Do you want to grow your Facebook page faster? Perhaps you’ve just launched your own Facebook group, or are looking to elevate an already-established community to the next stage.

In this article, you’ll learn how to increase the size of your Facebook group to get a bigger share of Facebook’s two billion strong users.

Let’s get started:


Strategies to Grow Your Facebook Group

1. Make use of contests and giveaways to advertise your group

Contests and giveaways are a few strategies for marketing that are the best techniques that are available to you. They can be used to increase traffic, gain more followers on social media, and increase your email subscriber list.

However, you can also utilize them to advertise groups on Facebook. In the beginning, you’ll need to come up with a prize that you could offer. It could be anything from access to a trial version of your products, to the possibility of an Amazon Gift card.

You can also team with a brand that could offer prizes in exchange for a small amount of publicity.

To facilitate the giveaway, you’ll require giveaway software such as SweepWidget to assist you. The secret to making this method work is one of the ways to enter the giveaway should be to go to the Facebook page of your group.

2. Include a link in the menu on your blog’s page

One of the easiest methods to draw a large number of most relevant people to join your Facebook group is creating a link to the principal navigation menu.

These are probably your target market since they’ve already read your blog. This means they’re likely to be eager for a Facebook page. You can put “community” in addition to “Facebook Group” on your menu, as the group’s owners have done.

3. Add the Facebook hyperlink in your signature email

Create a Facebook group

One of the best ways to get new members automatically is to add the Facebook group’s URL in your signature email. So, every message you mail out is an opportunity to acquire an extra member.

You can tell in the images below and above that, you can find a variety of creative methods to implement this. Both allow members to join your group by simply pressing a button while you are asleep!

4. Upload it to your YouTube Channel

Youtube Marketing Strategies

I’m sure it’s an obvious fact that videos are taking the world of business to the streets. If the content is the king, video content certainly is the queen.

At present, more than 500 million hours of video content are watched on YouTube every single day. This makes it the perfect channel for promoting your expanding Facebook group.

How do you advertise your Facebook group via YouTube?

  • Make use of overlays of text within your video to encourage viewers to join your team.
  • Include an affixing hyperlink to your Facebook page in every video, and the description
  • Include your group’s name as a CTA at the end of your videos.

5. Make a massive post on Facebook

It is essential to not try to add members to your group without permission. This is an invasive method to attract new members and will cause a lot of irritation before they’ve had an opportunity to be awed by your group.

Take a look. What Facebook groups have you been added to without your consent? It’s bothersome, isn’t it? You don’t want everyone in your group to be there.

The ones who will devour your content, sign up for your freebies that you opt-in to, pay for your services or products, and will become your loyal customers.

If you’re looking to increase the number of emails you receive and increase blog traffic and earn more money through your new group, you should be sure to be selective about whom you accept to join your group.

What is the best way to make a mass message?

  • Check out your friends’ list on Facebook to identify people who will be pertinent to your group’s mission.
  • All of these people to a message on Facebook Messenger.
  • Invite them to join your Facebook group and tell them what your group stands for, what its mission is, and the reason your group is unique.

It’s a great alternative to join a group without their consent. Sooner or later, you’ll see people ask for the opportunity to be part of your team, and gradually increase their numbers.

6. Create a Pinterest-inspired graphic for your group

In addition, with over 175 million people logging on to Pinterest each month, it’s quickly becoming the most popular platform for marketers, bloggers as well as business owners. t’s only natural you’d choose this powerful marketing platform when trying to promote the Facebook page you’re running.

It’s among the most efficient ways to have your content noticed on the internet and can last much longer than posting to Facebook as well as Twitter. It is possible to use an easy-to-use tool such as Canva to create images like this one.

7. Pin the graphic and link to Twitter

Twitter Marketing Tools

If you’re not using Twitter to advertise your products, content, and services, then you’re being left out. The same is true with your group on Facebook.

Over 500 million tweets are sent out each day Which makes it difficult to keep your tweets for long enough to be read.

Then what’s the point in trying to promote your company on Twitter?

The most effective way to keep your eyes on the content you are interested in keeping in your feed on Twitter is to “pin it” to the top of your feed.

Make an attractive image, share it on Twitter, and then “pin it” so that it’s the first thing that’s seen when someone comes across your account.

8. Include it in the sidebar on your website

Your blog is a great opportunity to announce your newly created Facebook group. If you’ve set up a Facebook group that’s compatible with the blog you have, you’re already off to a good of the ball.

This is because you’d be able to reach the same people who are your target on both the blog as well as your Facebook group.

If you have raving fans on your blog will leap at the chance of becoming members of your brand new Facebook group.

Here are two amazing examples of how bloggers were able to include the Facebook link of their group to their sidebars.

9. Make a welcome email series of emails

How to customize order emails: Facebook group

An effective method to help get the Facebook page to be seen by more people is to announce it to anyone who joins your mailing list.

If you have carefully crafted an email to welcome new subscribers or a welcome sequence that is targeted at new members be sure that you invite your new subscribers for a Facebook account.

Each new subscriber will be given an invitation to join Your Facebook group.

Additionally, you’re aware that they already love your content. So, the majority of them will be the ideal fit for your audience.

It is also recommended to include the link in each newsletter or email you send. Even though it’s not going to offer the same open rates, it’s a great way to build your brand new audience.

10. Add it to your Facebook Page

The usage of Facebook pages for business has become virtually obsolete, due to the huge reduction of organic engagement.

It’s still beneficial to your company to have Facebook pages for many reasons, but the days of experiencing the influx of users directly coming from pages on Facebook seem to be over.

They’ve also proven to be a fantastic method of promoting Facebook groups, by connecting your group with the Page on Facebook.

How do you link to your Group on Facebook:

  • Click on your “settings” Go to your “settings” and click edit the page”.
  • Add then the “groups” tab to your website.

You’ll then have the “groups” tab which is as follows:

If your viewers click the tab, they’ll gain an account on your Facebook page!

Create Online Counity


A Facebook group’s creation may appear like a daunting task however I’m here to tell that it will get more simple and is a great marketing strategy that will propel your company.

Particularly when you’ve got the correct strategies, your organization’s growth is automatically controlled.

You can create a vibrant community of loyal and raving fans. Fans will be the first to line up for any paid item you own.

They’ll be present for each Webinar. Take in every blog article. They’ll also rave about your offerings that you’ve paid for which means you don’t need to, either.

In the end, it’s a business owner’s ideal.

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