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Do you want to accelerate your business or bring your business to the online platform? Then a website is the only thing that will come to your mind. Since not all of us know how to code a website, there are many website-building platforms for website Builders out in the online world for your help. It will make building a

website a lot simple. The online website builder mainly focuses on e-commerce websites. And it will help you to sell your brand online to your target audience. You can offer your services on the website like booking a reservation or tickets.


Website Builders for Online stores

Here are some of the selective online website-building platforms for you that might help you. Your search for an ideal website builder ends here, as this article contains all different types of options for people with unique needs.

1. Wix

Wix-Website Builders
Website Builders

Wix is one of the well-known website builders for any small business out there. It has a user-friendly interface with basic templates for anyone out there. It is an easily customizable website builder with integrated AI, all you have to do is put your details in the given parameters, and done.

This site is beginner-friendly. Wix might become helpful if you are new to building websites. Wix gives you all the control you need to create a website that suits you. It gives you the power to customize most of the great features, with drag and drop facilities.

Besides offering templates for e-commerce, Wix also provides features such as ticket or event booking, subscriptions, and more than 900 templates. Wix also has free templates if you want to build an online portfolio.

This provides mobile-friendly sites, no matter how complex your site is. With Wix, you might be able to create multilingual site templates. This function might become helpful if you want your website to reach an international market. This website provides you with great opportunities with its fascinating features. Because of its incredible features, it has acquired over 77 million users in around 190 countries, and the number is still growing.

Wix also provides some free templates with good customizable features in them. The paid plan has rational pricing. You can use the paid version as it has more templates with better opportunities for customizing the website if you don’t grow your business and build up your brand. For efficient results, make sure to choose the best template, keeping in mind your specific goals.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace- Website Builders
Website Builders

This is one of the most appealing website builders out there. Not only does the website have e-commerce templates, but it also features simple websites for simple businesses or blogs. The templates provided by Squarespace are visually appealing and sophisticated. Although it is a fantastic website builder to start your business, it is not beginner-friendly. It takes time to get used to using the website.

Besides offering many excellent features, Squarespace is also a multipurpose website builder; it can handle sales, subscriptions, and digital files (music and photos). You can also share your Instagram account to increase your sales.

This website builder has many quality features with a better user experience and great customizing options. The main advantage of Squarespace is its extensive library of visually appealing templates, which will allow you to create a website that suits your expectations. Its paid plans are also less expensive than other eCommerce website builders.
Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial but doesn’t have a free plan like Wix. Considering what this website builder offers, the paid version is quite affordable.

3. WordPress

WordPress-Website Builders
Website Builders

This is quite a different website builder than the previous one. To use this website builder, you would need some knowledge of coding. WordPress is famous for blogs.

You would need some coding knowledge to customize sites on WordPress. But this provides an opportunity to customize your sites according to your needs. The main goal of WordPress is to offer websites specifically for blogging, but you can use some of it for sales too. Bad news for those who don’t know how to code, as you would get limited customizing options, so it’s better to choose any other website builder.

If you are looking to create your blog, WordPress has a lot of great tools for blogging, and it is within your budget. It provides hosting and other advanced website management options that any beginner could also use. WordPress has many features, including block options, spacers, columns, and layout-related blocks. WordPress’s paid version comes at quite reasonable prices.

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4. Shopify

Website Builders

It has a user-friendly interface with several different features to build a website in the way you want to. Shopify is famous for building e-commerce websites. Small businesses and new businesses can use this builder to accelerate their sales. Shopify is beginner-friendly, so you can start using it even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about publishing websites.

Shopify has various customizable features and makes the experience of building a website easy and faster than anything else with its great features. The features include SEO resources and are mobile-friendly.
With sales of e-commerce websites rising since being founded, Shopify is now one of the world’s leading website builders in more than 150 countries. Pricing is rational and has a 14-day free trial.

5. GoDaddy

godaddy- Website Builders
Website Builders

This is a beginner-friendly website builder. For building a website, you have to add your details and GoDaddy will customize the website that suits your needs. The website has simple layouts and well-managed guidance for any beginner to start building their website. For those who are just getting started with building websites, GoDaddy is the one recommended. It makes the process of building a website hassle-free and faster.

GoDaddy has increased its sales and is still growing every year. But it is not ideal for big businesses or organizations with complex systems. If you have a small business or start-ups you can give GoDaddy a shot. It has cost-effective pricing for what it provides. In a free plan, GoDaddy provides a month of free trial for you to give it a try and choose.

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6. Site123

Site123- Website Builders
Website Builders

this is a basic and user-friendly website builder, a great and easy website builder specifically for tech novices. Site123 makes building a website faster and easier. It’s a good choice for small businesses and startups. It is a beginner-friendly website with guidance throughout the process, as a great feature of live chat for any queries. The features aren’t as advanced as the other website builders on this article and, it also lacks creative controls in many ways.

Site123 has 180 mobile-friendly templates and many other features of apps to widen your site’s responsiveness. There are not many of the customizing features provided by it. One excellent feature of this website builder is its customer service. The pricing of Site123 is cheaper and the free plan is great.

7. SquareOnline

Website Builders

This is another beginner-friendly website builder where you can easily edit and customize your website. Though it lacks advanced features, it is a good choice if you have just started. Some of its appealing features include automatic tracking of inventory and orders, delivery and shipping services, and sales through Instagram.

SquareOnline is one of the affordable website builders with impressive options and features in the free plan. It is a website builder that provides templates for e-commerce websites and offers features for restaurant websites such as table reservations and food ordering. SquareOnline is limited as it doesn’t offer payment services around the world.

8. BigCommerce

best ecommerce software
Website Builders

This is a website builder, that has a wide range of features and ready-to-use designs. BigCommerce is a multichannel online store builder that works with Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and various other sales channels. It is one of the popular website builders out in the market, but it is not beginner-friendly.

It has many comprehensive features like no other website builder. Features like payments, integrations, discount coupons, shipping, managing, and left-out cart reminders. It has many advanced features like multilingual websites, third-party integrations, and staff management. BigCommerce is for big businesses that want to increase their sales online.

9. Webnode

Webnode- Website Builders
Website Builders

Its supports multilingual sites and is somewhat beginner-friendly. Webnode provides many advanced features but is not highly customizable. Multi-language websites, Expert SEO settings for individual pages, and tutorials for beginners are just a few of the fascinating features offered by Webnode. Though it has many great features, it lacks creative customization.

10. Volusion

ecommerce platforms
Website Builders

Volusion is the best website builder for e-commerce businesses. The product presentation is excellent. It provides customization of websites for creating highly appealing websites that customers would love. Volusion arrives with great features. It includes SEO tools, checkout options, website backups, and email marketing tools. The free trial is there, and the pricing is rational. It also supports services.

EDD service

The Bottom Line

These were the website that we have collected while keeping the following things in mind:
– a blogger, e-commerce website, small and large business, creative personalized businesses, and many more. You can find a suitable website builder for your brand from this list and start growing your business right away.

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