Top 5 Donation Plugins

WordPress makes everything easier – including accepting donations. Donations are an effective and simple way to raise funds for your business, charity, a non-profit organization, etc. 

To make things simpler for you, we have listed down some of the best donation plugins that work well with WordPress and make your website user-friendly. Typically, donation plugins allow you to add donation buttons, keep track of your funds, set your payment methods and gateways, and others, These plugins also include some amazing features such as donor management, detailed reporting, fundraising campaigns, and so much more. Read on to know more: 

1. 5sec PayPal Buttons:

Top 5 Donation Plugins

As the name suggests, this is the quickest and easiest option if you want to accept donations right away on your website. All you have to do is enter your PayPal address – and you are ready to collect donations! It has 40+ button styles to choose from and you can customize which looks the best on your website. It has a buy, donate, and subscribe functionality and works well with any type of PayPal account. This plugin also offers you an excellent support team to make everything simple for you! 

Check out this plugin – here. 

2. PayPal Donations:

Top 5 Donation Plugins

If you are looking to add a donation plugin quickly to your website, this plugin is ideal for you. It is simple, effective, and does everything you want it to do. Once you are done, you can add donation buttons anywhere on the website. Additionally, it has a widget that allows you to include those buttons in any sidebar. PayPal Donations is used by a lot of businesses and it aims to provide you with unforgettable customer experience. Its main feature is its simplicity – and we recommend you download it right away to know what we are talking about! 

If you want a quick solution like PayPal Donations, click here

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3. Charitable – Donation Plugin:


This donation plugin is exceptional and has a pool of features that make it one of the most widely used plugins out there. First of all, it customizes your donation forms and also provides you with some awesome features that are designed to boost your revenue. You can suggest custom donation amounts to your donors easily. Moreover, it integrates with PayPal and makes payments so much easier. Since every donation drive needs a concrete campaign, this plugin helps you in creating the same with much ease. Another great feature is that it sends out automated email receipts that can be sent to your donors. 

You can check out this plugin – here

4. Give WP – Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform:

give WP

Give is a popular plugin for your WordPress website. It is filled with features that will help you organize and run your website effectively. It has robust functionalities that are a must-have for any charity website. The plugin provides you with a form builder to create donation forms without any hassle. Additionally, this form adapts to the style of the theme you have chosen. It also has a variety of reporting tools that helps you to analyze your site’s performance regularly and monitor the success of individual campaigns. Lastly, another amazing feature it has is the built-in donor management tool that maintains a complete history of the donor activity made. 

Know more about the plugin – here

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5. WooCommerce Donation Plugin:

WooCommerce Donation Plugin

This plugin should be an obvious choice if you are already using WooCommerce. It is simple, flexible, and provides you with tons of great options. You can add pre-defined donation amounts in the form of new products and it allows visitors to add the same to their cart and go through a typical checkout experience if they wish to donate. Since the general audience is already familiar with the eCommerce checkout process, this is a huge benefit. Moreover, it also provides you with a simple report page that lists all the donations made and this facilitates regular review and analysis. The integration is simple and we highly recommend this plugin for your business. 

If you want to check out the plugin, click here

To conclude, having plugins for your WordPress site only aims to make things better for your website. We hope this list has given you a clear idea about the different kinds of plugins available and its features. Go ahead and download one that suits your business! Thank you for reading and all the best! 

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