Top 7 Tricks of Image Editing For Attracting Site Visitors 2024

Image Editing For Attracting Site Visitors

Have you ever wondered why just like the content of your WordPress blog, the images in it also need the same attention? Well, the majority of bloggers often ignore this vital fact and end up lacking in the number of traffic. However, in reality, there are quite a few hacks that can help you to make free image editing online of your blog more interesting than ever, without costing much of your time as well. Here are the top 5 image editing tricks that can help you get stunning images in seconds and attract more visitors.

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1. Use Color Contrast Properly

Image Editing

When it comes to image editing, people are more like to present it along with some text. However, how effortlessly people can see your texts turns out to be a determining factor for those social shares. Imagine a red text on a neon yellow background; it’ll simply give you a headache and nothing more. Therefore, it’s important you use the color contrast properly; so that instead of attracting visitors you won’t end up driving them away.

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2. Rely On Particular Colors More

Image Editing

There’s no doubt that in image editing, the use of particular colors plays an important part in grasping the attention of people. While the color blue is associated with peace and tranquility; the color red defines excitement. Therefore, a blog that is meant to elicit enthusiastic responses from you can surely benefit from the use of red color-based images.

Colors having their own psychological effect on human minds can greatly help to complement the underlying tone of your blog when presented in the form of images.

3. Make the Background Images Blurred

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While image editing if you are planning to present texts on different backgrounds, then the best way of leaving the maximum effect on the audience’s mind is by blurring the backgrounds. Instead of a busy background choose a background image that is rather uncultured; so that the blur effect looks tremendously attractive.

A blurred background not only sharpens your text appearance; but also makes the image more interesting.

4. Choose the Right Font Style

Image Editing

Believe it or not, fonts do have the power of determining how people will perceive the image or idea that you’ve presented on your blog. No matter how flawless you are in image editing, the font style always has a controlling hand in influencing how people will perceive you.

So don’t just randomly select any font you like, but rather select according to the tone and mood of your blog. Even the idea of pairing up different font styles is not that bad at all; as long as you choose the pairs correctly.

5. Include Photo Grids- Image Editing

Image Editing

In case you wish to present your readers with multiple images, then combining all of them into an individual photo grid can be a great idea. Rather than displaying your images with exact dimensions, you can go ahead and create a fresh and appealing photo grid by placing the same four images in different dimensions.

There are plenty of online collage makers and image editing tools that can help you to make an interesting photo grid instantly.

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6. No Harm in Adding Filters- Image Editing


You just can’t deny the tremendous popularity of the social blog Instagram. And it simply proves how much people are in love with image filters. Therefore, you can add various color filters to your blog images, as it not only attracts more visitors but also offers quite an amount of visual variety to your images.

However, you can’t just apply the very first filter you come across without any considerations, as different images require different colors and post-processing workflows. The best option is to use professional photo editing services that will help you find the right color solutions for your images.

7. Use Optimized Images of the Right Dimensions

Image Editing

No matter how perfectly you abide by the various image editing measures; until you optimize them properly, their performance won’t be improved. Ask yourself, would you go for an image that takes 10 minutes to just load? No, right! And neither will the visitors. Therefore, the better the dimensions and optimized images of your blog will be, the greater will be the number of audiences that it’ll engage.

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Conclusion of Image Editing

Apart from these above-mentioned image editing tactics, there are image types as well that resonate effectively with quite a number of people. Be it infographics, quote images, or even images with faces of people, these are some of the most popular types of images in recent times.

Just adding images to your blog won’t help you to grasp the attention of the viewers, you need to do the image editing perfectly, to get the desired outcome from them.

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