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At the beginning of the decade, 2020 may have turned out to be a disappointment for many industries. Marketing was no exception. More marketing campaigns and sales were moved online. As there is no sign the Covid-19 pandemic will be over soon, it’s time to invest more in your content marketing.

In this article, you’re about to find out 20 content marketing predictions for this year. Knowing these trends will help you prepare and keep up with the current marketing strategies.

Redesign, Rebrand, and Reemerge on the Market

Redesign, Rebrand, and Reemerge on the Market
Content Marketing

As trends always change, rebranding is a great option to make your brand stay up-to-date. This marketing trend also fits if you set new goals for your business or merge companies.

Here are several steps to help make a successful rebranding.

  1. Start with understanding your current brand image and objective.
  2. Conduct research about the audience to help you create suitable brand strategies If you target new customers.
  3. Design your brand identity by considering essential elements like logo, color palettes, and voice.
  4. Build an impressive online presence with a captivating website that showcases your brand identity. Get inspired and create a unique online experience using Hostinger Website Builder.

Live Webinars and Virtual Events

A live webinar is an online presentation or seminar that allows real-time interactivity between presenters and participants. This kind of online event is booming since it can be an effective solution to connect people anywhere, although they have to stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Conversational engagement can help you build credibility and relationships with your audience.

A prominent example of virtual events is the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. The festival programs include book discussions, film screenings, and live webinars that invited experts, such as Crazy Rich Asians writer Kevin Kwan and Oscar-winning composer David Byrne.

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Provide Value-Driven Content

Value-Driven Content
Content Marketing

The pandemic forces businesses to go digital. They build a website, join a marketplace, and do social media to promote their brand. With competition rising, your content now must provide value. It refers to content that answers questions and delivers your brand’s voice. Value-driven content can be in the form of how-to articles, infographics, podcasts, or videos.

Airbnb’s campaign can be a good example. This company encourages belonging and acceptance. When Donald Trump’s presidency ordered a travel ban, Airbnb made video content about the importance of diversity and promoted its value.

Provide a Better User Experience

User experience (UX) focuses on customers’ behavior when interacting with a website or application.

When you provide a better user experience, you eliminate the blockages and help your potential customers navigate your website easily. Finally, it leads them to pass through the conversion funnel. Here are UX mistakes to avoid.

  • Annoying popups. The popup can increase your conversion rate. Yet, please don’t use it too much, or the visitors are irritated because the popups fill up the content.
  • Ignoring responsive design. You should make sure your website looks good no matter what device your audience uses. Over 50 percent of internet users won’t recommend a business if they have a poor mobile design.
  • Prioritizing design over functionality, and vice versa. Your website should have a balance between functionality and creativity. It has to be easy to navigate and attractive to spark visitors’ excitement.

AI-Driven Content

Artificial intelligence (AI) has affected digital marketing in many ways, such as chatbots, A/B testing, and advertisement targeting. In 2021, this trend will continue to content production. AI will help you give the most relevant content for each buyer relating to their customer’s journey. Tools like Contentyze and API GPT-3 offer content automation, so you don’t have to worry about drafts, captions, or even full blog posts. This kind of technology also guides search engines to discover relevant content for users with semantic search. It connects the search inquiry words to users’ search history, current place, and search time. 

Even More SEO

While the other traditional marketing strategies start fading, SEO remains to be a significant driver of leads and traffic to your website. It continues evolving and being smarter. To keep your content marketing on top, know the essential elements of SEO this year.

  • Core Web Vitals – Google announced three new metrics in 2020 and will include them in the ranking factors this year. They are loading speed, visual stability, and interactivity. These deal with the website speed and user experience.
  • Search intent – Marketers have to know why people search and provide them with relevant content. Types of search intent include navigational, commercial, transactional, and informational.
  • Featured snippet – More than 175 billion Google searches per month end without a click. It happens because Google provides a featured snippet for a rich result. To be featured by Google, you’ll need to create well-structured and written content. 
  • Original content – John Mueller, a Search Advocate at Google, recommends every marketer make an outstanding site for users. Focus on creating high-quality and unique content rather than counting words. 

Promote Engagement With Your Content

Promote Engagement With Your Content
Content Marketing

Content engagement means people interact with your post by leaving a comment, sharing your post on their social media, or mentioning your content in their blog post. Building strong and meaningful interactions gives your readers a reason to return to your website.

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Here are tips to increase engagement with your content. 

  • Be relatable and personal. Focus on your audience’s needs and what they are looking for. Incorporate storytelling as it makes the writer seem more personal.
  • Be consistent. Create the content regularly, so people will know when they can expect new content—set content planning to help you stay on track.
  • Ask for engagement. Ask readers about their thoughts related to the content. Take a look at this example by study blogger Caitlin Da Silva. At the end of her blog post, she asks readers about their favorite organization hack as she talks about ways to get organized.  

Create a Place for Your Community

To promote even more engagement, show that you care by building a place for your online community. It also helps you to generate ideas from their feedback and create opportunities for testing.

Pick several options to be your community platform.

  • Vibely. Chat with your audience and accomplish dreams together as Vibely provides a Challenge feature.
  • Asgaros Forum. Is a WordPress plugin to build a forum and discussion board. It’s SEO-friendly and customizable.
  • Facebook Groups. You can have a private or public group here. It also has Facebook Live to schedule live streams within the platform.

Podcasts Will Keep Rising

Content Marketing

More than half of US consumers above 12 years old listen to podcasts. They mostly listen to these when multitasking, like commuting to or from work or doing errands, because podcasts are easier to consume than articles or videos.

Office Ladies is a great podcast that won iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. The presenters, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer are the people behind the popular show The Office. They talk about behind-the-scenes and hold interviews with the cast or crew. To help you measure this content’s success, see the number of downloads or subscribers of the podcast.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is essential for successful marketing. It helps you encourage engagement to your content on the website, create brand recognition, and connect with your audience.

Here are a couple of things to get the most out of the benefits.

  • Know your target audience. By understanding them, you can select their most-used social media applications and create relevant content there.
  • Pick the measurement. It helps your social media strategies be scalable.
  • Apply the 80-20 rule. Don’t over-promote your product. Aim for 80 percent of content for educating or entertaining the audience and 20 percent for selling your product.



YouTube may be a one-stop platform for content marketing. With this video marketing tool, you can hold webinars or publish video content and podcasts. YouTube can also give you a positive return on investment (ROI) of up to 88 percent.

Many companies have gained success with this platform. For example, the popular SEO plugin Yoast educates marketers about SEO and promotes a course on its channel. Even big companies like Apple create a YouTube channel to launch their products and offer tutorials related to their products’ features.

Grow Your Network

Grow Your Network
Content Marketing

Encouraging engagement is essential, but don’t forget to connect with other people. Networking provides a way to find clients, mentors, and competitors. You can get insights from them and exchange them for their services and contacts or more networking opportunities.

Collaborate with companies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. You can work together and build links for each other’s sites through guest posts. This link building helps you optimize SEO because search engines will see you as a trustworthy site.

Invest Into Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful way to engage with your audience, build authority, and, most importantly, draw revenue to your business. Large companies, like Huffington Post, even rely on their content to generate $250 million per year.

Yet, only 20 percent of marketers know how to run a content marketing campaign correctly. Here are several examples of content marketing to begin with.

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Webinars

If you are a blogger or beginner entrepreneur, work more on it and create a mix of content. It helps you reach more audiences as people have different preferences in consuming content.

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For a business on the rise, build a solid content marketing team consisting of these six essential roles.

  • Data Analyst. To provide insights and analysis on audience and strategy performance.
  • SEO strategist. To develop digital marketing strategies relating to SEO.
  • Writer or Content Creator. To create content across channels.
  • Visual Designer. To design ad layouts, social media graphics, or even edit videos.
  • Tech Expert. To manage website maintenance and write code.
  • Public Relation. To handle brand management and build public perception of your brand.

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search
Content Marketing

Voice search is no longer an option. Over 25 percent of global online searches use this feature from mobile devices. People have integrated digital personal assistants with voice search to get tasks done faster. They can send a message while driving and add an appointment on their calendar while playing games.

To adapt to this condition, optimize your content using more conversational queries in the form of questions. Use keywords like “how to make pancakes” instead of “best pancake recipes.”

Research Your Target Audience

Online marketing strategies constantly change. To make sure everything works well, double-check your target audience. Begin with studying your existing audience, or follow these steps if you want to have a new start.

  1. Take a look at demographics. This step tells you who your audience is. Consider demographic factors like age, gender, location, income, and marital status. If you know this, you can personalize messages based on their condition.
  2. Go deeper into their psychographics. Psychographics show why the audience chooses a particular brand. It helps you know their psychology and purchasing motivations. Conduct research about their values, lifestyles, and interests. 
  3. Create an audience persona. Audience persona refers to fictional representations of the ideal customers. Name them and combine them with an adjective to describe them, for instance, Blogger Anna and Small Business Owner Eric.

Connect the Bridges Between Written and Audio/Video Content

The previous explanations show the significant growth of podcast and video content. Yet, with SEO in mind, you may think writing is still an excellent way to reach an audience. Don’t worry. You can connect and cross-reference them.

The Bliss Bean site is perfect for getting inspired. The owner creates podcasts and videos on her YouTube channel, then writes a sneak peek on her blog. To keep her passion for writing, she also provides newsletters and an archive for keeping the older editions. Concerning the same aspect, the next tip will expand on it.

Give Your Content Personality

Through the presenter’s voice, podcasts and videos can increase intimacy since the listeners pick up the intonation and feel the emotion in the voice. Thus, give the presenter personality to keep your audience engaged.

Here are some takeaways to add personalization to your content.

  • Keep it real. People like it when they feel the person behind the audio is really like they have a face-to-face conversation.
  • Play with emotion. Most successful content trigger emotions from happiness to anxiety and anger. Shape the tone and carefully select the vocabulary.
  • Be interested in the topic. If the topic doesn’t make you interested, your audience will feel the same.

Utilize Influencers

As social media is getting more vital, influencers also play an important role. They have the power to drive people to your brand because their followers trust influencers’ recommendations. Yet, be careful to choose influencers as they may be ineffective or develop a bad reputation for your brand. Consider three essential traits of good influencers.

  • Aligned. This means the influencers have similar values as your business and don’t support your competitors.
  • Relatable. Refers to whether their followers can relate to their content.
  • Creative. Look for influencers that keep their content original, fresh, and unique.

Focus on Topic Authority

Topic authority means your site is the go-to place when searching for answers to a specific topic. By focusing on topic authority, you seem helpful to them and gain the trust of the audience in your niche.

It will also better your SEO results. Since you provide the most relevant answers, search engines will consider your site authoritative and rank it at the top of the search engine result page (SERP) or even display it on the featured snippet.  

Analyze data!

After putting effort into creating content, perform marketing analysis. It is vital activity to understand your marketing efforts’ performance, so you know which should be optimized or discontinued. There are various marketing metrics to analyze and prove content marketing’s effectiveness, but here are the essential ones.

  • Sales revenue. Ensure your sales exceed your marketing campaign expenses.
  • Online marketing ROI. Refers to the website activity ranging from traffic to types of audience devices for accessing your website. Use Google Analytics to analyze these details.
  • Conversion rates. See how many people complete the desired action. For example, if you aim for people to fill out a form after looking at your Instagram post, calculate the number of post interactions and conversions.
  • Social media metrics. Check each social media page you run for insights to know the metrics such as likes, reach, and followers. 



Content marketing is growing faster than ever. Thus, it’s no time for you to stand still. More consumers demand you to be more creative and tech-savvy to engage with them. Implement the marketing trends above to stand out. Good luck!

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