Change group Header and group Directory

Change Group Header and Group Directory Layout easily with Reign Theme

social network is a website that brings people together to talk, share ideas and interests, or make new friends. This type of collaboration and sharing is known as social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer members the opportunity to establish and join groups of people online. The main function of social media groups is fostering conversation and connection among members. If a group has limited or no public visibility, it can provide an environment where members may feel more comfortable expressing themselves and sharing.
Groups will usually limit posts to those that are relevant to the group’s members or topic.

In order to create your profiles, you need a plugin name BuddyPress.Groups in BuddyPress are gatherings of members, posts, and any other user-generated content. If enabled by the site administrator, any member can create a group in BuddyPress. When a member creates a group, this person automatically becomes the group administrator.

We have developed a BuddyPress community theme named Reign Theme. Reign, The Ultimate WordPress/BuddyPress Theme! With BuddyPress, you can build a social network for your company, school, sports team, or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress. Today we are going to discuss how to change group Header and group Directory by using Reign BuddyPress theme-

How to change group Header using Reign theme?

As you all know header section which displays cover image, avatar and other specific information for the profile specific. So, let us follow the steps to have a clear understanding of how you can change the member header layout profile.

  1. First of all, you need to go to Reign theme demo. After clicking on the Demo you’ll have to log in to demo with your mail id. Confirm the account by mail.

2. After that go to the dashboard of Reign theme. There you ‘ll Reign theme settings. Click on the reign theme settings.

3. After clicking on the Reign settings click on the BuddyPress settings. Now you’ll able to see the six options on the left bar. You need to click on the BuddyPress layout management. Then you ‘ll see five options in front of your screen –

  • Select member header position
  • Select member header layout
  • Select group header layout
  • Select member directory layout
  • Select group directory layout

All these options will helps you change your layout settings in your BuddyPress profiles.

4. Now you need to select the first option select Group Header Layout. Choose which group header layout will be best for you one two or three and it should be inside the container or it should be outside the BuddyPress container.

5. Now you can see the six layout designs. First three are for inside position and the rest three are for an outside position.

First Layout 

Change group Header and group Directory

It shows the cover image is coming with the top navigation and all the menu options are floating on the left.

The second Layout

It shows the inside design with a cover image coming with little bit overlay which displays the username add in their information with friend count, follower count and the following actions buttons are displayed.

The third layout

Change group Header and group Directory It displays all the information

The Forth layout

Change group Header and group Directory It shows the cover image on the top and menu in the top navigation bar is coming below the cover image.

The fifth Layout

In this layout, the username is outside the container box.

The sixth Layout

Change group Header and group Directory

It shows the admin simple sections so that users can manage the layout easily.

How to change Group Directory using Reign theme?

This time group directory comes within this grid layout you have the group avatar
The red square in the particular group shows how many activities you have done. Blue square shows What is the time of the last activities. A yellow sign shows that how many members it has that is the one layout for the group directory.

you will have two different layouts for your groups. Now check out these new layouts for the groups as admin. You can select which layout is good for you.
You’ll see the two layouts in front of your screen. If you want to include any additional fields.

First Layout

Change group Header and group Directory


In this layout, you’ll see the all the groups images are shown vertically. With navigation bar on the top left. BuddyPress has recently introduced BuddyPress cover image functionally for the profile of the groups as well. To utilize these group cover images or the directory where you’ll see a new layout. With cover image their avatar and all extra information what you. gives you an idea about the group’s activities, and who is managing them, how many members they have.

Second Layout 

Change group Header and group Directory

In this layout, you’ll see that the user image is in between of the cover image.

To know more about these setting in details check out the video here –

We hope you these will help you to change the layout of your profile as per your needs. Similarly, you can also check out the How to change member directory layout. Thanks for reading. To know more about the Reign theme checkout the link – Here.

Test drive of Reign Theme

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