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People often explore such places where everyone can share every aspect of their daily lives. That’s what makes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms popular among them. Brands consider it as a great opportunity to connect with their target audience and to understand their sentiments and what they actually are.

The new buzz which is trending these days about social network platforms is the User Privacy. And, it’s really the most important point that raises the topic of why should you own a private social network website.

In this blog, I’ll walk you through with

  • What’s the difference between a public and private social network website,?
  • Why should you create your private social network?
  • How to create a private social community website quickly?

Let’s get started!

Public Social Network vs. Private Social Networks

Private Social Network Website

A social network website aims to create such communities that allow community members to create individual profiles, chat with their friends, and interact with other people based on common interests.

Let’s understand what makes them different from each other:

1. Cost For Setting Up Social Network

Public Social Network Website

It’s free to sign up and to use. All you need to do is just sign up and create an official page for your business. Your brand page helps you connect with your target audience.

Private Social Network Website

Setting up a private social network require incurring some cost.
Mostly, businesses prefer it to engage their target customers with their brand.

2.Objective For Setting Up Social Network

Public Social Network Website

  • Basically, public social networks are less business-oriented.
  • They are formed to establish connections. No matter whether it is for professional purposes or a personal.

Private Social Network Website

  • On the other hand, private social networks are business-oriented.
  • They are mostly formed to engage people having common interests and values with the brand and to better understand them.

3. Competitive Advantage

Public Social Network Website
On a public social network, it allows all to set up their official brand page and target customers for their business.

Private Social Network Website
It’s your property. Your community members will listen and speak about your brand only.
Hence, a better chance to engage them with your brand.4. Community Control

4. Community Control

Public Social Network Website

You have no control over what to share and to whom. You can only try to engage and establish connections with your target community members. You can’t stop your competitors to reach them and share their brand messages with them.

Private Social Network Website

As a site owner, it’s up to you who can join your community, and what type of content you would like to talk about in your private social network.

5. User’s Privacy

Public Social Network Website

  • Neither you access the data of your customer nor you can set up privacy settings on their individual profiles.
  • Although community members can apply settings on their own offered by the particular social network.

Private Social Network Website

  • You own the community. Hence, community moderation, control, and user’s privacy are in your hands.

5. Community Features

Public Social Network Website

You can access features that a private social network is offering you to connect and share your message.

Private Social Network Website
You can decide what features you would like to integrate within your own private social community website.

Should You Build Your Own Private Social Network?

To create a more branded and controlled experience, having a private social network is important. It helps you connect your users directly with your brand without any distractions from your competitors.

Take a look at the following benefits that a private social network drive for businesses:

  • It allows you to make sure your audience is preferring you over your competitors.
  • You establish more quality connections and engagement with your customers/members
  • Protection and control of your members’ data is in your hands
  • Your business gets more exposure thereby adding a huge revenue opportunity
  • You understand in-depth what your users want and how you can improve users’ experience
  • In-depth and meaningful insights of your customers/members let you boost your business sales more efficiently

How To Create A Private Social Community Website Quickly

If you’re looking for a quick as well as a secure way to create your private social community website, take a look at this quick guide on

How to Create A WordPress BuddyPress Intranet Website

This guide lets you get acquainted with a step-by-step process to create a professional social community website including all the relevant features to connect your brand with your target customers.

Launch Your Private Social Community Website With Reign!

Hope this article gave you meaningful insights on why and how to get started with a private social network.
Stay tuned with us and we’ll surely offer some more interesting content with you!

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