Growing your WordPress Blog apart from Content 3

The content of your website is a key factor in determining the success of your online venture. However, creating meaningful content alone may not ensure the future growth of your WordPress blog. Good quality content may succeed in holding on to a number of loyal followers, but to increase followers, making the quality of customer engagement better, increasing the reach of your WordPress blog and earn revenue you need other sound strategies. These strategies will help you to consolidate the viewers and readers of your site, establish your authority in this field and provide income. The four avenues discussed below may be considered in this regard.

Sell Through your Website

Growing your WordPress Blog apart from Content

The investment of your time and money into the building of your WordPress blog website should give you returns also. To this end, you may think about promoting other websites’ selling specific products through your website, earning a commission in the process. You may also think about selling products through your website itself. This strategy has the added benefit of already having a ready customer base among your follower and loyal readers. You need to install an e-commerce plugin in your website to facilitate monetary transaction and customer payments. Do proper research before deciding on the products you will sell. You may also consider selling eBooks or online courses as these products require minimum time and resource investments.

Make a Comprehensive Emailing List

Growing your WordPress Blog apart from Content

Since its inception, emails have become a great tool to connect on a personal basis. So, you may use emails to build up your potential customer base by broadcasting pertinent information about products on your WordPress blog. This requires building up an e-mailing list of interested visitors. You need to collect the email addresses from these visitors of your WordPress blog through an opt-in form. This form may be a part of good email marketing platform online. The presentations of such forms to your readers are important also; take care so that the user experience is undisturbed. A sound way may be to offer incentives for subscription in the form of a gift or privilege or increasing urgency by stating the limited number and period of the offer.

Conduct Giveaway Events

Growing your WordPress Blog apart from Content

The consumer psyche is excited at the idea of free gifts. So, you may try to look for opportunities to offer gifts or prizes through social media platforms. You may also think about promotions and contests through another website blog or company. The social media platforms like Facebook or Pinterest offer great platforms for organizing simple competitions, which will help in increasing your brand awareness and provide an opportunity of collecting contents generated by users. You may also organize contests among the followers of your WordPress blog by providing a free premium subscription to an online tool related to your field. You may also organize skill-based contests in case your customer demography consists of such professionals.

Offer Membership

Growing your WordPress Blog apart from Content

You may apply this strategy to increase customer engagement and create a core group among your avid viewership. While this avenue may seem difficult in the beginning, once you are able to form such a group it will become a steady source of income from your WordPress blog. You need to have good quality content for keeping members interested and engaged for a fixed period. Then you may work to provide fresh materials at certain intervals. The member group needs to be treated differently than normal subscribers; they need to be pampered with better quality content with details and depth of research. You may also organize web seminars and offer individual discussion sessions as added premium service.

To conclude, consider your WordPress blog as a business with investment, profit, and loss. The tips mentioned above may help you in this regard to offer novel engagement options to your online customers.

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