Best WordPress Banner Plugins

WordPress has been around for a long time and is rightly considered a sensation when it comes to content management systems. If you have a WordPress account that has a lot of traffic and engagement, we urge you to monetize this traffic and earn from it through banners. Banner advertisements can be sold in lots of ways – to advertisers, referral banners for affiliate programs, using networks such as Google AdSense, and so on. Typically, plugins help you to handle display locations, sell ad spots, and track impressions and analyze the same. 

Again, there are a plethora of plugins to choose from. This article aims to give you clarity when it comes to features of different banner plugins. Without further ado, let’s go through the list!

1. AdRotate – A WordPress Banner Plugin: 

WordPress Banner Plugins

If you want a banner plugin that is easy to use, has amazing functionality, and is capable of building and managing unlimited ads, AdRotate is perfect for you. It is used by popular brands all over the world. It gives you the option of showcasing selective ads in desktop and mobile versions. It also provides you with continuous updates about your ads through push notifications and email. You can place your ads anywhere on the website! All in all, this plugin is packed with awesomeness and is sure to work seamlessly with your website.

Know more about this fantastic plugin – here

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2. Random Banner – A WordPress Banner Plugin: 

WordPress Banner Plugins

Random Banner is simple and it is easy to use the plugin. Its varied functions make your website interesting for visitors. It allows you to filter the ads, display them with a popup, and add custom titles. You can put your banner on any part of the page, post, and website. It also facilitates the categorizing of banners. Get it today and add/remove banners according to your preferences. It is one of the finest banner plugins in the market. You cannot go wrong with this one! 

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3. Advanced Ads Plugin – A WordPress Banner Plugin:

WordPress Banner Plugins

With Advanced Ads plugin, you can display ads all over your website without any inconveniences. It works with all types of networks such as Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Amazon ads and so on. The ad management it provides is pretty great. It can create and display ad units, rotate ads, schedule ads and set start time and expiration date, target ads by content and user groups and sell ads on your website automatically. It has powerful features and is one of the best plugins out there. 

To know more about this plugin, click here

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4. WP-Insert Plugin – A WordPress Banner Plugin:


WP-Insert plugin can insert code ads from networks into WordPress posts, pages, sidebars and so on. An amazing feature of this plugin is that it can automatically display ads above, below or inside the content of posts and pages. It is one of the easiest to use ad management plugin. Moreover, the plugin provides deep integration with video intelligence that provides enhanced features. In short, this plugin has everything you need – and more. 

To know more about this plugin, click here

5. Popup Banners – A WordPress Banner Plugin:

WordPress Banner Plugins

If you are keen on adding responsive popup banners with custom effects and personalized messages on your website, look no further. The plugin allows you to seamlessly create custom banners that will appear in the middle or the bottom of your website. It includes images, text, animation, shortcode, and video popups. It also comes with a lead generation tool that will prove highly effective for your website. Its features are designed to work efficiently with your brand. 

Check out this great plugin for banners – here

6. Custom Banners Pro – A WordPress Banner Plugin:

WordPress Banner Plugins

Even though this plugin is advanced, it is easy to use. It is used widely by customers all over the globe! The most important feature is that it lets you control all the functions from your dashboard. You can create a customized banner and use it throughout your website, you can update your banners without any inconvenience and you can add captions to your banners and place them in any direction – top, bottom, right or left. Lastly, the banners in this plugin are 100% responsive and will fit perfectly in all kinds of user devices. 

To know more about Custom Banners Pro, click here

7. Banner Manager for WordPress – A WordPress Banner Plugin:

WordPress Banner Plugins

This great plugin helps you to manage your post and sell banner posts on your website. Moreover, you can also select different spots for your advertisement purpose. It also provides you with various gateways to be able to receive amounts from advertisers. It is easy to install, set up and use. It has flexible banner sizes, banner rotation feature and is translation ready. Another amazing thing is that this plugin sends statistics (number of shows, click, etc.) to advertisers. 

Check out this plugin – here

We understand that choosing the best plugin for your company is not easy. Your brand needs to list down its requirements and pick a plugin that works best with the kind of products and services you offer. The plugins listed here are designed to work amazingly and will enhance your whole experience. They are easy to use, simple and provide effective results. Hopefully, this article has made things easier for you to select Best WordPress Banner Plugins. Thank you for reading and all the best!

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