Ban Profanity on Your BuddyPress Website Today

Profanity involves all the socially offensive words. Here and there alluded to as swear words, it is whatever is discourteous, offensive, or emphatically rude. Profanity may likewise allude to words that are ill-bred and criticize a person or thing.

Profanity on Social Media

Profanity on social media is the same as in real life except that on social media you mostly type in what you feel. It is one of the most recurring activities on social media even after continuous resentment. This repeated profanity on social media is primarily because the new generation is a product of freedom of speech. With punk poets like Henry Rollins and influential musicians like Eminem, swearing is no longer considered to be bad in all spheres of life. However, it should not be so.

We accept that there is a right spot for everything. Henceforth, profanity via social media which is public space is neither sensible nor worthy as individuals from various societies, nations, and dialects are there sharing their thoughts and their lives. Thusly, as an online media webpage proprietor, it is incredibly hard to keep a profanity-free community site with a, particularly different audience. In any case, there is a simpler method to do this as a BuddyPress-based social community owner.


The Easiest Way To Ban Profanity on Your BuddyPress Website Today

Ban Profanity on Your BuddyPress Website
Ban Profanity on Your BuddyPress Website

You do not need to worry if you are planning to set up your own BuddyPress-based social community or already have one as there is an incredible add-on, BuddyPress Profanity, that integrates with your BuddyPress powered site easily and gives you complete control over the content in just a few clicks. You can censor all unwanted words in activities, activity comments, and even private messages by creating a list of words that need to be filtered. Not only this, but it is also equipped with advanced control options like strict and non-strict filtering and flagged keywords.

Get this plugin today if you are worried about profanity on your BuddyPress website. You will surely thank us later.

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