Three Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Selling Courses Online

selling courses online

Creating and selling courses online require consistent dedication. A website having a mixture of all necessary course selling elements assists in engaging students with your online courses. Hence, if you are planning to sell your courses online, you need to be well-versed with all these elements that make a better eLearning platform.

As an online course creator, you obviously have thought of the following questions. Although these are basic questions, still, you must have a clear of these. Let’s explore them one by one:

WordPress eLearning theme


1. Which is the best platform to sell online courses?

This is a very general question that comes in everyone’s mind at first. And, obviously, you’re one of them.

There are two kinds of platforms you can choose to sell your courses online:

a.) Sell Courses Online On Your Your eLearning Website

selling courses online

Creating your own eLearning website is the go-to choice as well as smart decision for all those who want to establish full control and authority on their online courses and the earnings made from these courses.

Actually, when you own your website, no one is there to interfere in your course selling process. You set your price, commissions, course-content, time-management, restriction, performance reports, etc., etc, etc. Pretty cool!

Now, the question that may click your mind is;

“Is that really easy to build an eLearning website even when you have no coding knowledge?”

And, the answer is “YES”

With the combination of WordPress (a Content Management System) and WordPress LMS Plugins, you can launch a successful online course platform. And, of course, you don’t need to take help from experts. You can manage everything on your own!

What are the best WordPress LMS Plugins?

I recommend you to take a look at the following LMS plugins that offer brilliant functionalities to convert your WordPress site into a stunning Learning Management System.

LearnDash: Key features include LearnDash Focus Mode, powerful course builder, advanced quizzing, drip-feed content, flexible prerequisites, dynamic forums, grade book, course points, certificates and badges, one-time purchase, subscriptions, shopping cart, memberships, course-bundles, course-license, powerful administrative options, and latest tech tools

Also, do look at the best learnDash Theme to improve your website appearance.

LifterLMS: Key features include Multimedia Lessons, quizzes, Course Builder, Drip Content, Prerequisites, Course Tracks, assignments, Quiz Timer, Student Dashboard, Multi Instructor, Lesson Downloads, Course Import and export, Discussion Areas, Instructional Design, Form Integrations, Graphics Pack, Course Reviews, credit card, one-time and recurring Payments, Payment Plans, Unlimited Pricing Models, Paypal, Subscriptions, Checkout, and many more features to explore.

Also, do look at the best LifterLMS Theme to get a better visual appearance of your eLearning website.

b.) Sell Courses Online On Third-Party eLearning Platforms

sell courses online

Apart from creating your own Learning Management System, you may contract with third parties that online platforms to sell courses. These eLearning platforms are the best choice for all those who are in need to just share their knowledge without doing any efforts to grab students.

The example of such eLearning platforms are,

  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Udacity
  • Khan Academy
  • SkillShare

And, many more!

2. What makes a good online course?

sell courses online

This is an important point to discuss!

No matter how valuable your online course is until unless it is not backed up by engaging course modules and elements, you won’t be able to make your students stick to your site.

So, what makes a good online course?

a.)Engaging Learning experience

A student can learn better when there is enough room to explore. When the screen is full of unnecessary elements while taking courses, it becomes difficult to focus. So, make sure, when your students are taking up their courses, there is always a distraction-free layout.

b.) Engaging Course Modules

It’s not about what you teach. It’s about how well you can teach.
Make sure you are not presenting your online course in a boring way. Instead, you can play with different online learning styles that make your simple course interesting one.

Now, you might think:

“What are the different learning styles that you can use to create engaging course modules?”

Check out this quick guide on Different Online learning styles that you can use in your online courses.

c.) Play Quiz After Each Lesson

You can make your courses more interesting with quizzes. Let your students have fun with interesting quizzes. You can include a quiz based on pictures, texts, etc. This not only helps your students engage with your courses but is also a simple way to check the progress of your students.

d.) Gamify Your Courses

Through gamification, you can encourage your customers to do a specific action you want. It could be to ask your students to refer their friends in exchange for some points or to upgrade their course level or anything else.
There are various WordPress gamification plugins that you can take advantage of to solve this purpose.

e.) Integrate Forums To Your eLearning website

The best way to encourage your students to be an active learner is to let them have discussions in a group. Forums assist in creating such a platform where they can ask, learn and discuss together.

Check out LearnDash wpForo Plugin designed to integrate forums to your LearnDash powered eLearning website.

f.) Include Certificates and Badges

And, of course, certificates are an important element that every student expect from your online courses at the end. So, do include certificates with your courses to certify your students and encourage them to learn more!

3. How do I sell a course online?

learning management system

So far, you’ve learned how to create a good online course. Now, it’s time to invest your time in strategies to sell your courses online.

Here is what you can plan for:

  • Run social media campaigns. You may generate a good amount of leads for your online courses from social media platforms.
  • Invest in Search Engine Marketing to help people find you instantly.
  • Optimize your site with popular keywords that your target prospects are using to find courses like yours.
  • Blogging is another way to target leads for the right keywords.

Launching a webinar for your upcoming courses with a clear call to action can create a golden opportunity to grow your business.


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Final Thoughts on Selling Courses Online

So, here I’m ending up this blog on selling courses online. Hope all your doubts on how to sell online courses have now cleared.

Stay tuned! We’ll be right back with other brilliant information.



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