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What is Google Trends – Introduction

If you are a novice to Google Trends, it’s a free trend examining tools related to common search queries in Google Search globally. You enter the topic, term, or phrase, and the tool displays an interest in it during a period of time. It all aids to obtain a more descriptive picture of topics you wish to address or include in your content marketing, branding, target audience involvement. Google Trends renders it simple to know what people search and how that search craze alters over time.

It was designed in 2016 and from then became a major tool for a keyword as well as market research. Further, Google Trends displays data depending on location, term comparison, content type, related queries. The nice thing about it is that you don’t require to possess a Google account to use it. Just visit the site of Google Trends and begin utilizing it. One more superb aspect of this tool is their frequent sharing of the year’s summary of the entire most common search queries to further explore to obtain an improved understanding of global trends and how they are useful to your market and general work.

How To Use Google Trends For Market Research?

Due to such tools, market research presently is a whole lot accessible and faster, not to mention pennyworth. You can use it to find out the way your audience thinks, what interests them with time, and what they search online to build a focused, detailed content strategy for (trustfully) market domination. You can employ Google Trends to accomplish that.

Google Trends is an extremely strong market research tool that can be utilized by MDs to maintain tabs on their brand exposure, the whole way down to the specialists employing the data to improve marketing strategies for companies. There is plenty of information that can be culled from the tool and effectively put to task to enhance marketing strategies and acquire valuable market research insights. The next occasion you are seeking to discover more regarding a specific topic, or wish to know how a brand is functioning in the eyes of the consumer, come over to Google Trends and begin searching!

Employ Google Trends to find out real-time trending topics and view whether you can align them with your project. Knowing and identifying new trends can enhance your brand awareness and visibility. For instance, if you can forge a relevant link between the World Cup and WordPress and create a meaningful article, it could be a potential viral content that could fetch you exposure and probable leads.

Quirky Tips for You to Become Strategic Marketer

Employ + within the query box. Like in the normal search, the + sign will tell Google that you wish to perform a group search, and it will offer you more detailed results.

Narrow your outcomes by defining or matching categories. View how your market, brand, keyword, or theme stays within Image/Google Shopping/News/ YouTube search also. That will reveal to you where else/if any/ you require to be or offer more of yourself to be taken into account.

Utilize Google Trends To Know Your Market’s Insights

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Perhaps, you’re seeking to expand your business or begin something brand new. Either way, Google Trends can aid you to decide which road to take. Suppose you wish to work within the niche of travel photography. Accordingly, you’re budding travel/photo blogger seeking a way to both present specific value to your intended audience but also begin a profitable business within. Based on your research on Google Trends, you can obtain a quite strong idea of what kind of travel photography blog to begin.

What is conveyed by these insights? Right, both associated topics and queries display that people wish to learn more regarding ways to save during traveling. Phone and internet expenses, travel spending and insurance, and likewise expense-saving travel information. Understanding that you can arrange your content around these topics, explaining – and photographing – all the details that assisted you on your travels. Therefore, you’ll do travel agency/travel gear/credit card/photo equipment comparison; exchange low-cost vs. high-cost travel tips; instruct how to enjoy traveling and discovering work simultaneously. The whole of it by merely employing Google Trends to clear your path. Good for a ten minutes work, certainly.

Else, you can employ Google Trends to view how your market rivals are faring, what associated topics and queries cover them and how you can utilize that data to frame your individual strategy. Furnish better insights, present your information concerning that data, rather than your competitor. You can do a lot after learning how to utilize this tool.

Employ Google Trends To Discover Relevant Keywords

Opening a Google account is not needed for this. Just enter the term you’ve been thinking about covering and view what is displayed. You’ll immediately observe its trend, associated queries, and even interest by region. All these aids you form a clearer picture of what your target fans wish and need. You’ll also obtain the traction of what Google considers as associated subtopics near the stated keyword. It will assist you to construct a spectrum of probably relevant keywords regarding your content planning.

Google Trends allows you to compare how frequently your target keywords are searched for within a few seconds. Let’s say, for instance, you’re unsure about which would be a more popular keyword, “bicycles” or “bikes”. Open Google Trends within your browser by entering or click the Trends link above Google’s search results page. After the Google Trends tool opens, write “bicycles, bikes” in the box. You don’t require the quote marks, though you do require a comma between every search term or keyword phrase you desire to check. You may input as many as 5 comma-distinguished keyword phrases at one time. After you’re finished, click the Search Trends button.

Google Trends displays a color-coded line graph that reveals the regularity for which your specified terms were used within a Google search query for the previous 3 calendar years. Applying the bicycles, bikes example, Google Trends displays you almost immediately that the term “bikes” is employed in search far more frequently than “bicycles” and that “bikes” had kept this edge constantly over the whole timeline.

Google Trends is also a fast way to match between the singular and plural versions of your search engine keywords.

Using Google Trends To Aid You Build A Content Strategy

Google Trends constitutes an excellent tool for you to employ to discover relevant topics to target with your website or blog. Employing the WordPress example as this is covered on our blog, we’re attempting to find out what our audience would wish to know more about.

On further exploring the related topic and queries, we find that people desire to learn more about:

  • WordPress header
  • WordPress dashboard
  • Competitor mentions
  • WooCommerce
  • Analytics topics
    and more.

On the basis of this information, we can frame our WordPress content marketing strategy and offer the most valuable content for your target audience.


Finally, Google Trends is a successful strategic tool for not just building inclusive search campaigns, but even in aiding business owners know and relate to their consumers in a better way. When brands get interested in the concerns of their audience, they offer the belief that they care about building a stronger, more intimate relationship with their consumers. It is always unsafe to assume that their interests stay constant as consumer preferences keep changing which makes keeping abreast of the trends more vital to leverage both your market research and creating content.

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