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What makes a blog article or a particular website tick? Why there are more visitors to a website of the same domain market where others are struggling?

These are the questions that have an answer that can be given in three simple words:

  • Content
  • Video
  • Audio

These three together can create magic on any landing page or a blog page to attract traffic and yes SEO off course. It is actually Psychology, known as the cognitive load theory, where human memory memorizes a thing better with the cognitive effect of audio and video.

So, let us dig deep into these three forces that are re-defining, SEO and other parameters for successful website optimizations.

Video Marketing – Tips to drive market:

Video content for website


Knowing the niche:

It is important to know the niche that you need to target with your video marketing as it will help you to create the correct video content for your campaign. If you know the niche, your video will get the personalization touch without any optimization as the content will be according to the niche.


For example. You are creating a video marketing ad for toothbrush than you need to have your content more children centric as most children in the house determine toothbrush preferences-try telling your kid, you don’t like the toothbrush from his favorite TV commercial!

Creating The Content:

Creating video content can be tricky as there are a number of options to choose from. The type of videos you can create for marketing purposes are:

  1. Story Videos
  2. Animated Videos
  3. Live Animation Videos
  4. Explainer Videos
  5. Live Streaming Type Videos

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Whatever you choose to create must be in line with your market niche, audiences, and product that you are going to market through the video content.

Visual Appeal:

Keep the visual appeal of the video content to be most suitable, especially avoid using too flashy colors, colors like blue and green, soothes the best to a human eye and the same can be used to make the components of a video content more visually satisfying.

If you are making story type videos, keeping the close-up of people’s faces can be great if there is an emotional angle to your marketing theme and concept of the content.

Editing The Right Way:

Keeping the right length of the content and right background music or sounds is quite essential to your video marketing campaign. Distribute your video content into smaller spans or cuts, that you can plan to merge into a single final cut, this similar to the editing of a movie!

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Audio Marketing – Podcast Tips

Audio marketing website

Define the concept:

Podcasts are all about talking or say audio, this is where it gets different and more challenging than video marketing. Podcasts are not all about music or songs or a radio jockey eating your head!

Podcasts are more often informative, intelligent and thought-provoking. This is why you need to conceptualize the whole podcast prior to recordings and build a screenplay or notes that can help you get the structure right.

Know your equipment:

Know the equipment you require for a podcast recording, you can’t win a battle without armory! Two essential equipments that you will need is a computer and a great microphone. Other important equipments are:

  • An Audio Interface
  • Sound/Audio Mixer
  • Pop filter/windscreen
  • Headphones and Headphone amplifier
  • MIc stands, shock mounts and others.

Recording sessions:

Recording sessions are the most important part of your podcast creation. Keep the basics clear, for example, if you are recording your podcast in your office or room, it should be acoustically optimized and if not, it is recommended to rent a recording studio, as it will totally reduce the need for equipment with studio providing all that you need.

Another important aspect is to keep your voice ready for a recording session, keep the tone of the voice according to the format and structure of the podcast.

Choose a podcast host:

There are two ways you can host your podcast on an external host service or on your own website. Hosting a podcast on your website can be tricky as it can make the loading of your website pages lousy and lethargic. Though if it is necessary for the business needs, many CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Provide podcast hosting on your website.

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Or else you can go for external podcast hosting service providers like Transistor, Captivate, Simplecast, Castos, Podbean, etc. that can help you host your podcast and you can link it back to your website.

Review the recording:

Review your recording for any possible errors of pronunciation, any missed points, any sound or voice low pitch. Note down each of these before hosting the Podcast.

Edit and upload:

Based on your notes you made during the review of the podcast, edit the podcast, add any piece if necessary and prepare a final piece that you can hear again and then upload the same to the hoisting service of your choice.

Content Marketing – Tricks to master the content

Text Blog Content for Website

Content ideation:

The first step to the creation of any content is ideation. Ideation of the topic you want to discuss with your audience. This will help you structure and sequence your content before the creation and help you in your content research.

Content curation:

Once you have multiple contents for your marketing campaigns being created, you need to curate your content according to the keywords defined by the marketing team for SEO and higher traffic. Content curation provides a clear idea about the layout and design of your website to be in line with the content.


Check your content at the ideation point for uniqueness and strategize the titles and content outlines to be more SEO friendly. You can also plan a content calendar to keep content creation in a keyword-based sequence.

Right Images:

Images add visual appeal to your content, high-end images can catch any reader’s attention and images relative to your content can lift the overall feel of the content.

But, be careful to use images from the public domains or free to use basis to avoid copyright issues. Custom made images with your brand’s watermark can make a huge difference.

Linking Bliss:

Linking is the most vital part of content creation or blogging, as your content can increase your link juice. How you link your content back to your site and how you interlink your content on your website can greatly affect the ranking of your website and also the website traffic.

Proofread, Re-edit and Publish:

Proofreading is content writing 101, you would not want your content to look bad or messy full of grammatical errors and a clumsy structure. So, proofreading the content can surely help identify the errors in your content that you can re-edit and finally publish your content.

Signing Off:

Website traffic is like cars on a freeway! If they see the right signs they take the right turn! With these tricks and tools, the creation of the right video, audio, and content marketing signs can surely drive your traffic towards your website.

So. if you are ready to go all out for that higher ranking, get your video, audio, and content marketing armory ready!

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