WordPress Development Blogs

Being a developer implies acquiring new knowledge regularly. Thus, if you are considered a WordPress developer, then update information about WordPress from time to time. No matter whether your level is basic or advanced, reading WordPress development blogs is a necessary action.

If you are involved in property management software development, you can go here and find out how to build digital experiences in order to make users comfortable. The same refers to WordPress developers: familiarizing yourself with helpful blogs enables you to get interesting ideas and strategies for your future plans. This is where the question can occur: what blogs are worth your consideration?


WordPress Development Blogs

Do not hasten to look through millions of websites in order to make a choice on the most suitable ones. In order to save you time, we have already gathered incredible blogs for developers. With their assistance, you will be aware of the WordPress community.

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1. WPBeginner

If you are a beginner in WordPress, then the WPBeginner blog is exactly for you. This site can grant you useful information about WordPress itself. WordPress was created in 2003, while the WPBeginner blog was launched six years later. Nowadays, it includes approximately 320,000 subscribers and, on average, 1.3 million readers. This site can boast a good reputation in the WordPress community.

Have you heard about WordPress for the first time? There is no need to panic since the WPBeginner blog can fill gaps in your knowledge. It provides users with a series of guides. You will understand what loading speed and security are and will be aware of what errors such as 404 error, 502 Bad Gateway error, PHP errors, etc., mean. Moreover, this blog offers numerous special discounts from popular hosting services such as Bluehost and SiteGround.

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2. WPMU Dev

WPMU Dev- WordPress Development Blogs
WordPress Development Blogs

Are you looking for blogs about WordPress development for experienced developers? If the previous blog was for newcomers to WordPress, then WPMU Dev is exactly for advanced users. This site can provide you with in-depth knowledge about WordPress. When you follow it, you will have the possibility to find a large number of articles on various and interesting themes.

Although these articles have no videos, they are still understandable and easy to read. Moreover, they are detailed, so every developer will be able to get the required information wholly. This is one of the benefits of the WPMU Dev blog.

What’s more amazing is that if you are interested in digital marketing, you can find the corresponding series of articles on this blog. They include effective hints on how to attract more potential clients. Useful content is supported by entertaining images.

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3. Codeless

Codeless is a blog and WordPress company that provides simple WordPress themes, tools, reviews, and guides to help you build a WordPress website. Their blog content is written by professional and technical writers. With more than 9 years in the WordPress world, they can provide useful information and insights about web development.
No matter if you are looking to start blogging or to create a more specific business website, from Codeless’s blog you will read detailed how-to guides and hosting/software reviews about the most used website-building platforms.

4. Delicious Brains Blog

Delicious Brains Blog
WordPress Development Blogs

Among a number of best WordPress development blogs, we can highlight Delicious Brains Blog. It became popular pretty fast for a reason. The mentioned blog was written by a team of professional WordPress developers from different countries from every corner of the globe. This means that you will get high-quality content for sure.

If you already have some knowledge about WordPress, Delicious Brains Blog will assist you in improving your level fast. All articles represent understandable tutorials. They are easy to read and involve much detailed information. There is no wonder why all posts are practical since they are created by expert developers. This blog is of academic character. This means it is not suitable for beginners, unfortunately.

5. CodeinWP

CodeinWP- WordPress Development Blogs
WordPress Development Blogs

Everybody can find top WordPress blogs for personal development. CodeinWP is one of them and its title implies it contains all the necessary information about WordPress. The mentioned site was created in 2013 in England. Thousands of subscribers join it for a reason. It became popular for its simple writing style, and this made its blog one of the most famous ones about WordPress today.

No matter what your level is, you can enjoy reading its articles with ease. Articles on necessary but at the same time simple themes are included in the CodeinWP blog. With its assistance, you have the opportunity to find out how to build websites, what plugins mean, what instruments are useful, etc. Moreover, you can discover many short tutorials for users.

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6. Torque- WordPress Development Blogs

Torque- WordPress Development Blogs
WordPress Development Blogs

The last but not least useful blog is Torque. While it can hardly be referred to as a popular site, it still can boast information about the latest WordPress news and developments. Simply speaking, Torque is a web magazine on different WordPress themes. High-quality content is regularly posted on this website. Its main goal is to assist WordPress users.

When you go on the Torque site, you will be able to discover popular WordPress news with a number of helpful guides on how to utilize WordPress. The best part is that Torque is suitable for newcomers and advanced users.
Moreover, you will detect useful tips on how to fix bugs on WordPress, some marketing ideas, and excellent articles on content marketing. Besides, the Torque website provides you with the possibility to learn from experienced developers and skilled writers around the globe.

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Conclusion  of WordPress Development Blogs

Are you searching for game development blogs on WordPress or probably articles for WordPress developers themselves? No matter what you request, it won’t take much time to find a lot of interesting websites in the network. What blogs should be regarded first? What sites will fit me if I have no prior knowledge of WordPress?

To start with, the WordPress industry continues to develop rapidly. Thus, if you plan to connect your work with it, there is a need to get acquainted with particular blog websites. The discussed above blogs can be handy for gaining fresh knowledge if you are a noob and likewise can function as WordPress development blog tutorials.

Do not hesitate to follow them to get valuable knowledge about WordPress. They will assist in comprehending WordPress properly and are extremely useful for developers.

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