Scale Up Your Online Community

Creating an online community is vital for modern businesses and organizations. A large and loyal online community can help increase brand awareness, improve your brand image and lead to more sales. Growing a robust online community means more meaningful communication and interaction. People will value a community with a lot of engagement where people feel connected and encouraged to share. Scale up your online community with time and patience.

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Scale Up Your Online Community

The following tips should help you grow your online community:

1. Employ Great Community Managers

To grow your online community, you must ensure it is properly managed. The community managers should be passionate about ensuring you have a thriving online community. They should also proactively seek out new members who will positively contribute to their community.

Their people skills must be excellent as they will moderate the community, involving plenty of interaction with its members.

You should consider renting a dedicated office space for you and your employees. The office should be attractive if the community managers meet some community members in person.

Consider decorating the office with decals, posters, and other elements that make it a friendly environment. An office with employees also ensures the community managers have real-life interactions, which will improve digital ones.

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2. Personalized Support- Scale Up Your Online Community

Online Community- Scale Up Your Online Community
Scale Up Your Online Community

Every problem is unique, and so are members of the community. To scale up your online community, offering community members personalized customer support is best. Avoid sending generic messages to community members when they ask for help with a problem.

Make the messages personal and as authentic as possible. You may have to increase your customer support team to offer such personalized support. Community managers should send members individual messages which will help make connections personal.

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3. Create A Community Culture


What attracts people to your online community is your community culture. Therefore, to scale your online community, you should create an attractive community culture. Find a central theme around which to build a community, for example, enthusiasm for technology or unique service provision.

The core of the culture will be the foundation upon which you can scale it. Your community managers should also find patterns that can help make the community more cohesive, such as unique language or phrases used by the community. The stranger the community culture, the easier it will be to grow your online community.

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4. Promote Content Creation- Scale Up Your Online Community

content creation for blog- Scale Up Your Online Community
Scale Up Your Online Community

An online community will share a lot of content online. In most cases, the community managers will produce the content, but you should also promote content creation by all community members. Have community members determine which type of content is popular among community members and encourage contribution from members.

The more members contribute, the more engaged and connected they will be to the community. Have promotions and offerings which reward community members who post new content. Soon, new members with similar interests will join the community.

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5. Create and Use KPIs- Scale Up Your Online Community

To improve anything, you must first analyze it and develop metrics for measurement. You should do the same with your online community if you want to scale it. Create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the community and use them to measure the community’s performance.

These KPIs may include engagement statistics, duration to get responses, and content views. The key is to measure them consistently to know which metrics need improving and which need a complete overhaul. The more accurately you can measure the community’s performance, the better the job of scaling it will be.

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The Bottom Lines- Scale Up Your Online Community

Growing an online community takes determination and endless patience. Promoting content creation, creating a community culture, employing great community managers, offering personalized support, and creating & using KPIs will help you grow your community. The most important thing is to better your understanding of your community.

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