6 Reasons behind Lower Conversion Rates

conversion rate

A conversion rate is nothing but the percentage of the viewer of your website who takes action according to your desire. Generally, this rate applies in the case of newsletter signups, phone calls at the office, and on the website, you are buying products. In the era of complex data, the ability to accurately and quickly diagnose the changes in your website is very important. Visuals and headlines are almost eighty per cent of your earning. But now, if you are in trouble with the conversion rate of your website, then keep on reading to know, how to overcome the problems.

List Of Reasons Behind Lower Conversion Rates

1. Identify Your Target Group

conversion rate : target audience

When you are developing content, then it is very much important to know your customer properly. Each of the content is different from others in several ways. Thus, before writing content, know properly, for whom you are writing. Unless and until you perform this step, the conversion rate of your website won’t rise. You must ensure that your copy speaks to your audience. Otherwise, it may so happen that, your well-written content remains unnoticed.

2. Words Have Powers

Words have powers: target audience

When you are writing content, the language you are using makes a huge difference in it. If your title, headers, sub-headers and headlines are not catchy enough then the conversion rate is ought to fall. Surveys show that a well polished and buffed copy helps a website to increase the conversion rate almost by ninety per cent. Thus you have to choose a language and tone that attracts everyone and make sense to everyone.

3. Use Power Words in your Content

Power words are the powerhouse of any content. These words get attention easily. A web copy that doesn’t seem to resonate certainly lacks in power words. These words are dynamic and appealing in nature. In order to increase the conversion rate of your website you can include words like free, easy, guarantee, save, new, because, improved, unique and several others.

4. Use a Battle Proven Formula

There are many battle-proven formulae that can help you to increase the conversion rate of your website. For instance, Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA) is one of the formulae that you can try with your website. In addition to this, you can use four P’s which stands for Promise Picture Paint-proof and Push. Using these, you can enhance the appeal of your website and get the job done.

5. Remove any Sort of Friction

People will read your content if they find that your content talks about their problem. It may so happen that your product is their solution but still they are bit hesitant. You have to solve those frictions and allay their fears. In other words, it would be great to remove all frictions and make your content a smooth one.

5. Use Weapons of Influence

Influencers: target audience

These six tactics can enhance your website’s conversion rate. You may use one or more of these strategies to strengthen your copy. These are reciprocation, commitment, social proof, liking, authority and scarcity which are discussed below.

Reciprocation – Offer your audience something for free. This action will inculcate gratitude in them

Commitment – Try to get small commitments from your audience at the start. This will make it easier for them to commit for bigger ones later

Social Proof – Data about your site or product will put customers at ease, as they can see others like and trust

Liking – Always exude positive vibes and talk in the language of your customers. Google Analytics may help in this regard

Authority – Include expert opinions, statistics, details which prove your hold over the subject

Scarcity – Create urgency by offering limited-time schemes or stocks. These make the customer feel they might miss out

Conclusion For Lower Conversion Rates

Well, keep in mind these easy steps in order to enhance the conversion rate of your website. Put your copy in the driver’s seat again and let your website flourish using these nifty strategies.



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