Key steps to discover your customer journey

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Understanding your customer journey is very necessary for you. Because the customer is always ‘’hero of your story’’ so, it is essential for you to make your customer satisfied from every end. Cultivating a good understanding of customers and improving their experience are well understood. When excellent customer experience is achieved, marketers will better know how to engage with customers, consumers will be happier with our products and services, and, ideally, the business will have an improved bottom-line.

To improve customer experience to any great extent, though, the customer journey must be well understood by the organization as a whole. And, as anyone who has tried will know, understanding the customer journey is not a simple task.

When it comes to your store your brand, perhaps you feel a million mile journey away from MailChimp. But wait! What is MailChimp? Is anyone heard before? I’ll explain you.

What is MailChimp? How is it useful for Customer journey?




MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. It is also known as the second brain that helps the number of customers from small e-commerce to big online retailers.It also helps them to find their audience, engage customers, and build their brand. MailChimp integrates with all the major e-commerce providers so you can use your purchase data to send personalized campaigns and better understand how your marketing affects your bottom line. At the end, MailChimp funda is “Build your brand and sell more stuff”

Now, let’s cover all the key steps that fully understand the customer journey. And here are four ways to get started –

1. Analyze your customer thinking, then delight them


Customer journey



How does your brand services look like ? does your customer feel engaged are they noticing your brand? When it comes to your online store, and you know what your customer might be thinking or feeling at a certain point of the journey.In some way let them know that you know — a little heart connection is forged.Same thing you need to do on your product page of your store.Through particularly thoughtful images and copy that anticipate what customers need to know in order to make their choice.

You can also add feedback form for the customers who have already purchased a product via email or text message. Think on customer point of view what needs to add? What needs to be discarded.

2. Built Robust relationship with your customers

customer journey


Is your customer getting annoyed? And you not getting the ways how to turn worst moments into glorious ones. As I have already discussed above the features of MailChimp, But Slack is the best example among all.

Slack is team communication platform.It simplifies the communication between you and your customers. Millions of people around the world have already made Slack the place where their work happens. I too personally use it and simply adore it.It comes with some amazing fun features. Slack also have custom loading messages when you open their application, taking a “meh” moment and using crowdsourcing to make it sing. It is proved the best customer communication platform. So start using slack today and continue your happy journey with customers. It is also necessary for you to get the balance and tone right.

3. Create ways for customers to show and tell they’re part of the brand

customer journey

Make your customer the hero of your brand. Creating clear ways for people who are using your product to tell the world, digitally or otherwise, is a good thing. Of course, you can’t force people to show they belong, but you can make it easy for them to opt into what you’re doing.

Including social follow buttons on your site as well as use hashtags content relating to your products, is one way to do this. Another way is goodies or giveaway things to your customers. You can also give them points which in future your customer can easily redeem it and will stay connected with your brand.

4. Create Thank you page for the customers


customer journey


Cuddling your customer is always necessary for you. Make your customer feel special by Creating thanks, an option on the checkout page. Try to make your thanks, message engaging for your customers which intend them to come back. You can also add the similar products which your customer is interested in.

5. Create your share purchase option


customer journeyAfter Big thanks, an option you can also create ‘’Share your purchase option’’ on the checkout page and allow your customer to share the purchased product on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. This will instantly increase your brand demand. Amazon do this, in a less personal way, with the product link sharing options that display after one makes a purchased.

Encourage your own customer Journey

  1. Analyze your customer thinking, then delight them

Understand  what your customer  need.  Add thoughtful images and copy that anticipate what customer need to know in order to make their choice. Think on your customer point of view.

  1. Built Robust relationship with your customers

Slack is team communication platform. It is one of the best option mention  communication between you and your customers.

  1. Create ways for customers to show and tell they’re part of the brand

WordPress stickers are a fine example, but any similar goodies or giveaways will do nicely. Make it easy for customers to feel as if they “belong.”

  1. Create Thank you page for the customers

Create a A big Thanks option on checkout page for your customers. Which make them feel special.

  1. Create your share purchase option

You can also create Share your purchase option on checkout page so that your customers share the purchase product on all social media platforms. What’s Your idea to discover your customer journey? Please let us know in the comment below. I hope you liked all the four points to understand your customer journey.



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