If you are making lots of efforts for attracting visitors to your website, then tracking and doing proper analysis is an essential part. Different planning and strategies are so crucial to get a place in the competitive market. But, what is so important? Is to analyze the keywords and posts ranking on the search engines, for what you are making large efforts. This is a necessary step, you should follow while doing content marketing, SEO, and Social media marketing. Without tracking the ranking, how could you measure your efforts are paying best or not. So, in this article we will share here, how could you track your WordPress posts keyword ranking.


Check Out The Important Tools To Check WordPress Posts Keyword Ranking

There are several ways people used to follow to boost the keywords ranking. Might be you are gaining a high and speedy rank for a keyword, but how would be you measure it and get analysis, for which keyword you can go long. So, here, are the solutions with some comprehensive tools, you can use to track your performance for your efforts done. Let’s take a look below.



WordPress Posts Keyword Ranking

SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools, that is so beneficial in finding the best keyword for you. By using this tool, You can track the keyword ranking on the search engines. It is also very helpful to know your competitors ranking for the same keyword you want to use. Once, you investigate all the ranking factors, you will be able to choose your best keyword that will surely give you a high rank in the search engines. This rank checker tool will also provide the information, how many backlinks you are getting from the visitors and different domains. With the help of this tool, you can also study the budget of ads for the specific keywords and its competition in the online market.

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Moz Keyword Explorer

WordPress Posts Keyword Ranking

Moz Keyword Explorer is also an important tool for the rank checker. It is gaining popularity in a speedy mode and many people are fond of this tool for their WordPress websites. It is quite similar to SEMrush in terms of functionalities and uses. This tool is very helpful to analyze the competition rate on the specific keyword. You can also trace your competitors rank on the same keyword you are looking to go with. It offers and suggests you the new and alternative keywords, and also you can check the keywords difficulty rate. This tool is also a fantastic one to check spam score on your posts and keyword.

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WordPress Posts Keyword Ranking

SerpBook is another service for tracking keyword or website ranking in the various search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. Once you have linked up your selected keywords, then you can simply log in to your account and check the ranking where your site or keyword took place in the search engines. This is a premium service, and there is an automatic set of intervals to trace the updates in the ranking placements. You can analyze the graph form for your ranking performance and fluctuations. If you want to add a domain with a specific keyword combination to track, you can do it easily by placing simply an exact URL.

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WordPress Posts Keyword Ranking

SerpRobot is a free service for searching the online keyword that ranked well in the search engines. SerpRobot is earlier called as SerpLab. There is no need of creating an account. To know your keywords ranking, you can simply provide your website URL and add up to 10 keywords you want to get rank for. Once, you added your specific keywords, you will find the quickest result that shows the ranking material for each keyword you are looking for. This tools also offers and suggests you the best keywords list up to 10, that can help you to get high rank in the search engines speedily. By using this tool, you can do all these activities without putting any of your personal details.

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Wrapping Words!

Here, we are wrapping words for this article. Hope you enjoyed the article and get the relevant information about the rank checker tools you are looking for. If you want to share any feedback and for any suggestion, you can feel free to write in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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