Guidelines for boosting your WordPress site’s performance

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) currently in use for creating and managing websites. With minimum technical knowledge required and user-friendly functions, it is generally an automatic choice. However, with such high levels of functionalities and freedom for the developers, there are inevitable performance issues that might cause disruptions in the functioning of the website.

Image optimizations, data storage solutions, implementing shortcodes are some methods to boost website performance. You may refer below for five areas which will help you to analyze your site’s performance.

These tips will boost website performance. Let’s begin.

Speed of your Website

Your page loading time is the technical determination parameter of your website’s speed. You may use a reliable tool for calculating your website’s load time. Using these tools will give you a fair idea of your website’s current status and suggest improvement areas. Also, you may use these tools for re-resting after implementation of the advised changes and determine whether this is enough to boost website performance.

Check WordPress’ Background Processes

There are core WordPress processes that run in the background like data exchange with third-party, importing and exporting files, data retrieval from APIs. These processes should run independently of each other, without interference and at optimal speeds permissible by the system. There are asynchronous task managers which facilitate this independent running of processes, thereby improving user experience on your website. Also, using a plugin to glean information about queries, Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) warnings and data stored will help you to boost website performance. Once you have identified the problem area, you need to use your developing skills for an optimal solution.

Image Optimization

In an effort to make your website visually appealing, large image files or high-resolution images are a part and parcel of your website. So, image optimization should become a daily activity in order to save server space and achieve faster page load times. Websites with optimized images also get better ranks in search engines. As website-viewing on mobile sets continue to rise, sites with optimized images will get better visibility than uncompressed, bloated image sites. There are a number of image optimization tools and plugins which boost website performance by delivering images with the perfect balance between quality and size of the file

.Guidelines to help you boost Website performance

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Caching Solutions

In simple terms, caching is a space in memory where data is stored temporarily for faster file access and boost website performance. If you visit a particular site regularly, your browser stores parts of it in the cache, thus enabling faster subsequent load times for the site. There are many plugins available in the market which offers caching solutions with both basic functionalities and advanced features. The proper caching solution is vital to boost website performance; id increases the website’s performance and faster page loading times.

Check your Themes and Plugin Performance

You should check the compatibility of the installed themes and plugins with your updated WordPress version. Outdated software might harm your users’ site, apart from causing issues on your own. So, using tools for identifying the problematic software will provide feedback about the impact on site load time, plugin load time and the number of queries generated. Ones you have identified the issue, immediate corrective steps should be taken to boost website performance.

So, a thorough analysis of these parameters and rectification of problems is vital to boost website performance.

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