Top Virtual Classroom Software for Learning

Virtual Classroom Software

Working in a coronavirus world has been quite a challenge for thousands of businesses around the world. Everyone who was not used to working remotely has had a tough transition time, especially those with kids at home.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of tools out there to streamline the workflow and stay connected with remote teams. 


Best Virtual Classroom Software for Learning

If you’re looking for tools to boost productivity during this unprecedented time, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the best virtual classroom tools to utilize in 2020.

ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software

Virtual Classroom Software
Virtual Classroom Software

ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software is an easy-to-use tool for employee training. You can use it to upload any training content you have and create your own training courses. You can also use templates from the ProProfs LMS library that features 100+ customizable online courses.

You can make your courses engaging with images, videos, presentations, quizzes, surveys, and other types of content. Thanks to course bundles and learning paths, you can personalize your employee training and supercharge knowledge retention.

Your trainees can use chat, discussion boards, Q&A, and other real-time collaboration tools within the software to boost their learning. You can additionally help by creating a 24/7 self-learning portal with FAQs and other resources they may need.

ProProfs LMS lets you track your teammates’ progress with real-time reports and in-depth analytics, which helps you continually improve your courses, and employee engagement and performance.

WizIQ: Virtual Classroom Software

Virtual Classroom Software
Virtual Classroom Software

WizIQ is another user-friendly virtual classroom tool that you can use for employee training. You can easily create and sell your online courses including MOOCs.

Creating tests and polls for assessing your trainees is seamless on this platform, as well as building a self-learning center and analyzing all the enrollments.

If you’re looking to deliver live training, you’ll be happy to know that WizIQ features excellent video-conferencing options. There’s no limit to the number of trainees, and you can all use interactive whiteboards during live sessions.

You can also use live chat and breakout rooms, and record all your live classes for future reference.

LearnDash Themes

Have programmers in your team that need training, but it’s hard to do it outside the office? WizIQ can save the day once more.

The software has a shared, integrated development environment that allows real-time coding. It’s a huge time-saver.

VEDAMO: Top Virtual Classroom Software

Virtual Classroom Software
Virtual Classroom Software

With VEDAMO, you can create your own online academy for employee training. Its LMS has lots of useful features for blending face-to-face and online learning. Its virtual classroom part is no different, enabling you to communicate with your trainees anytime and anywhere seamlessly.

You can easily track and assess your learners’ performance, especially since you can embed quizzes into your training courses. You can also embed videos that your trainees can play via an integrated media player.

You can also hold live classes with this tool. Your learners can benefit a lot from the highlighting feature that enables marking of key moments in live sessions for later reference.

Also, there are whiteboards, class recording, breakout rooms, room locks, live chat, virtual notebooks, and much more.


Virtual Classroom Software
Virtual Classroom Software

You can hold live training sessions with LearnCube, either for groups or individuals, as you can set up private classes. You can also seamlessly collaborate with your trainees with the help of online whiteboards and file sharing.

Apart from live chat, class recordings, and excellent video and audio, this tool helps you make your training interactive and fun. It does so through virtual hand raising and virtual ticks, which can help keep everyone engaged.

LearnCube differs from many other tools in that it features a content marketplace, where you can access a plethora of training materials and lesson plans. That’s ideal if you have no training content whatsoever and don’t have the time to gather any for your courses.

Just like VEDAMO, this tool comes with key-concept markup options, as well as extensive reporting features.


Virtual Classroom Software

Newrow is one of the most user-friendly LMSs for live employee training. Besides building online courses and embedding quizzes and multimedia, you can organize webinars to boost the learning further.

Its video-conferencing features are outstanding. You can access all the features you’ll ever need to deliver high-quality employee training and ensure high productivity.

The tool features digital whiteboards, file sharing, screen sharing, live quizzes, cloud recording, and so much more. Breakout rooms for brainstorming and group discussions are also quite intuitive.

Newrow lets you create branded virtual campuses with its white-label online courses. The campuses can be your centralized interaction hub, which is packed with downloadable training assets, such as real-time notes, webinars, and live video-conferencing sessions.

Electa Live

electa live
Virtual Classroom Software

Electa Live is yet another great LMS integrated with virtual classrooms. It’s designed for live online classes and online courses, perfect for employee training.

Just like all the other tools on this list, this software provides you with all the latest video-conferencing capabilities for maximizing engagement and knowledge retention.

There are markup features for highlighting key stuff in your live classes, digital whiteboards, screen sharing and file sharing features, class recording, and much more.

You can build your training courses on the platform in minutes. There are libraries for accessing various training resources and unifying the training content into one centralized place for self-learning.

Electa Live automatically grades all the tests, quizzes, and other assignments, saving you lots of precious time.

Over to You

All of these tools allow plenty of third-party integrations, so you can use them with your favorite apps. They also come with free trials, and VEDAMO even has an interactive demo you can take for a test run.

Give them a try for free to make an informed decision but, whichever you choose, you can be sure the productivity in your remote team will spike.

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