9 Tips For Combining Good Design and SEO for Lawyers to Stand Out


As per Statistica, there are over 150,000 law firms in the United States. Furthermore, there are over 200 law firms with more than 500 employees. Regardless of the plethora of lawyers in the world, thankfully, there’s still a way for lawyers to get a potential client’s attention, especially since people may constantly need them for many types of small and major legal cases.

To stand out from competitors, you need high-quality traffic and a great website. One of the most effective ways to get tons of targeted traffic is search engine optimization (SEO). Once you get a lot of organic traffic, the next thing you should do is to win their trust with an alluring content and a professional web design.

Tips For Combining Good Design SEO For Lawyers

Design SEO for Lawyers
Design SEO for Lawyers


Implementing SEO for lawyers and web design demands specific knowledge and strategies. Here are some of the tips that’ll allow you to combine good design and SEO for lawyers:

1. Your Logo And Law Firm Name Must Be Visible

One of the first things your viewers will notice on your website is your home page design. Because of this, make sure that your law firm’s name and logo is readable. Doing so will allow them to recognize your brand, even during a retargeting advertisement.

Additionally, instead of going for an exact-match domain, use your legal name on your website URL, allowing you to make your site look more professional.

Also, after your firm’s name, consider mentioning your specialization. For instance, you can emphasize the point that you’re a personal injury attorney.

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2. Stress On Advantages

People are critical when it comes to selecting the right lawyer for their case. They want to choose an attorney with enough knowledge and experience. Because of this, you must stress your advantages to win the trust of your viewers.

Your advantages are also your unique selling points. List out the reasons to show why you stand out amidst the competition. For example, you can list your long history of serving a specific type of case, like ten years of experience in handling truck accident injury cases.

Mention those advantages in your headline, About page, or consider it in the tagline.

3. Share Testimonials

Using testimonials of your past clients can tremendously boost your trust and credibility. When your viewers see how you led your past clients to victory, they’ll start to assume you can do the same for them.

Testimonials and reviews can significantly impact the purchase decision of the buyers. You can display these testimonials on your Home Page and your attorneys’ profiles. However, you must place it strategically to ensure your clients will see it.

4. Display Achievements On Attorneys’ Profiles

Design SEO for Lawyers
Design SEO for Lawyers

Don’t forget to display your achievements on your attorneys’ profiles. To win the trust of your leads, list all the rewards and milestones. This will not only promote your skills but also position you as an expert or authority in the field.

Mention the areas of practice along with the contact information. By using this strategy, your clients can reach you after going through your profile.

5. Focus On Near Me Keywords

Many firms list out keywords for their firms to target. However, you can stand out by listing out target keywords and ‘Near me’ keywords. It doesn’t imply you to game search engines by adding “near me” on your meta description and other tags.

You can list out your name, address, and phone number in the middle of your article. You can also focus on materials like ‘Why is it important to have a personal injury attorney near (your address with city name)?’

6. Your Content Must Match User Intent

Your content must help the users. It’s possible to rank with average content, but it won’t convert your viewers. To convert your audience, try to ensure you post quality content.

If your user is searching for ‘DUI lawyer,’ try to understand their intent. Are they looking for their salaries, fees, or some other things? Go through long-tail keywords to cover the most commonly asked questions.

7. Perform Competitive Research

You need to perform competitive research to know what keywords to target. You can use keyword tools to get ideas about keywords that are not competitive. You can check the top 5 results for that keyword and see the domain and page rank of those webpages.

8. Build Links

Google gives a lot of emphasis on backlinks. Because of this, you need to get some valuable backlinks to rank your articles on search engines.

There are plenty of ways to generate backlinks for your site. One of them is by creating relevant content that others want to link. You can also start outreaching to websites that are similar to your niche and ask for guest posts.

Make sure you’re linking out to the right pages on your website. On top of that, to get more leads, add multiple call-to-action buttons on your landing pages.

9. Improve Your Website Page Speed And Optimize For Mobile Phones

Finally, you need to boost your page speed and optimize your site for mobile.

There are various tools to check out the page speed, such as Google Page Speed Insights. Google also has a mobile-friendly test to help you know the state of your site.

To improve your page speed, the first thing to do is to remove all unnecessary plugins and fancy displays on your site. Then, you need only to upload compressed images to your site. When you go through those tests above, they’ll offer suggestions for improving your site performance.

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Final Thoughts on Lawyer website design

When it comes to serious legal problems, people always want to do business with a trusted law firm. Selecting a law firm is a crucial decision because it hugely impacts people’s lives since they don’t want to risk their legal concerns by going with an unprofessional lawyer.

The first thing you need to do is get organic traffic. It’s possible to get high-quality traffic regularly if you target the right keywords and get relevant backlinks to your webpages.

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