Inventory Management Software

How correct are your inventory numbers? Are you aware of how much you have to ship from your warehouse? What about in-store? (When you possess a brick-and-mortar location) Does your system display your inventory of what’s being vented from your eCommerce site and do you need to manually sync purchases from a marketplace ( such as Amazon)? Manual inventory is not just hugely outdated, but an excessive waste of resources and time.

Bad inventory management can curb your sales growth, impair customer experience, and destroy your brand’s reputation with customer complaints of missed orders, late shipments, besides more.

However, you can take control of your inventory with a nice invoice OCR software. Through syncing with your present eCommerce platform, inventory management software updates stock levels instantly along with all platforms (including eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay) in true time, so as to prevent you from losing your mind (and time) on manually updating spreadsheets!

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Inventory Management Software

The following are some of the top inventory management solutions that will permit you to handle your inventory in a more smooth and efficient way.

1. Isshue – Multi-Store Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution


Multi-store eCommerce shopping cart software is the total solution for the management of an Ecommerce business. It is a comprehensive package for website management having a backend admin panel to control inventory, products, invoicing, orders, and the like. No requirement for a regular monthly membership fee, obtain it by one-time payment immediately.


  • Tidy and Clean PHP Code
  • Customization
  • Responsive Support
  • Inbuilt Marketing Tools
  • Fantastic Design
  • Payment System
  • Obtain a Sturdy Ecommerce POS System

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2. Stock Manager Advance With All Modules

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Stock Manager Advance with all modules (POS & Shop) is a jQuery/PHP-based web application that permits you to handle your sales and inventory on-site. Shop Module carries the SMA to the next level by permitting you to conveniently sell your products online from your website, and acknowledge Skrill & PayPal payments. This module would assist your customer to handle their quotes, sales, and payments. POS (Point of Sale) Module would help your staff to conveniently sell your products and acknowledge credit card payments. Easily reach POS from your device having an internet connection and the module is touch screen friendly.


  • Stock Manager Advance has an inbuilt Invoice and Inventory System. The Invoice System has Tax and Discounts. These will be truly useful to invoke taxes and discounts instantly and the capacity to build invoices from quotations.
  • Responsive Theme has three styles, Calender to include events and daily/monthly sales and tax amounts, Stock Value of each warehouse, personalized sales, and purchase reports, and advanced and Improved reports for Overview.
  • Now you can handle multiple warehouses through Stock Manager Advance.
  • Re-designed the POS Module for improved Performance, Usability, and User Interface.

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3. Inventario – Inventory & Billing Management Application


Inventario is One Page Application to aid you in handling products & inventories in a simple & easy way. It’s built to assist Stock managers to keep the inventories easily at separate locations.

You can build combinations of the product with the options, to enable you to keep the inventories with product mix, for instance, suppose you have a Stock of OnePlus Mobile Phones so you require to Add a Product termed OnePlus with mixes of RAM, Colors & Space like combination 1 – with RAM of 6GB & Color of Black with 128 GB Space another combo could be RAM of 8GB & Red Color having 256 GB Space.


  • Designed employing Laravel (5.8.x) PHP and AngularJS Framework (1.7.x).  
  • Responsive Layout.
  • Oriented on Bootstrap 4 HTML/CSS Framework.
  • User-friendly UI
  • Secure data management
  • Barcode Support
  • Stock Management

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4. Woocommerce Rapid Stock Manager And Stock Audit Also For Multiple Warehouses

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager permits the user to update their stock inventory and variant sizes quickly while showing everything on one screen. This stock management aids you to filter products by category, type, stock status, or stock management.

Moreover, Rapid Stock Manager aids you with the alternative to update the stock of your online store instantly while adjusting to the available stock levels. Due to this, the customers won’t encounter any issues when they buy a product. Simultaneously, you update the stock if needed, then you can export stock reports to an excel file.

The stock report detail is present with data on who edited the stock latest and to what quantity. By utilizing this tool, you can combine stock around multiple warehouses and even print transfer receipts. So, you can buy this tool with a regular license from CodeCanyon.


  • Updates variants and easy products
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dispatches reduced stock email notifications & indicators
  • Insert, edit, or modify your simple or variant products
  • Export your stock to excel sheets with 2 type
  • Include warehouses, move stock to warehouses, or keep stock

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5. Advanced POS .Net core 3.1 + User Management + Arabic Support + Full Source Code

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

Advanced POS renders admin able to insert limitless products, units, categories, customers, suppliers, and cashiers and design (sales – purchases – return sales – return purchases) invoices with discounts and taxes and print invoices. Further, you can include unrestricted companies since the system is multitenant. Admin can build cashier user, cashier user can simply build sales invoices.

This web-related application is developed on .Net core 3.1 employing ASP.Net Core, Entity framework core, C#, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, Bootstrap, SQL Server, and CSS.

Advanced POS System contains 3 default roles [Admin, CompanyAdmin – Cashier], and you can include unlimited roles.


  •  Architecture: Clean Architecture
  • Support Arabic/English
  • Total User Management Module
  • Roles [Create – Edit – Delete – Search]
  • Users [Create – Edit – Delete – Search]
  • Policies [Create – Edit – Delete – Search]
  • Sales Returns Report

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6. Point Of Sale Barcode Inventory Plugin For WooCommerce

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

This Item only functions with Webkul’s POS System for WooCommerce. Therefore, the POS System for WooCommerce is needed, to make use of this Plugin.

POS Barcode Inventory Management for WooCommerce is extremely beneficial for the admin as it lowers the workload of the admin. The admin can directly scan the item and administer the inventory likewise.

This way the admin does not need to handle the inventory manually which conserves time. The inventory will be handled more effectively and the admin can stock products with greater convenience.


  • Search products with a barcode scanner.
  • Allocate inventory to the products directly.
  • Assign product stock to the outlet
  • Allocate master stock to the product

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7. WooCommerce Zoho Inventory Integration

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

WooCommerce Zoho Inventory integration plugin comprises an add-on that needs the ‘WooCommerce’ plugin.

This add-on has been developed specifically for businesses that would have needed daily, weekly or monthly inventory. This plugin will handle the inventory automatically.

It offers complete catalog sync with Zoho Inventory which will sync your WooCommerce store products, Order info, and customer details with Zoho Inventory modules like Items (Products), Contacts (Customers), and Sales Orders.

It also upholds bi-directional inventory synchronization among WooCommerce Products and Zoho Inventory.


  • Obtain ZohoAuthtoken from account settings.
  • Synchronize product data from WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory or Zoho Inventory to WooCommerce.
  • Add Authtoken to WooCommerce Zoho Connector. Join and enjoy the extension.
  • Synchronize product info comprising SKU code, price, stock quantity, product name, and details.
  • Synchronize customer and their order information from your WooCommerce into Zoho Inventory.
  • Conveniently map data fields.
  • Export entire WooCommerce products from your WooCommerce store to your Zoho Inventory account in one click.

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8. POS & Smart Accounting.Net Core 3.1 + User Management + Arabic Support + Full Source Code

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

Smart Accounting & POS enable admin to include unlimited products, customers, suppliers, units, categories, and cashiers and design (sales – purchases – return sales – return purchases) invoices with discounts and taxes and print invoices, and he can build [Journals – Accounts Tree]. You can also include unlimited companies since the system is multitenant. Admin can build cashier user, cashier user can only generate sales invoices.

This web-related application is developed on .Net core 3.1 employing ASP.Net Core, Entity framework core, C#, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, CSS, HTML, and SQL Server.


  • Support Arabic/English
  • Complete the User Management Module
  • Policies [Create – Edit – Delete – Search]
  • Bind Pages with Policies, employing a simple user interface
  • Audit trail: log database actions [add – update – delete] and business activities like:[Create Invoice, Update Invoice, etc]
  • Sales Returns Invoices [Create – Display – Edit – Delete – Search]
  • Dashboard

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Picking the proper inventory software solution for you is a difficult task. You do not just need to consider the features, pricing, and benefits. You also need to mind the people that will utilize the software.

Implementing a software solution also implies implementing the latest roles and workflows. It also implies mastering new skills. This also alters your working dynamics and relationships. Thereby, you need to consider that these alterations will come. You don’t just receive a software product. You will foster change.

The bottom line is that buying a new software solution is only the beginning. You need to apply more care to this investment so that you witness a steady stream of ROI from it.

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