Refurbished Content Is the Key

Creating content is a challenging task. A person who prepares content on a regular basis knows how much challenging it is to curtail the incessant lust of the online users for devouring content. You might end up bashing your head on the table thinking how to attract more readers, listeners, viewers and customers to your content.

When it comes to refurbishing content, then the task is more daunted. From audio to transcription, blog posts to video, slide shares to photography; the sky is the only limit of your options. Well, now let’s look at the top tips that can help you to have a well-refurbished content.

Simplify and Reuse

Refurbished content means reusing a pre-existing content and making a new form of media using the existing content. This refurbishing can be in terms of audio, video, images and other parameters present in your website. Now in order to make a video out of your present content, follow these steps.

  • First & foremost, simplify
  • Secondly, break your content into small slides in PowerPoint
  • Put some new raw footages into your slide if you wish to
  • Use transition and make a solid video from your existing content

Making a video out of your present website is half of the game. You have to make audios for your refurbished content. You can allow the users to do the task and enjoy their participation in the project or you can do it on your own. Whatever you are doing, do it in such a fashion that can encourage new readers to view your site.

Find Pages of Your Site That Generates More Traffic

Nowadays, Google Analytics has become an important part of any website. Using analytics you have to judge which of your website’s page is generating most of the traffic for your website. After you successfully identified your traffic generating page, convert it into the refurbished content so as to make it popular among readers. When you are converting, keep in mind other forms of content. Thus you can channelize your vision properly.

Refurbished Content Is the Key

Measure the Effect of Refurbishing

When you successfully convert your existing page into the refurbished content, then evaluate the effect of refurbishing. A number of ways are there to judge the effect. Let’s look at them.

  • The number of page views is a good way to judge the effect of refurbishing. If you can successfully convert your page then it will become popular easily. The number of views of your page will start to rise in a rapid way
  • Bounce rate is another method to judge your performance. with the successful refurbishing, bounce rate of your website will start to fall gradually
  • Conversion rate is the most prominent way to judge the performance of refurbishing. Like the other parameters, this will also tend to rise if you have converted your page properly
  • One of the best parameters to judge your success is the time on site. The more interesting thing you will put on your site, more time visitors will stay at your site. Thus, if you have successfully refurbished content of your site, then the time on site will certainly increase

So, using these parameters you can judge your refurbishing work pretty easily.

Publish Your Content on a Popular Platform

Till now you have done phenomenally hard work to have a refurbished content out of your site. Now the last thing you are left with is publishing your work on a good platform. Publishing it on a good platform you can give it much-required exposure and let it flourish easily. For instance, you can upload it on the sites which can rank your site pretty well and can provide you new audiences.

Moreover, you can publish your refurbished content on some popular social networking sites to let it reach more and more prospect readers.  Another good way to attract readers is to publish your content on part on the different sites. For instance, you can publish pictures on social media sites and can publish your videos on sites that host video. Thus you can reach to more people. Whatever you will do, make sure you are publishing it on a popular site to make it a successful content.

Well, now you have strategies to move forward with your content. Reading these tips you might have understood what you have to do, to make your content a good hit. Following these tips, you can gear yourself up for the success down the line.

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