Emerging Trends for the Future of Software Development

Software Development Trends

Technology is evolving at lightning speed with no sign of ever slowing down. Just as the invention of the wheel forever changed our ancestors’ lives, new technological breakthroughs in the domain of software development are making an impact on our daily lives as we speak.
Consequently, this puts added pressure on software developers — particularly employers — to keep up with all the emerging software development trends and to stay relevant in this highly competitive industry. From machine learning to blockchain technology, the list just keeps on growing.
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1. AI’s Role in Software Development

Software Development Trends

In the past, AI has been used primarily for bug detection and other testing purposes. Today, software developers are utilizing smart AI every step of the way; including planning, development, and (finally) testing. Initially, the main purpose of AI was simply to assist developers in making clean, quality codes so that QA specialists could have an easier time testing. Nowadays, tech companies are using AI to optimize their software development programs even further, making better programmers out of their developers in the process.
Additionally, what makes AI so desirable in the tech industry is its ability to forecast events and make accurate estimates on what needs improvement (and when). In the world of business, these data-driven decisions could be the difference between failure and success — hence why this trend will remain relevant for years to come.

2. Machine Learning and Software Development

Software Development Trends

Yet another trend closely connected to the “unlimited power” of AI — machine learning and deep learning. Today, we already have machines building machines (in factories). In the near future, the trend of software building software will become an everyday thing as well. The job of a human software developer will be only to monitor and supervise the whole process, effectively reversing the roles of the AI and humans that we have today.
Already, software engineers are developing algorithms that are incredibly complex and able to continuously improve their own code. The end result of this mammoth task could lead to automatic code refactoring, analytics, and error handling; in other words, no more searching for those pesky semicolons.

3. A Growing Need for Jack-of-All-Trades Developers

Software Development Trends

As technology continues to influence software development — and AI slowly takes over certain tasks — there will be a growing need for more generalists rather than specialists. The reason is, things are constantly evolving in the software development sector. Employers need fast learners who can adapt to any change and acquire new skills in a short amount of time. Still, there will always be a demand for talented individuals for various software developer jobs on job boards matter their specialization. Full-stack developers, in particular, will be highly sought after if this jack-of-all-trades trend continues its current full-stack developer course. One thing is certain though — technology is advancing at such a rate that it will be increasingly difficult to keep up.

4. Human Behaviour Modelling

Software Development Trends

Creating human-like AI is the ultimate goal — and dream — of any software engineer; think of Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek or C-3P0 from Star Wars (whichever you prefer). At the moment, engineers are working hard on developing algorithms with the proper models of human behavior for the AI to adhere to. This humanization process makes a world of difference in the sphere of business where sophisticated software can assist customers with their purchasing decisions through smart personalization. This will not only make communication with humans more engaging but profitable as well; the AI will be able to spot patterns in human behavior and match them with their own digital identity, creating more fluid and human-like interactions as a result.

5. Blockchain Technology


The potentials of this innovative technology are truly remarkable; from banking and finance to education and healthcare, blockchain can do it all. Already, software developers are looking for new ways to integrate blockchain technology into all aspects of our lives. Its distributed ledge, in particular, could be the thing to end counterfeiting in the midst of the supply chain forever. Thanks to the meteoric rise of the blockchain ledger, developers are learning languages like Solidity to create smart contracts. And to become a blockchain engineer, coders join comprehensive boot camps that teach blockchain subjects in a few months.

Also, another reason why blockchain is so fascinating is that it works best when paired with another marvel of technology such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and so on. Although blockchain started its ‘humble’ beginning in the cryptocurrency domain, the future of this technology in the sphere of software development looks bright indeed.

In the end, it might be our own inability to comprehend how complex systems work that slows us down and the only way of overcoming this issue is for machines to surpass us ultimately. But, if history has learned anything, it’s that power — once given — is not so easily taken away.

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