Best Optimization Settings For WordPress Website

The Ultimate Web Design Checklist

It is very necessary for you to understand the WordPress Website Optimization settings to make your website looks clean and beautiful for the viewers. Are you planning to launch a brand new website?or redesigning an existing one, or moving a site onto a new content management system (CMS) for a client. Before doing all these things it is necessary for you to go through some critical tests before making your website live. Launching a website is pretty interesting as well most frightening too. Before launching your website, it’s necessary to undergo this checklist to ensure proper functionality across a wide spectrum of activities. Today in this article we are going to check out the best Optimization settings for WordPress website. 

This list should be part of your maintenance plan. This is how you make the best of your online presence!

1. Techniques you should keep in mind

Optimization Settings, WordPress Website Optimization

Backup your website 

It is very crucial steps you need to follow when it comes to optimization of a website. Bad things always happen on the internet. So it is necessary for you to keep a backup for everything. Backups always help you to restore your website in case something goes wrong. It very important to backup your website from head to toe. You have many plugins like Backbuddy, BackWpup and much more with help of them you can easily backup your website

Secure your website

Are you looking for the ways to secure WordPress website?Security is one of the major concerns when it comes to running a WordPress site. There are many website owners those nags behind in terms of securing their WordPress site. Being a website owner it’s your responsibility to protect your site from hackers. As you all know WordPress is a huge blogging platform with fully loaded CMS platform, even it had bundles of themes and plugins, but you can’t change the fact that it is One of the most hacked CMS platforms. There are millions of users and it seems that the number is rapidly growing each and every day.Usually, if you get hacked, you will know about that instantly. So, it is necessary for you to secure your website. You have many plugins to secure your website.


The robots.txt file tells the crawler bots how to crawl your website. It makes it easier for them to index your website. You can make and upload it yourself (many examples available) or have a plugin do it for you.


Always add a sitemap to your website before you go live. Google, but also Bing and other search engines, use the sitemap to index your website. The sitemap provides them with the urls to all the content you want to have indexed. Use a plugin to have the sitemap made for you. Add your website to Google Search Console and add your sitemap to it.

Spam Protection

Use a plugin to protect your website from spam on comments and forms. Some security plugins have spam protection built in.

Test the site speed

Speed is one of the important parts of your website.  You just need to check that your site load speed should not be longer than 3 seconds poses. If it is then that people will leave your website immediately—and never look back.Sad for you. So, to avoid this risk you need to mention your speed. WordPress again offers you best speed check plugins, instantly increase the speed of your website. Google’s PageSpeed Insights are very helpful for determining if your website is loading fast enough on the desktop and on mobile.Another best plugin is Pingdom: It is more advanced step testing plugin.It has free and paid plan also focus on page load speed, Pingdom provides a number of additional insights for optimizing your website. Sucuri is one of them.

Using  GTmetrix plugin can prove really helpful for web developers trying to optimize page speed.Hummingbird most recommended plugin that instantly increases the speed of your website. It helps you find speed optimization opportunities.To make your website speed load faster try out these amazing plugins.

Test your links

It’s critical that every link on your website leads where it’s supposed to. This is especially important if you restructure your site, so make sure all your website redirects.You need to check broken links available on your website and fix it with new ones. Broken Link Check is a free online broken link checker. No need to download an app, and no need to install a plugin.

Just enter your website URL and check for broken links!Screaming Frog is most popular SEO tool that looks for errors like broken links, with both a free and paid version. So, try out today and make your website broken link free.

2. Designing is essential

Optimization Settings, WordPress Website Optimization

Your website layout or design keeps your business much stronger and connected to the users. Attractive designs make it possible to increase the visitors limit and page ranking.

Learn Color Combination

As a designer, the color combination should be an important part of your workflow. A website’s color scheme helps shape its identity and therefore should not be carelessly thrown together. Sometimes it helps just to learn more about complementary colors. A good place to start might be this primer about the color wheel from a local Denver painting company.

Check your website compatibility

Compatibility of the website is essential. Your website should be compatible in all aspects. As you all know Not all plugins and themes in WordPress are compatible with each other. Most of the developers face such situations. Whenever you activate new plugins, themes, or WordPress versions, it’s necessary to run compatibility tests. There are loads of WordPress plugins through them you can check your website compatibility test.

PHP Compatibility Checker checks the theme and plugin codes of your website and reports back if there are issues.Theme Check: As the name suggests this WordPress plugin checks if the theme you are using meets the current theme review standards or not. Check your site compatibility with this plugin and make your work easier.

Optimize Images

By optimizing the images of your site you’ll boost its speed and improve your SEO. You can do this by giving your images appropriate names (use a keyword, not PHOTO202.jpg) and the proper size (300 x 300 ), and by adding alt and title attributes to images.

Navigation menu

Make sure that the primary navigation menu of your website is visible on all pages. Check the navigation menu by opening your website in different browsers. It is possible that it won’t appear in some browsers.

Mobile Optimization

Well, mobile testing is now more important than ever when launching a website. Create websites that are just as functional on mobile as they are on the desktop. Mobile testing involves testing the mobile-friendliness and responsiveness of your website.

3. Content Is Important

Optimization Settings, WordPress Website Optimization

Any type of optimization is effective only in combination with high quality and unique content. Ideally, the text contains keywords that highlight the overall theme of the post.  The content should be understandable and readable. Use your keywords wisely. Text should be written primarily for visitors, not for search engines.

Optimize Titles

The title of your blog, which is the contents of your page’s <title> tag, is what search engines use to rank your site. The keyword you think is most important for the current post or page, preferably at the beginning of the title. The wording that entices people to click.

About Us Page

Write an “About Me” page that really tells your visitors something. Visitors should feel convinced they are in the right place.

404 Errors

If your website is showing the 404 error, it means posts or pages can’t be found. Check the permalinks and re-save them. Y0u also have to check the existence of the posts and pages. Check if the sitemap is up to date. A custom 404 page can be very helpful to keep the visitor on your website, even though they haven’t found what they were looking for!


Sometimes you have to delete content. For example, duplicate content or old posts. You can redirect the urls to whatever you want. Use the right redirect and make sure they still work after a while.

Spelling Mistakes

The best way to kill killer content is by making too many errors in style and spelling. Always reread your posts and pages before publishing them. Let somebody else read what you have written. You can use online tools like Grammarly to check your content.


Make yourself comfortable with the basic SEO rules. They can be found anywhere on the internet. On top of that: be yourself, use your own words and rely on your expertise. If you want your website or your client site rank high on search engines, then it is essential to check the weather your site is well SEO optimized or not. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and so on.

Use search engine optimized themes.

Some themes use a lot of code to create the layout and design. Google will wade through the source code to find the relevant content. The more code you have, the less content and keyword density. Fast performing themes are good for your Google ranking.

4. Functionalities 

Optimization Settings,WordPress Website Optimization

Use Social Media Buttons and Widgets Wisely

While social media buttons and widgets are extremely important, since they will help visitors easily share your content on their social media platforms, they can also slow down your site. This is because official sharing buttons have to make calls to external services.

To make sure your page loads quickly, consider using social media buttons only for the networks where your audience members spend most of their time.

RSS Feeds

You can create the feeds using the Feedburner. Make sure the feed is working properly.


Whether you just have a contact form or a huge webshop, always check the functionality visitors have to use. Does the email gets sent, does the checkout procedure work well, can images be opened in Lightbox? Whatever functionality you offer your visitors, always be sure it works.

All set to Launch

After following these essential steps now you are ready to launch your website. Sometimes, websites are launched first, then tests are implemented. This can be problematic for you. So, to make your website looks clean and engaging it is important to go through these points. Launch your website and share your experience. Feel free to comment below.Thanks for reading.



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