, too. Brands may swiftly increase search rankings by investing in expert-led, instructional material that references reputable sites (.edu,.org, etc.).

We are now well aware of the strategies to sell your CBD goods on Instagram. Although it’s not a cakewalk, you can do it. Your brand can succeed if you strictly adhere to all the laws and regulations. You may use CBD SEO to promote your business and generate more traffic.

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