WordPress SEO Premium Plugin by Yoast, Download Version 5.7, Released on October 24, 2017. Yoast SEO 5.7 version has so much to do.It carries killer new features, but to know more you need to experience with the plugin. Yoast SEO takes care of a lot of improvements under the hood of your site, but sometimes it needs your input.

Like everyone, you want the content on your site to rank well on search engines like Google. WordPress Seo by Yoast ·

Premium Plugin is the most popular SEO plugin for a reason. This plugin lets you define a keyword for pages of content on your site. Then, WordPress Seo by Yoast ·

Premium Plugin tells you how well your content is optimized for that keyword.Now let’s check out what’s inside in Yoast 5.7 version Install Glue plugin

yoast 5.7

In Yoast SEO 5.7, you will able to see some new notifications that will directly trigger when your site runs a particular plugin.

Whenever you run the official AMP plugin or the Advanced Custom Fields, plugin the notification will remind you to install our Glue plugins.

Yoast SEO AMP Glue and Yoast SEO ACF Glue. Installing these plugins make sure that Yoast SEO and AMP and ACF work together seamlessly.

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of 5.7 version then it is necessary for you to install Glue plugin. Numerous Community patches

You can find a number of community patches from our awesome community members. If you want to help improve Yoast SEO or any one of our other plugins, please head over to GitHub. Yoast has high value to community members as they helped them to grow.

Language translation

Yoast 5.7


With this Yoast version, you could grow your audience significantly by adding a different language to your site. There are several ways to go about that! Obviously, there’s translating the content you already have. Does your new audience use the same keywords though?

Update now

yoast 5.7

This version improves how the plugin performs. Several bugs and enhanced the plugin where possible. There is so much to do with Yoast 5.7 version.

Still thinking? Update it now and enjoy the amazing benefits of this version. I hope, you are enjoying the Yoast benefits now it’s time to update yourself with its latest 5.7 version.

Share your experience with me. Thanks for reading.

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