Role-based Pricing WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce has quickly become the fastest-growing eCommerce plugin for commercial websites. The WooCommerce plugin is used by around 42% of all online stores in the market currently. This plugin empowers both online users and developers with tools to enhance the functionalities of their business websites. For an online business owner, he may set discounts on a multitude of product parameters, across categories and as per customer privileges. The open-sourced and adaptable WooCommerce plugin platform allows a developer to build a fully functioning e-commerce website based on detailed inputs from the site owner.

So, to create a more attractive e-commerce platform, role-based pricing plugins are a great option for the website owner or developer. These WooCommerce plugins allow you to differentiate or categorize your registered users. This may be simply registered users and guest visitors, or more complex divisions like different categories of customers based on their frequency of visits or purchase value. The five plugins described below allow you to extend different role-based functionalities to your online business website.

WooCommerce Plugins

1. WooCommerce Role Based Price

WooCommerce Role Based Price: WooCommerce plugin

You will be able to allow selective viewing of pricing by customers with this WooCommerce plugin. You may want to hide the pricing and cart boxes for guest viewers or show only a certain range of prices for a certain category of customers. This plugin makes such selective assignments easier. Also, you can assign role-based pricing for both simple and variable products. There is also an option for adding shortcodes to get product-specific prices. You can also edit prices in bulk based on roles or categories. This plugin is fully integrated with the WordPress All-Import plugin, Aelia Currency Switcher, and WooCommerce Product Addon plugins.

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2. SUMO Discounts and Advanced Pricing

SUMO Discounts and Advanced Pricing: WooCommerce plugin

This WooCommerce plugin offers a complete solution for all discounts and pricing needs of your online business. The Sumo plugin is fully compatible with all WordPress themes which support WooCommerce. You can offer discounts based on specific products and categories. There is the option of setting different sales offers like “Buy 3 Get 1 Free”. You may also offer extra discounts based on total cart value. You can create unlimited discount rules and set time limits on flash sales.

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3. Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

Now you have the power to create lucrative deals and sales promotions to entice your customers with this WooCommerce plugin. This plugin offers dynamic and category-based prices, different pricing tiers and groups, discounts based on quantity, and many other features. You can offer marketing deals based on quantity, free products on purchase of certain numbers, or any other innovative deals. You can also place ads on your site about the discounts using shortcodes.

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4. WooCommerce Prices by User Role

WooCommerce Prices by User Role

This WooCommerce plugin slows you to extend user role-based pricing as the default functionality of your website. With this plugin, you can now add different pricing to different user groups like general customers, wholesalers, and smaller retailers. Most of the features of a WooCommerce role-based plugin are also available with this plugin. You can also display the savings percentage and create many user groups based on your classification parameters. All these pricing plugins will serve to enhance the user experience of your website. Now, you can easily control the sales offers, discounts, and product pricing in a neat and organized manner.

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