5 Hidden Facebook Features Only Power Users Know

As Facebook becomes the regular routine of the people for getting engaged to their close ones, or also for the business purposes. Not only to get engagement, it has various promoting tools that are available for bloggers and entrepreneurs. In this article, we will talk about hidden facebook features that will help you to grow more. In any case, whether you are a totally new to Facebook advertisements or in the event that you have been utilizing them for some time, there is likely still a stack of amazing features may be you did not know existed. Images cropping to free stock images there is a great deal that you can use inside the Facebook Ads Manager. Furthermore, in case you are utilizing video then the Ads Manager offers plenty of element choices to truly effort you have put into your recordings.

Check Out The Hidden Facebook Features

So here are 5 hidden features that you ought to search for Ads Manager when you are looking for your next advertising options.


In case you are similar to most other individuals that have fiddled with Facebook promotions, you have presumably expressed your words “my advertisements did not work” sooner or later. Also, that may be valid. In any case, did you realize that there is a store of data appended to every one of your advertisements, which provide you a thought that why it did not go well? You can also utilize that data to make changes for the next promotions.

Take a click to Ads Manager and then on the upper right side of your advertisement comes about you will see a catch saying ‘Breakdown’. Tap on it and then you will see a drop-down with loads of various alternatives to browse.


Free Stock Photo

Hidden Facebook Features

See what picture you can pick for your promotion and would prefer not to get paid for a stock photograph? No show, Shutterstock keeps you secure. They have made a large number of pictures accessible for use that is for nothing. Simply open the head Ads Manager, tap the green i.e ‘Create Ad’ button on the upper right side, and when you go to the Ad level where you have to include a picture simply click ‘Free Stock Images’. You then simply sort a keyword in the search bar and this will identify whatever you are promoting. You can pick up six pictures what you want and it can be added to your promotion for split testing.


Crop Image

Hidden Facebook Features

There is the particular size of images that you have to use in various sorts of promotions. By utilizing the right picture measure it will guarantee that your advertisement looks great at all the diverse positions that it can be seen on mobile devices, desktop, and others. In case you are making the pictures by yourself, so you can use Canva, PicMonkey, or Photoshop to customize images as you want.

Yet, now and again you are in a surge or utilizing the Shutterstock pictures. So that is the point at which you need to utilize the ‘Crop Image’ include. While making the promotion inside Ads Manager you will have to pick your picture first and after that, you will tap the ‘Harvest Image’ symbol in the base of the picture.


Create A Image Slideshow

Hidden Facebook Features

Presently you may have a couple pictures that you can use for your advertisement, or you may surmise that simply utilizing one picture is not sufficiently energizing. Be that as it may, making a video may very well appear a great work, or maybe not something you are great at. Indeed, Facebook makes it easy and super simple to make a slideshow of the pictures, which will simply play as a video in the advertisement. Simply tap on “Slideshow” in the Ad level, after that ‘Make Slideshow’ down the base.


Create Your Audience

Hidden Facebook Features

In the event that you had not heard about the Facebook newsflash, the video is so popular these days. Facebook needs for being a place to review recordings. So in case you are willing to set aside the opportunity to make some snappy videos or you can put yourself on camera, you will be compensated with better natural engagement and traffic.

In any case, another reason you ought to be truly considering utilizing recordings for the business. What’s more, that is the way you can make a crowd of people of Facebook individuals. After that demonstrate to them a promotion for other things. Make sure to consider, if somebody has set aside the opportunity for watching your videos, they definitely know your identity. So in the event that they then observe a promotion enlightening them concerning your shop/benefit/item then will probably tap to it. Now, you must make the ‘Video Views’ group of onlookers after you have posted your video on the Facebook page or you can run a Facebook video advertisement.



Wrapping Words!

So, these were the 5 great features of Facebook’s Ads Manager that you most likely did not know existed. If you wish to contribute some more hidden Facebook features, kindly drop a comment below. Your suggestion will be valuable to us. Thanks for reading!


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