Create A WordPress Member Directory

Member directories keep an extensive directory with detailed profiles and information on specific people. What it then does is allow a proper organization and categorization in specific niches of people. This is an excellent organizational tool and improves each WordPress website.

Are you also looking at Member directory and how to turn the flat list into an interesting design?

Getting Ready

buddypress member directory

The first thing to do is Install and Set-up BuddyPress on your WordPress website. BuddyPress comes packed with a lot of features, like:

  • Allows social networking capabilities.
  • Users can send private messages.
  • Users can join and form groups.
  • Users can follow activity streams.
  • Blog Creation.
  • Users can befriend each other.

The list of features is long and exhaustive. But these are the ones through which BuddyPress is known. 

What does BuddyPress bring in terms of Members Directory?

BuddyPress comes packed with a members directory style out of the box. Though the directory is there it looks like a flat list, which is an oversimplification of how aesthetically poor it is.

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Buckle Up

Member Directory with WordPress & BuddyPress
Member Directory with WordPress & BuddyPress

We all know that WordPress comes packed with the power of thousands of free and paid themes at its disposal. The WordPress theme store is the place to search through this wide library. But not every theme will have an aesthetically attractive and simple layout for your member directory. 

Provided how the BuddyPress members directory looks. It is better to find a theme that resonates with style and is simple enough that you have customization options through and through. We look at BuddyX for this task.

BuddyX is free and is compatible with BuddyPress. You can import BuddyX in just one click from here.

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But, Why

Create A WordPress Member Directory
BuddyX Members Directory layout

You get:

  • A search form for Members Search.
  • An All Members Tab displays the total number of registered users who have ever logged in once since you activated BuddyPress in the installation.
  • You can select the order of display in Last Active(default), Newest, or Alphabetical.
  • List of Members registered on your site, including time active stamp, latest status update (if any), and their latest post (if any). While Additional Information like the latest status and post update is also displayed.
  • Action Buttons for members to send a friendship request ( Add Friend Button), and it also turns to Cancel Friendship Request Button after sending the request.
  • My Friends Tab will display the total number of friends you have made on the site. 

Final Thoughts

These are the capabilities of BuddyX. But what BuddyX does on the front-end design is, an exciting new layout, customizing capabilities, and an aesthetically rich layout. To make your Member directory website more impactful try BuddyX pro that has more amazing features to create a Member Directory with WordPress & BuddyPress.

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