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Update WordPress theme is a bit tricky thing if you are a newbie on WordPress. Are you having a very fancy and good-looking theme on your website? Is your theme giving you a complete look and feel of your website? but did you know it is no more a fancy thing for you? Yes! Like plugins, themes can also have security holes that allow for backdoors into your site’s database or file system. There is also the concern of using deprecated code or the inability to take advantage of new features at all. Plus, there are usability issues that should concern those of us using newer themes, as well.

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Update WordPress Theme

Today in this article I’m going to share some signs that suggest it’s time to replace your current WordPress theme. Trust me it is very useful for your website.

Let’s Dive in!

Regular theme changes can be harmful. You’re never completely happy with your theme and so you never stick with it for long.

Oh sure, installing a new free theme makes you feel better… for a little while. But pretty soon the itch to change it sets in again. Whether the design isn’t quite as sexy as other blogs, your blog looks too similar to others, or you have to deal with an annoying lack of functionality, these are all symptoms of using a free theme and reasons you might feel compelled to switch to another one.

Regular theme changes may seem harmless, but there are several major issues with this habit:

  • Firstly, it’s a total time suck.
  • Secondly, it wreaks havoc on your user experience.

You know how to navigate the site to find what you need, you’re used to its look and feel, and you generally feel at home there. And then suddenly the whole thing changes. So you adjust and adapt to the new design… and just as you’re getting used to it, the theme changes again.

However, if you had a premium theme that satisfied all your needs, you wouldn’t ever need to change it. So stop wasting your time and pulling the rug out from under your readers. Try investing in a customizable premium theme with the ability to grow with you and adapt as your needs change.

It Hasn’t Seen an Update in Over a Year. Is it true that you haven’t updated your theme for over a year? If you’re running a third-party theme, it’s reasonable to expect that it will be updated every so often. Even if new features aren’t being added. It is your responsibility to add at least want to see a few bugs fixed here and there.

Otherwise, you get the impression that the theme is no longer a priority for the author. Trust me! That will be the saddest thing for your website. So, still, if you haven’t done yet. Do it right now.

Dependent on the third-party script, that is no longer supported

A fancy and good-looking theme is always good. Have you ever dug into your theme? If you’re using a theme you didn’t develop yourself, this situation is harder to determine. But it’s definitely worth looking into. Outdated or unsupported third-party scripts can prove very harmful to your website that harmful that you can’t even imagine.

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If you want to protect your website from such a dangerous theme

You can simply take a look inside your theme’s directory to see which JavaScript files are included. Opening each one up in a text editor should show you a version number and release date. From there, it’s a matter of doing research. This is definitely not the most fun way to spend an afternoon.

Again, this is one of the problems with themes that haven’t been updated in a while. Not only could this type of script be a security risk, but it also puts a site administrator in a tough situation as far as fixing it. If the script is still around and has a more recent version, it still may not necessarily be compatible with the theme. So you may have to take a trip down the rabbit hole to try and get everything working.

It’s unlikely that anything disastrous will happen when updating your theme but making a backup remains an obviously good idea. It gives you peace of mind going into the update and a fixed point to revert from if anything gets messy along the way.

No more Responsive” In today’s world,  everything is on mobile you can start up your business anytime anywhere with mobile. If your website is not responsive it will be hard for the visitor to understand your site. It may also happen that he won’t come back again.

Recently when have you checked your website on mobile? You won’t know that it might be not working there. If you are running an e-commerce website then it is seriously important for you to make your theme mobile responsive. Besides the changelog, this may be the most obvious sign that your theme is near the end of the road. Several years ago, it was still common to run into a theme that wasn’t compatible with mobile screens. But, by golly, there’s no excuse for not having a responsive theme in modern times. Not when mobile web traffic is north of 50%.

Of course, there are still plugins and such that will at least provide some sort of mobile presence. For the most part, they work – even if not as elegantly or efficiently as a natively responsive theme. The bottom line is that, if you’re running a non-responsive theme, you’re most likely due for a redesign anyway.

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How much you are aware of now?

The above-mentioned signs are very useful if you want to want to make your theme to brand new. So, how much you are aware of now? Still think, it’s time to search for these signs on your website. If you find it then update or replace your theme now.  Share your experience. Thanks for reading.

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