WordPress and Squarespace : Which Is Best For Your Online Business?

WordPress and Squarespace

What’s stopping you to create your online presence? You have plenty of options today to take your business online without even getting messed up with rigorous coding skills. WordPress and Squarespace are two of them to choose from.

But, you can’t just choose anyone blindly. You must know which one of them best suit your business needs. Although both Squarespace and WordPress are Web design giants in the online industry to create websites. Both provides awesome tools and features to get started with your dream website. But there are big differences between both that you need to look at. And, this article covers almost all the details that will clear the difference between the two.

WordPress and Squarespace: Create Website That You Ever Dreamt Of!

WordPress education theme

WordPress: WordPress is an open-source content management system that provides you a platform to manage your website content easily and efficiently. You are free to use any WordPress plugins and themes that you think can best help you to create your dream website. Not just from WordPress Marketplace, you can even integrate third-party plugins and themes too.

Squarespace: Squarespace is a website builder that offers you various tools, templates, and other features to create any type of website. There are some Squarespace template detectors to know which template is being used on a website. Just drag and drop what feature you would like to integrate. Unlike WordPress, it has no separate market of its own to integrate any third-party functionality to your site. Instead, you can only use the options it provides you to get started and manage your website.

Let’s take a look at what makes the difference between both:


1. Which Platform Is Suitable For You?

Squarespace and WordPress differ a lot from each other. It makes sense to understand clearly which platform is most suitable for whom.

WordPress and Squarespace


WordPress Squarespace
WordPress is a Content Management System that allows you to create any kind of website using relevant WordPress Plugins and Themes. Squarespace is a website builder consisting of various templates, tools, features, and security measures to design a website.

2. WordPress and Squarespace: Customization options

Customization options

When it comes to do some personalization and make a unique website, customization options play an important role. It is through customization, that allows you to bring your ideas into reality.

WordPress Squarespace
WordPress offers unlimited customization options. As a non-coder, you can also take the most advantage of custom features. just integrate and set up required WordPress Plugins. Squarespace comes with various in-house features and tools that allow to set up your website. But you have to stick with theses features only. No extra customization.

And, if you’re a developer, the possibilities are endless in both cases.


3. WordPress and Squarespace: In terms Of Budget

WordPress and Squarespace

Taking a closer look at Budget is the crucial aspect that can’t be ignored if you want to set up everything brilliantly without any difficulty.

WordPress Squarespace
♦ WordPress is an open-source CMS. No Pricing Plans are included.

♦ Although WordPress comes with lots of customization options, still, you can’t do it on your own. You need to hire a WordPress developer.

♦ To integrate functionalities, plugins and themes are needed. While core features are free, yet, you have to pay to take advantage of pro features.

♦ It includes 4 Pricing Plans starting from $12 to $40 per month.

♦ Although Squarespace has not enough customization options than WordPress,  still you don’t need to hire any developer. You can do it on your own.

♦ Squarespace comes with handy tools and features, domains, marketing tools, scheduling features that allows you to add functionalities to your website.



4. WordPress and Squarespace: Built-In Features

create website

Beneath the attractive website design, you definitely want it to pack with a bundle of awesome functionalities. That’s where built-in features come. Here are some of the built-in features that you will get from both.

WordPress Squarespace
♦ Customizable designs: With Free Themes

♦ Publishing tools: scheduling and Publish Immediately

♦ Default Post Types

♦ Image editing tools

♦ Multiple contributors

♦ Multilingual options

♦ Comments management

♦ Multiple templates, Free Typekit and Google fonts

♦ Audio collections

♦ Dropbox file synchronization

♦ Adobe Image Editor

♦ Social integration and Blogging features

♦ Email campaigns and Product quick view

♦ Sell unlimited digital and physical products and services


5. WordPress and Squarespace: Market for Plugins

Sometimes you want to integrate different functionality on your website that you can’t get from built-in features. That’s where apps and plugins play their role.

WordPress Squarespace
Being an open-source platform, WordPress offers a huge market to download WordPress Plugins. Third-Party Plugins can also be installed to get advanced functionalities. Squarespace comes with built-in features and tools. It doesn’t provide a separate marketplace to download other plugins or apps to integrate extra functionalities.


6. WordPress and Squarespace: SEO Tools

brands need SEO


Creating a website is not enough. You need to optimize it according to search engines in order to reach the right customers at the right time. SEO Tools help you a lot to make your site search-engine friendly.

WordPress Squarespace
You can download and set up SEO Plugins to make sure your WordPress website is SEO-Friendly. Squarespace has built-in options for SEO that allows making your Squarespace site SEO-Friendly.


7. WordPress and Squarespace: Mobile Editor

What if you get a chance to manage your site on the go? You’ll be surprised!

That’s what the mobile editor of WordPress and Squarespace does for you. Now, manage your site from anywhere, put it in your pocket, and have fun with your creative ideas.

mobile editor

WordPress Squarespace
WordPress mobile editor apps include the following:

♦ WordPress for iOS

♦ WordPress for Android

♦ Desktop App For WordPress

Squarespace mobile editor apps include the following:

♦ Analytics (iOS, Android)

♦ Commerce (iOS, Android)

♦ Squarespace (iOS, Android)


8. WordPress and Squarespace: Security Measures

wordpress and squarespace

Website Security can’t be overlooked when it comes to the safety of information about your site visitors. SSL certificated and other website security tools help a lot.

WordPress Squarespace
♦ It depends on your WordPress hosting plan whether you’ll get SSL certificate by your hosting provider.

♦ Besides SSL, you can take help from third-party security plugins.

♦ Squarespace Plans include SSL certificates. You don’t need to buy separately from the market.

♦ No third-party security plugins. Squarespace itself looks after your website security.


Words Over to you!

So, here, I’m ending up the comparison between WordPress and Squarespace. Hope this article will clear your doubts regarding what to choose over others.

Think about your goal, efficiency, and budget. Then choose wisely between WordPress and Squarespace.

Leave a comment below if you would like to add something more or if you have something in mind that we can help. Your suggestions and opinions are always welcome. See you soon with another fruitful information. Have an awesome day ahead!




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