Before you start thinking about what this topic is about, answer these simple questions do you remember your favorite childhood cartoon? If yes, then you already know what this blog is all about.
But if you still have no clue what we’re talking about, then Hakuna Matata and let us introduce you to the whole new world of animation and its different styles and categories. Here we have discussed about Animation modern web design techniques. So, let’s start with the fundamental question of what exactly animation is all about.

The animation is the process of creating eye-catchy visuals and cartoonish characters and illustrations and showing them in a series of rapid movements. Whether you are a professional animator or an amateur artist, knowing the core principles and the thirst of new and advanced information are the commonly found characteristics of every animator and artist.

Where the artist draws the whole idea, the job of an animator is to bring that idea to life by using advanced tools and application while putting his creativity in use. Animation has come a long from traditional flipbooks and sketchpads to computer-aided tools and computer-generated images; technologization has greatly impacted animation. Animation has become commonplace in not only the film industry but the business and marketing industry as well. Many companies and business organization now hire whiteboard animation services and freelance animators to leverage the power of animated content for their business benefits. The animation is the new and latest addition in the marketing tools and probably one of the best ones.

Animation has not only revolutionized the business world but with integration of animation in the
designing industry the paradigms of the web designing has never been the same. From basic
hyperlinked text with a couple of images and graphics to integration of a catchy tune with interactive

web content, animation has become a crucial part of design philosophy. Out of all the interactive and
user-friendly elements that you might create for web designing, animation is the clear stand out.

If this is your first time in forever in knowing about what animation actually is and you want to dig a little deeper on its styles and techniques, then be our guest and read on:

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2D animation:

Animation modern web designing
Animation modern web designing


The 2D animation style is as old as good ‘ol Mama Odie. Or if you didn’t get the movie reference, it is one of the oldest and traditional animation styles. The main purpose of using 2D animation is to create characters, objects, and backgrounds in a 2D environment. Today artists and animators use innovative and advanced tools and computer applications to bring 2D animation to life. Despite the upsurge in new techniques and methods, 2D is still out there and thriving in this contemporary and competitive animation styles industry.

3D animation:

Animation modern web designing
Animation modern web designing

One jump ahead and we are in an era where moving and rotating the objects in 3D space is a cakewalk. It is one of the most advanced and probably one of the most widely-used animation technique. The main reason for such extensive preference and usage is the ease of manipulating and digitally sculpting different objects without any hassles. However, you need to change the position the object and character at every different frame to give the animation a life-like look and touch.

Whiteboard animation:

What’s this? Well after today you won’t be asking this question. Whiteboard animation is one go the well-known and widely-practiced animation style. Companies pay loads to get the best whiteboard animation services.  White background, continuous and well-composed black illustrations and a drawing hand, these necessary elements of whiteboard animation can take any dull content from a zero to hero. Whiteboard is primarily used for educational purposes. However, only recently this animation style has been successful in making its reputation in business and marketing sectors.
When it comes to making comprehensive yet appealing business explainer videos, nothing works like magic than a whiteboard animation video.

Rotoscope animation:

I wonder? If that’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear these words, then let us make things easier and clear the fog from your mind. Rotoscope animation requires the usage of rotoscope animation software packages and tools. In this technique, the animators’ project photographed images on a glass panel, and then they trace out the whole image. Even though the rotoscoping devices and equipment were replaced by smart devices and computer years ago, the technique is still known as rotoscoping.

Typography animation:

Lets move to the next animation style known as typographic animation. At its core, it is the amalgamation of text and motion which gives a magical and look and touch to your animated content. Popular in cinematography, this technique is all about proper use and thoughtful selection of typefaces and font styles and use of innovative tools and applications to integrate the magic of this technique.

Animation Modern Web Designing

Apart from these types and categories, animation is now becoming a key part of website building. Offering highly interactive user interface, designers and web developers rely more
on animation to enhance the user experience. Better and improved web animation APIs coupled with innovative in-browser tools and application, not only the horizons of web animation has been expanded but now it has become a essential part of the creative process. Almost there, you almost made it to the end of this blog. Whether you want to give a contemporary feel to your outdated content, or you want to create a nostalgic feel, a well-composed and illustrated animated video and content would do the job for you. Add a little drama, a hint of theatricality and a whole lot of awesomeness with animation.

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