How To Create Airbnb Prototype By Using Opencart

How To Create Airbnb Prototype

The online extension for hotel reservation Opencart lets you build a robust hotel booking site. Their Opencart Marketplace Hotel Booking system permits both administration plus sellers to add rooms, hotels, and different facilities – free as well as premium. The administration has the freedom to select the privileges he decides to offer to the sellers and can also fix the restrictions about adding hotels, rooms, and services. Building a vacation rental site like Create Airbnb Prototype is a value proposition. Creating a booking and reservation system does not become difficult if you have a clear outline of the features to be incorporated.

A vacation rental website such as Airbnb or HomeStays should offer the following features to assure catering to its customers’ entire aspects of effective service delivery.

Opencart contains a plethora of features that customers can relish and is helpful for your Opencart Ecommerce Site.

Core Features to Describe How To Create Airbnb Prototype By Using Opencart

Opencart powers a huge chunk of e-commerce stores around the globe, thereby helping business owners to achieve their business goals.

Similar to accommodation rental sites like Expedia and Airbnb, Opencart has a unique booking and rental system that lets online users schedule an appointment, rent hotel rooms, and products to be booked on a daily or hourly rental basis.

Geolocation Features

This feature is present in Create Airbnb Prototype that lets users easily locate housing facilities in proximity which helps tourists visiting different countries and unknown places. In addition, the admin of Opencart also helps to view locations via Google Maps on their booking or rental page.

The Opencart Reservation and Booking Module permit the inclusion of a Google map for displaying booking and rental product location, i.e., rental product providers location and hotel location.

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Booking And Rentals

Sites like Airbnb were created to provide an opportunity to search and select and book and order the accommodation of your choice.

For an online merchant, Opencart contains a Hotel Booking Facility whereby he can choose a product type as a hotel booking for including new hotels. The online merchant can display different hotels, their ratings, prices, and minimum-maximum days for lodging there. The online merchant can also fix separate rates on separate time slots, include facilities (swimming pool, wifi, DJ night, etc.), and include various types of rooms from the admin interface of the OpenCart Event Booking plugin. 

Online Payment Processing

Online Payment Processing
How To Create Airbnb Prototype

Another essential feature of a rental website like Create Airbnb Prototype is to book and pay the proper lodging in advance, also for hundreds of kilometers. That marketplace may also have a few secondary functions that render using service more apt and secure.

OpenCart is equipped with 53 payment methods already inbuilt and multiple payment gateways such as Square, PayPal, and Authorize.Net. In addition, over a thousand extra payment gateways are present as integrations, comprising Stripe, BitCoin, and numerous country-based options for international sales.

OpenCart functions with nearly all recent payment processing providers without levying an extra transactional fee. This offers your business flexibility on how they wish to process payments in the absence of additional costs.

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Dashboard And Personal Profile

The capacity to utilize the Airbnb dashboard and supervise user accounts, including doing some settings, editing a profile, altering the mode of notifications, is extremely convenient for the user and instills a feeling of personal space on your site.

The administration dashboard of OpenCart offers insight on how your website is functioning, comprising access to orders, clients, sales analytics, etc. Additionally, you can personalize the reporting tools to render tracking and bettering strategies easy for your business.

Features That Create Airbnb Prototype Clone Should Contain

The best open source app like OpenCart for creating an Airbnb clone should include the following features:

Quirky Design Elements

The most common Airbnb clones contain crisp search aspects to wow their users. However, besides search elements, there must also be multiple quirky design elements that add character most uniquely.

Each icon, listing, click, pop up in the script should perform the wonder of turning the visitor into a travel shopper.

The quirky elements should include:

  • A best Airbnb clone should launch with a new search experience and determine what the user should achieve and achieve that.
  • When a guest enters your Airbnb website or app, their interest will certainly concentrate on the search box.
  • A simple and prominent search bar contains some quests that should store the entire needs. Something pursuing the KISS metrics: Keeping it simple and sweet.
  • Locate an Airbnb-type script with an easy and flexible approach in search with initial attributes that a user will search for. This is sufficient, and you can extend the search elements, so your user begins using your website.

Search Results Page

Search Results Page
How To Create Airbnb Prototype

All adore the search results page of Google because they tend to maintain it straight and simple. So, for example, if you search for the paleo diet, you obtain results covering the paleo diet – nothing more or less.

A smart selection of a vacation rental script will contain features like:

  • Reservation Module: The front-end must include a tidy and organized calendar with a reservation form. Web admins or property owners should handle bookings.
  • Responsive Design: Your property rental script format should adjust to any end-user gadget and screen size to offer optimal operation.
  • Content Management: You must handle all attributes of vacation property listings, like extras, Google maps, seasonal prices, images, features, and owner of host details.
  • SEO Support: You must obtain all elementary tools to optimize your property rental application for search engines: URLs, Alt, and Meta tag admin controls.
  • Property Listings: Though you’re the owner of the website, your hosts are the ones that will maintain your script operating. And every host may not be familiar with coding, so each simple detail needed for a listing should be plain in a form style. In addition, your hosts should bet to review all obtained bookings and guests’ contact details smoothly.
  • Multi-language Support: This vacation rental application permits you to manage multiple translations of the vacation rental control pane as well as the front-end.
  • Intuitive Admin System: The vacation rental script should offer an intuitive and user-interactive control panel with user-level access, real estate classifieds management, integrated unit reservation, translation module, and numerous other customizing alternatives for you. Further, the product you’re taking up should be sufficiently flexible for customization in multiple ways, from SMS to layout design and email notifications. Everything!
  • Email and SMS notifications: Your open-source Airbnb clone should aid you in dispatching in-app email notifications and SMS reminders to the guests and hosts to tell them for new listings, interests made, reservations, or payment obtained.

Conclusion of How To Create Airbnb Prototype:

Woo Sell Service

Searching for the perfect open source Airbnb clone among numerous open-source Airbnb clone scripts can be tough. However, it should help build a compassionate online community for your guests and hosts when you select one.

OpenCart with its design elements, online booking plus rental facility, hotel booking services, adding room facilities, fix appointments, and check product page locations daily. Hourly rental bookings, display of booking or rental products image, and transparency to the customers on dynamic pricing on product/service or booking cost according to the time slots selected by the customer makes it a viable open source Airbnb clone.

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