A unique business proposal is one that probes the client into thinking about purchasing your services. Now, the above statement sure seems simple, but, it is not so. Have you attended one of those proposal meetings where the presenter is least bothered about the client’s issue? Instead, all their attention is to hit their sales quota. This is the fundamental difference between presenting a proposal for the benefit of your business and the benefit of your client.

Always remember–you are presenting to solve your client’s issue and not to hit your sales. This perspective is the first requirement to create an effective proposal. Then comes the visual part. Tons of proposal templates will help you make your proposal visually attractive. However, if the content is weak, your proposal may add zero value to the client.

You can also use a custom web design instead of a template if you want to design your presentation from scratch. However, whichever way you choose to design a template, there are some common ideas/tips you can follow.

Now, if you are clear on the content part but are confused to make your proposal make more appealing, then read on. In this article, we will walk you through eight ways to create impressive presentations.

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8 Design proposal ideas for creating impressive presentations

From colors to font style to background images, there are a lot of factors that work behind creating an eye-catching presentation. Let us look at eight such ways. You can try out any or all and see what aligns with your needs.

1. Use minimalistic design

Creating Impressive Presentations
Creating Impressive Presentations

If you can convey all the necessary information with the required visuals supporting it in a minimalistic way, it will automatically make your design unique. A client will genuinely take an interest in a presentation that doesn’t look clumsy and feels comfortable to the eyes. Minimalism is knowing when to draw the line.

Don’t confuse minimalism with boring. If your presentation is extremely flat, it will create a negative impression on the client’s mind. The goal of a minimalistic design is to spark a sense of calmness and awe. A design that is seamless to see and comprehend.

To reach the final design, you will need to experiment with the text and visuals. After several trials and errors, you will get to a design that just feels right.

2. Go monochromatic

Creating Impressive Presentations
Creating Impressive Presentations

The aim here is to maintain a single tone throughout the presentation. All the slides will have different shades of the same color. For example, you can use a lighter shade of blue for the background and use a darker shade for the titles and body content. Or you can try vice versa. You can even apply the filter of the same color to the images used in the presentation.

Well, you should keep in mind that everyone is not a fan of light colors. If you think or know that your client is all about vibrancy, then choosing colorful templates might be a wiser choice.

3. Include full-screen videos and images

Adding images to a presentation will certainly make it more attractive and interesting. However, if you add videos to your presentation, it will be a great add on. They will help in educating your audience about your product/services in a more effective manner and more importantly, they will not get bored easily.

If you plan to present a proposal where you want to showcase your products’ services or testimonials, adding videos will do wonders. After all, video formats are easier to understand than any other.

4. Try going vintage

This is one of the most creative ways to stand out. A vintage look effortlessly makes your presentation one of its kind. Going vintage essentially means using colors that are usually ochre yellow or washed-out primary colors. You can use retro background images or dark fonts that look like they’ve emerged out of old posters.

You can simply use intricate picture frames in your slides, background images, font or a mix of both. Preferably, you should go all vintage instead of just using images or font styles as it will maintain the tonality of the presentation throughout.

You can use this theme especially when you want to show history attached to your product or services.

4. Don’t shy away from using illustrations

Using shapes and illustrations make your presentions look more inviting. If used correctly, they can complement the text and seamlessly gel with it to form a holistic picture.

Nowadays, simplicity is what attracts the eyes. You can use plain colors and text with some illustrations. However, using too many 3D models and graphics have also become a thing of the past. Instead, you can try using flat elements in your presentation to give a modern aesthetic look.

If you are a kids or a fashion brand, you can use some cute illustration human characters or smileys with colorful speech bubbles that represent your product.

5. Tell a personal story

Did you know, storytelling makes a presentation 22x more memorable? Psychologically, our brains were trained to absorb information easily that is conveyed in a story format. Stories make the audience feel involved and more importantly connected to you. After all, emotions drive customers to make a purchase, and using story-telling is an excellent way of doing so.

You can choose to tell a humorous story from your life or a deeply moving story or just some snippets that offer a sneak peek into your history. Adding stories could be a great way to attach more meaning to your presentation.

6. Emphasize on the benefits of your services

No matter how fancy your presentation is, if it doesn’t answer the client’s question–why should we get your product?, then it won’t be of any good. Even though the clients or the stakeholders do not belong to your industry, they would be keenly interested in knowing what value addition can your services do to them.

In order to do so, you need to show them the benefits of using your product instead of bombarding them with the specifications. If you continue to focus on the specs, it will not only make your presentation boring but it won’t effectively convey the client/s if they can rely on your product to solve a real-time problem.

Remember the time when Steve Jobs introduced iPhone in 2007? He did not focus on the specs, instead, he showed how it will benefit the users and this made a world of difference. In fact, his way of presentation is so effective that it’s being taught in some of the top business schools today.

7. Use geometrical shapes

Circles are the only geometrical shape that represents completeness and eternity. You can use circles as the shape for cropping images, as backgrounds, or simply as decorative elements. They make your presentation more amicable and emotionally accessible.

From circles to rectangles to polygons, you can use shapes to crop your photos in a hundred different ways. you need to analyze the message you want to convey and decide which shapes to go for that align with the shapes.

8. Play with fonts

Writing Fonts
Creating Impressive Presentations

Huge fonts are a good way to call attention to titles and important text. You can even make the letters bleed over the edges. However, bold fonts with minimal decorations work the best. If the tonality of your content is light and humorous, you can try using calligraphy type of fonts or try different shared of Montserrat (it is a font style).

Bold fonts work better when the title is short and sweet. You can even go all caps lock if it goes with the tone of the text.

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Wrapping up design proposal ideas for creating impressive presentations

Well, the article tells you about ways to enhance your proposal. While creating a visually attractive proposal is important, do not forget to do your research thoroughly and deliver it with confidence. After all, the clients or the stakeholders will be more interested in knowing if your services will add value to them.

Remember–there is no one-size-fits-all formula in designing and presenting. These are some tips that could help you enhance your presentation. However, exactly how and what you want to convey is up to you to decide. So, try different templates and see what would appeal to the client. Don’t refrain from experimenting!

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Parita Pandya is an Engineer turned Writer. She usually finds herself writing for businesses.  When she is not writing, she is either strumming her guitar or penning her thoughts down on paritapandya.com.


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