Pointers to Boost the Conversion Rate of your WordPress Site

The idea behind investing a lot of your effort and time into the designing aspect of your WordPress site is to increase the viewers. This will ultimately lead to revenue generation with advertisements, the conversion rate of interested viewers into buyers or followers as per your focus area. The basic measure of the success of your website is the amount of ‘hits’ you are getting each day.

The multitude of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools along with good content which targets your desired segment of viewers are stepped in the right direction. With the steady and incremental volume, you can then increase the conversion rate of this viewership. The website is then ready to become a source of income for you. Depending on the area you are working or highlighting in your WordPress website, the number of customers or followers you get will ultimately determine the success of your endeavor. Here we have discussed some WordPress pointers to boost the conversion rate.

The following factors are common areas that will improve the conversion rate of any WordPress website:

  1. Visual Representation
  2. Improve the speed to accelerate the conversion rate
  3. Speed Payment Gateways

Visual Representation

the-visual-component: conversion rate

While providing good and informative textual content is essential, attractive visual images are the ideal tools to impress the web viewer. A casual, loosely interested potential viewer may not go through the texts of a site, but an arresting image that relates to the content will form an impression in his mind. As the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words”, relevant images accompanying your product with several options like zooming or viewing from different angles will increase your conversion rate. Your website should have the visual capacity “attract and arrest” the interested viewer. With optimum visual representation, the customer will return to your site whenever required as his needs are fulfilled here, thus forming your loyal viewer base.

Improve the Speed to accelerate the conversion rate

improvement-in-the-speed: conversion rate

This is another aspect of your website designing. The potential of losing customers to a slower-loading web page is quite great. Statistically, as much as 7% of your viewers will skip your website if the loading time is one second higher than similar web pages. So, as per industry standards, a website loading under two seconds is considered adequate. Your clients will want to stay on and experience your site loads fast and properly. The elements like plug-ins and widgets make your website load slowly, so you must plan for a light and robust WordPress web page to increase conversion rate.

Speedy Payment Gateways

swift-payment-gateways: conversion rate

Web sites that sell products must have a ‘cart’ and methods of payments that are entirely free of issues. A customer who is quite impressed by your website and has decided to make a purchase may have a sudden change of heart during the payment process. A slow, inconvenient, insecure, shoddily designed payment gateway will definitely hasten change this mind-change process. So, to increase the conversion rate, implement both Credit Card and PayPal options in your payment options. These reliable and secure options will increase your customer base by as much as 30 percent. A reliable WordPress platform like WooCommerce will greatly increase the performance of your website’s payment gateways and consequently the conversion rate. To conclude, the options mentioned above are quintessential tools to greatly improve your website’s conversion rate. As opposed to an occasional sharp rise in your website’s traffic, these tested tools will enable an incremental increase of your customer base and retention of loyal customers and followers.


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