How to Create a Cycling Community Online?

Create a Cycling Community Online

Are you thinking of finding the best way to connect people who love cycling? Why not create a cycling community online? It is the best way to bring people from all walks of life to one place for a common goal, and it’s like creating a place where all the local cyclers would get the opportunity to showcase their skills and communicate with people sharing similar interests. Cycling communities have grown a lot in the last few years.

After COVID-19 ended, we saw multiple cycling communities open up in different parts of the world. These communities are famous, and people go to cycling communities. Hence, we shall ask you to invest in a cycling community of your own. In this article, we will learn how to create a cycling community, but let’s first understand what a cycling community is and why you should join/create one.

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What is a Cycling Community?

Cycling Community

A community is where people from diverse backgrounds come together to fulfill a common goal. In the same way, a cycling community is formed when people who love to ride bicycles come together. They share the same path but use different riding styles and goals. But the thing that unites them is their love for cycling. Hence, a community can only be lively if the members are served with unique features.

Why join a Cycling Community?

Solo rides on cycle are a vibe, but I must say that one should try to take part in a group cycling event. Joining the community will hone your bicycle riding skills to new levels. This will motivate you to do well and ride toe-to-toe with your community members. Use this guide to discover why the cycling community is a big thing in today’s world!

1. It helps handle your bicycle better

handle your bicycle

You might be a careful cyclist, but still being able to handle the cycle better allows lesser injuries. Also, by joining a bicycle community, you will get better at riding bicycles. You might also learn new things such as drafting, hand signals, bike control, and pacing.

2. Develop Companionship

Riding solo comes along with certain benefits, but you start to feel lonely if you keep on going for miles alone. Motivation can become a big issue for this, you must be completely pumped up to continue your rides daily, but at some point, you will need people around you that will motivate you on your daily training rides. Cycling communities provide you with the same.

3. Chance to attempt new destinations

Discovering new routes alone on a bike is difficult. It is unsafe and unwise to travel unknown routes because you wouldn’t know when you get stuck in a big traffic jam or a wrong road that stirs up your wholesome experience. Cycling with your community members helps you find new routes easily. People collectively joined a community come from lots of different backgrounds and areas. Thus, they might have the intel on the best way, which is traffic-free and is suitable for premium exposure.

4. The racing adventure

racing adventure

Racing is only applicable when you have some cycle buddies traveling with you. What’s better than having people that will warm you up for your official racing games. Not only will they help you prepare, but in the community, there must be some crazy racers who have been dominating the tracks in the past. Get to learn from them and try out your first racing adventure.

5. Benefits of a diverse community

Riders who have recently spiked their interest must join the cycling community as soon as possible. They have a lot to learn, and once joining a community, they can easily step up the first few steps with guidance from pros. You will meet multiple people, some will become your companions, and some will be your mentor and guide you towards the best route in life.

6. Get the chance to win discounts!

You get the chance to actively take part in various events organized by the community managers. Even collaborations with different bike companies are to be seen, and they offer 10-20% off on many bicycle accessories and other stuff. Joining a cycling community will provide you with a mental and physical booster.

How to select the right cycling community?

So you’ve decided to join the cycling community? Do you know how to select the right cycling community? Let us brief all the factors you need to consider when choosing the right cycling community!

1. Price

While most cycling communities are free to join, some opt to have a paid membership feature. You get to access paid features of the community website and get exciting packages from the community, so make sure you check the costs before you enroll in the community.

2. Goals- Cycling Community

Goals - Cycling Community

Cycling communities are made up of a diverse gathering of people. Hence, communities keep all varieties of options to engage their members. However, there are a few communities that decide on a singular goal. So, make sure you get together with plans and rules of the community.

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3. Age-Cycling Community

As we have concluded previously in this article that cycling communities are made up of a diverse gathering of people, we know that age doesn’t count. But there are a few communities that solely exist for particular age groups.

How to create a cycling community online? – Explained

Here are the things you will need to start a full-fledged cycling community online.

1. Setup your website

website- Cycling Community

First of all, you need to set up your website on WordPress. Then, develop your website and give it a great name. A name that attracts guests to your newly made website.

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2. Select the theme

Select the theme- Cycling Community

Once you have successfully finished setting up your website, you may proceed towards getting a proper theme template for your cycling community website. Use an appropriate theme and support all the major plugins required to run a cycling community website. You can go for one of our best themes, i.e., the BuddyX theme. Should I tell you the best thing about our plugin? It is free to use! It comes with all the necessary features to run a cycling community website.

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3. Run your website

After activating the BuddyX theme/any other theme, run the theme setup and import a demo for help. Our BuddyX theme is supportive and responsive, and it was created to design large community websites.

Multiple features our BuddyX theme offers:

  • Member Profiles
  • Messaging
  • User Groups
  • Activity Streams
  • Event Plugin
  • Gamification
  • Blog Posting
  • Forum Discussions
  • Memberships/Subscriptions

Create Your Own Community Plateform

Let your members join the party!

Allow members to register on your online cycling community and organize events and discussion forums for them. You can also use our BuddyX Pro Theme (paid) to set up extra features on your community website.

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