How Updating Old Blog Posts Can Increase Google Rankings?

Updating Old Blog Post

How about a strategy that shoots up your Google and different search engines rankings with minimal extra work? Generating more content can be one, but it is time-consuming and tedious. A viable method that delivers quick results and conserves your time would be updating old blog post. So go for it as Google judges your site on its fresh content and awards you with a quality certificate.

Giving a push to your SEO initiatives and the search engine traffic as well by simply updating your earlier content and earning freshness scores. When Google receives the feedback that you have a brand new content, your traffic steps up and makes your small effort worthy.

Here are some of the main justifications as to why you must be updating old blog posts and receive a search engine traffic boost. Let’s move on.


Bettering Your Click-through Rate

When you search on Google for practically any term, you instantly notice that the leading results that are published relate to previous years.
Like for example, searching for “best content marketing strategies for 2018” on Google highlights the following:

Updating Old Blog Post

Any information that appears relevant some months back may get replaced with new information. Suppose searching for topics like “best interior decoration ideas” or “trendy handbags reviews”, would you prefer to go through an article published in the previous year or a recent article from 2018? Definitely the latter one.
The truth is we’re more likely to click on articles that are published recently, and this means the click-through rate of an article you publish will increase when you update it.


Pinterest Compliant Image That Projects Your Brand

Updating Old Blog Post

You will find that if your blog is around for a longer time, it can be possible that your design layout and images have rapidly changed compared to the time when you had begun. You now have better insights to using vertical images instead of the horizontal one for more views on Pinterest.
Start updating your images beginning from your highly popular posts written earlier and edit it with Pinterest-friendly photos that match with present fonts plus color arrangements.


Use Keywords Multiple Times

Updating Old Blog Post

Keywords are the lifeline for SEO and your post should refer the keyword numerous time to rank up your content in search engines and upscale the blog traffic.
Like for instance, if you created a post titled, “ How to find cheap housing on a budget” your keyword or term might be “cheap housing”. As you are rivaling with countless blogs, the word “housing” does not comprise a good keyword, as it does not appear specific.
If your main phrase becomes “ cheap housing”, then you can apply this phrase to your content numerous times.


Supplement With Related Posts Plus Back Linking

Updating Old Blog Post

If your written post is dated long back, it may be just possible that you mentioned something in brief on which you had later crafted an entire post. View on your previous posts to find whether there are fresh posts to which you can link up to.
Actually, it is terrific for your audience, as they are refurbished with plenty information on a particular topic of their liking and also contributes to a hike in blog traffic, as you will get readers clicking for your site.
Besides, Google also views the number of backlinks used and decides its authoritativeness to judge the worth of your post.


Alter Old Captions For More SEO-Compliant Ones

Updating Old Blog Post

Although, it may appear pleasant, titles of the kind “ Recent Thoughts” or “ Fun Ideas On How To Spend Your Vacation”, but these would not help you in your ranking on search engine. In fact, the title of your content constitutes the main aspect of its SEO compatibility. If you want a climb up on ranking, fo for titles that use your keywords and at the same time sound terrific to get a few clicks.

The best method for redoing titles is to imagine the exact word choice a person would select for browsing your post and apply them in your article main title.


Expand Posts And Renew Its Information

Updating Old Blog Post

By now you have understood quite a lot ever since you got your first post published. Now is the time to apply that knowledge by scanning old posts and supplementing them with useful, latest information. Make it lengthy as Google admires longer, effective posts!

Always add up highly relevant information. It might have been that you referred to a theme or WordPress version that is no longer in use or a particular product that is obsolete currently – anyway, try to replace it with the present, helpful information. Your old content would now become very suitable and attract greater blog traffic.


Augment Blog Traffic By Removing Spam Comments

Updating Old Blog Post

Imagine reading an outstanding blog post only to view by scrolling 30 spam comments about useless cooking tips. Awful, isn’t it. Glance through your earlier posts and remove those spam comments that are underrating your
Credibility and the creative appeal from your site.


It is agreed that to search the perfect topic and create relevant content requires both time plus endeavor but making apt people view it requires greater effort. Nevertheless, by focusing on the listed tactics you can elevate your blog traffic.

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