How to Make Social Websites Like Facebook?

Make Social Websites Like Facebook

Many people want to step into the multi-billion social websites or social media market and compete with Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. However, it is also seen that the market is not out of reach either, as many new and small companies have grown in the recent past despite Facebook’s domination. In fact, so many people are frustrated since they don’t know how to get out of Facebook Jail, the time is ripe for you to create a website like Facebook and generate interest.

Come up with a niche

The first thing you have to do to build a social media website is active on all social media networks. Go through all the major and small social media websites and check their features. See what type of people are there and what their problems are.

You need to interact with people there, especially on the smaller and less popular social media websites. The reason is that the social media business is enormous, and everyone wants a bite of it- so you need to check the competition thoroughly as there are so many people who have entered the industry. 

You should also try going through people who have been attempting to build a social media platform and failed. You can go through different case studies about them. You can learn from their mistakes and make sure you don’t make them on your website.

This will all help you develop a unique idea and niche for the website because you can’t go and directly compete with the big companies without any innovations. This will help you step aside from the rest and will help you come up with a marketing strategy as well.

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Set your target group

Social Media websites

Once you have come up with an idea and made sure that you create a unique website, you need to specify your target audience. The people who will be interested in your niche. It will be easier if you are yourself a part of that niche.

Because almost everything you do from here- will be based on their behavior, likes, and dislikes only. So, you need to observe them closely and reach out to them through the platforms they use and the content they are interested in. You can use different polls and google forms to reach better and understand them.

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Buy a domain name and get to work on the website

The next step is not that difficult; you don’t need to do much. But this is crucial- in a way, it is the report card of the previous two steps. Next, you need to select a name and buy a domain name for your website.  

Now, we are in the 21st century, and obviously, you will not name your website just after your surname. You need to make an informed decision here- you need to come up with something unique, exciting, and something that resonates with your particular niche. 


Well, the domain name is just the name of the social websites. The whole of your website is pending. You need to customize it. You need to decide what all features your website will have- how they are going to operate. You need to make a website layout as well or a sitemap.

You can take inspiration from significant websites as well because some fundamentals can be common. You need to make sure that you solve your target audience’s problems in the previous platforms. 

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Design the website

Target Websites

There are two types of designs of a website, front, and back. The back is the software part that takes care of the sitemap and the working of different links and features of the website.

The other one is aesthetics. You need to decide how your website will look. The logo, the page designs, the text color, font, size- you need to do all that- including banners and posters.

Develop your content

You need visitors now that the website is ready- but you can’t get visitors to stay if there is just nothing to see. There will not be many people who will like to go to an open platform and start making their content and post things. So, you will need to make some of the content for them to stay. 

You can also collaborate with some social media influencers so that they can come and drop some of their content for your visitors to consume.


Once the content is there- you can go and reach out to your identified target audience and promote your website among them. You can choose the methods and techniques that you think will work on them after the research. You can also refer to the surveys/ polls for the same.


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To compete in such a fierce market, your idea should be unique, and you should be able to find a loyal audience that will not only stick with you but will bring more visitors. So, for that, you need to find a niche and work on it- all your decisions should keep that in mind only.

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