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Education is becoming a dynamic and digital phenomenon. From primary school to university, all types of students are learning online. All teachers are taking online courses too. They are learning all types of aspects of digital learning. If you are one of them, you can read the following method to create your online course too.

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Decide the types of online courses

You can create different types of online courses. But you first need to decide what type, of course, you want to make and then start designing an online course. There are essentially two reasons for which you might need to create them- they are either employee training or for selling.

In these, you might need to create the following types of courses-

  • On boarding courses.
  • Compliance courses.
  • Job-specific skills training courses.
  • Soft skills training courses.
  • Product knowledge courses.
  • Courses for leisure.
  • Hard skills training courses.
  • Personal development courses.
  • Coaching courses.

Create a Framework

The next thing you need to do is create a framework and start working on it. Here are the steps that you need to take.

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  • Do your research about creating courses-You can start with doing some research. You can take other courses from some experienced online teachers to do that. You should also take a few courses that are related to your subject and niche. This will help you understand what to include and what not to.
  • Select your preferred platform- There are a lot of resources and platforms that can be used while creating an online course. You can select one as per the customizations and tools you want, e.g., LearnDash LearnMate, LifterLMS, and many more.
  • Create goals, objectives, and results you want to have- This is a decisive step when you are working on making an online course. Your clarity of thought will be at work here. You need to make goals and objectives for your course as in what you want to convey to your learners. You need to create goals and objectives for both short and big parts of the courses.
  • Write a script- Starting writing a script. Thinking too much and taking too much into consideration can hamper your productivity. You need to start the script right after deciding the goals and objective. Then, you can later adjust it according to different parameters in your editing process.
  • Find useful resources and review them-Giving information about the subject is important, but teachers forget to include it- the name of some helpful resources and some reviews. This helps learners beyond the course and the knowledge in it.
  • Create audience-targeted content-Now that you have written the script and are editing Custom Font Uploader plugin is Easy to use and integrates with the theme and Elementor without having to repeat laborious processes. The procedure and functionality of this plugin are very good. . You should consider editing it according to the audience that you are catering to. It is important to hit the right points in their minds.
  • Make assessments and tests-If your platform allows you, you should create several tests and assessments; you should also try to mandate some of them for the opening of the next course or chapter.
  • Put everything together-Now that you have written and edited your course and create a test for it, it is time to put the pieces of the puzzle together and join them. You should record it and upload and edit the video. Writing transcripts is also one of the tasks.
  • Sell the course online-If you are creating an online course for commercial purposes, you will need to sell it. And most probably, you would want to do that online. You can do it with your own website or through a mainstream learning platform. This is crucial to reach the people and get you the right results for all the hard work. Here are the steps you can follow to have a successful selling campaign.
    • Pick where you want to sell it.
    • Make a sales and description page 
    • Securely upload the course in an all-accessible version. Make sure your payment gateway and security are up-to-date.
    • Upload a free demo
    • Pick the right price and launch an offer, if any.

How to Promote Online Courses

Marketing is the key to all businesses. You need to make a promotional strategy to drive sales and create awareness among the people interested in the course. Here are a few things that you can do to popularize and promote your course online.

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  • Write a blog and ask your influential friends to review it too.
  • Encourage it through your social media platforms- use going live to talk about it.
  • Go to someone’s podcast or YouTube channel and talk to their audience.
  • Send a promotional email.



Creating an online course is similar to creating any type of content; you just need to deliver the right information to the right audience. After creation, you can seek help from some of the industry’s big names in selling and promoting the course.

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