How To Build An Online Marketplace Like Amazon On WordPress?

create an online marketplace like ebay

Million-dollar giants like Amazon and eBay have shown the great potential that eCommerce marketplaces possess. Undoubtedly, online marketplaces are the next big thing on the internet for big as well as small enterprises. The big wave has already started to form and it would be almost impossible for any business to stay away from these in the next few years. Marketplaces are setting trends due to their easy and simple user interface, flexibility, and customizability. In simple words, marketplaces allow sellers to instantly set up their personalized online store and deal with many issues through a simple dashboard simultaneously. Hence, marketplaces enable sellers to sell their products easily on a bigger online platform with a wider audience.

Marketplaces are not only beneficial for sellers but they are also huge money-making machines for owners. Amazon currently has more than 300,000 third-party sellers and it makes more money than each and every brand listed on its online portal.

So, do you also want to set up your own elaborate online marketplace like Amazon within a few minutes?

If yes, then you will be happy to know that you can. What’s even better is that the process of setting this up on your own has become easier than ever. WordPress, the best CMS on the internet allows you to create powerful websites with extensive add-ons and plugins. You just have to install the incredibly powerful yet easy-to-use multivendor marketplace plugin, Dokan Multivendor Marketplace on your WordPress site and wait for the magic to happen.

Powered by WooCommerce, Dokan Multivendor is the most trusted frontend multivendor marketplace plugin on WordPress. Fast and flexible, it allows you to create your own marketplace and earn through commissions with digital as well as physical products.

Features that make Dokan Multivendor, the most relevant choice for you:

Best Frontend User Interface


Create online marketplace like Amazon
Create an online marketplace like Amazon

The Dokan plugin is loaded with a complete frontend experience for its users. The admin is the only person that can access the backend. This enables the admin to take full control of all the site features. The sellers on your site can handle everything themselves from their own personalized dashboards on the storefront. This way you are responsible only for the main features of the site and not for minor yet time-consuming features like uploading seller products, customizing their dashboards, or handling their customers. This is what makes Dokan unique from other plugins in the market. With add-ons that are compatible with the site front end, Dokan gives you an edge over other WordPress solutions smoothly. Some of the front-end features that make it the best plugin are:

  • Individual stores with unique URLs and branding for every seller.
  • Elaborate storefront styles with widgets and contact details.
  • Sellers get easy and flexible frontend capabilities to manage their products and orders
  • With Pro, every store’s location map can also be displayed on the storefront.


Fast And Easy To Use

Create online marketplace like Amazon
Create an online marketplace like Amazon

Check this video on how to create a variable product with Dokan Marketplace

Dokan makes all your business operations smooth and fast. It is also very easy to use. This is because this plugin has been designed both from the perspective of the seller and the buyer. This implies that every feature of this plugin works as you expect it to and provides you with a seamless experience. With support from WooCommerce, this plugin ensures easy accessibility and a simple interface for your sellers as well as buyers making your platform their first choice. Some features that make this plugin fast and easy to use for both admins and vendors are:

  • Products can be created and managed from the front end.
  • Discounts can be created and managed for each product.
  • Expiry and restriction can also be set for coupons.
  • Vendors can manage product reviews with admin override
  • With the Pro version, you can manage product reviews and create variable or downloadable products.
  • With the Pro version, you can manage product shipping and attributes.


Reliable And A Progressive Platform

Create online marketplace like Amazon
Create an online marketplace like Amazon

Backed by a name like WooCommerce, this plugin is quite popular for its stability. With regular updates and a robust support community, this plugin is always kept up to date with modern technology to provide a better user experience. The features that make this plugin reliable and progressive for you, as well as your users, are:

  • It allows only the admin to access the WordPress admin area.
  • Dokan uses its own shipping method.
  • It allows the admin to manage new product status and set the order status for withdrawals.
  • Regular updates and WooCommerce compatibility


Provides Easy Scalability

Create online marketplace like Amazon
Create an online marketplace like Amazon

Amazon is considered to be the best because of the ease with which it operates even after its big size. Hence, scalability is one of the most important aspects of any successful business. You can never estimate the exact number of sellers or buyers that approach your marketplace. With a large variety of products including variable products, physical products, downloadable products, and bookable products, the traffic is bound to increase. Dokan lets you handle this pressure with ease and helps you scale your business effortlessly. It gives you options to:

  • Have no limits on product, category, or tags.
  • Allow vendors to manage downloadable product permissions, expiry dates, reports, and download limits.
  • You can allow admins to overview orders and filter them by sale, date, top vendors, or top earners if the number of vendors increases.
  • Allow order reports to be exported to CSV.


Multiple Income Sources

Create online marketplace like Amazon
Create an online marketplace like Amazon

The most important thing you need to keep in mind while selecting the right plugin is that as a marketplace owner, sales are not the major factor that decides your income. Hence, choosing a plugin like Dokan that allows you multiple ways to earn is the apt choice. Earn through vendor commissions, product-based commissions, subscription packs, product uploads, product limits, and many other ways using simple features and add-ons supported by Dokan. These features also include:

  • Fixed income for the admin through commission on sales.
  • Commission rates can be customized for different sellers and products.
  • The commission can be set for each product category.
  • The pro version also allows you to override the per-vendor percentage.



Final Thoughts

As you have read above, Dokan Multivendor is the most powerful and stable WordPress plugin to create your own user-friendly marketplace. There are other good marketplace plugins too, but we would recommend you to go with Dokan as it supports additional features and functionalities that no other plugins can offer.

Now, get your own reliable marketplace that is easy to manage, and operate and improves user experience and site visibility to attract customers with amazing themes like Storemate for Dokan today.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding Dokan, feel free to write them in the comments below and we will be happy to help.




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