5 Steps To Build A WordPress Website For Your Amazon FBA Business

A lot of business owners have placed their faith in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and that move paid off well. Taking advantage of Amazon’s FBA business model helped many of them increase their profit margins, including both new sellers and existing retailers. After all, numbers don’t lie and they say that a whopping 62% of all sellers saw their profits rise in 2020 thanks to Amazon.

If you want to test your chances and build your own Amazon FBA business, a good idea is to start it on a WordPress website. This website builder is still the most popular and most flexible, powering more than one-third of all websites on the internet.

If this sounds good and you would like to give it a try, keep on reading. This article lists the five essential steps that you should take so that you build a good WordPress website for your new Amazon business venture.

But first, what is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service offered by Amazon to sellers that should automate their order fulfillment and shipping services. The concept is actually really easy to understand – you sell it, and Amazon ships it.

An Amazon FBA business allows Amazon to handle all shipping, including returns and refunds, along with warehousing (using Amazon’s warehouses), packing, picking, and more. A seller sends their products to Amazon, Amazon warehouses them, and then processes all of the orders as they come in.

As a business owner, one only needs to handle the sales and do their best to have Amazon stocked with the products that the business offers.

Of course, some fees need to be covered, but the rewards outweigh the costs since Amazon ppc agency offers 24/7 customer service, includes all shipping and fulfillment costs, and you get access to a dynamic fulfillment network.

Settle only for a good domain name and a decent hosting solution

The domain name for your WordPress website is its unique address. The address goes after the www. in your website’s URL.

It is important to come up with a memorable and simple domain name since people will instantly see it in the address bar. Of course, you can look for expensive options, but some cheaper domain names can cost as little as $10. Just remember to keep your domain name as close to your brand as possible and try to make it short but memorable.

Once you secure the domain name, it’s time to find a good web hosting provider. When choosing your hosting plan, think about the kind of store you are building. Maybe it would be best to avoid shared hosting due to the issues that may arise. Instead, allocate some money and try to find a dedicated web hosting solution for your WordPress website.

Install WordPress and your store plugin

WordPress Website

If you are just starting, it’s best to settle for a one-click WordPress installation. This is the easiest option and you will have your website up in no time. Just make sure that you have a proven hosting provider that offers the benefit of one-click installations.

Once you sign up for a hosting provider with this kind of installation, you just have to go into the hosting dashboard and click on a button that says Install WordPress.

Complete the installation and then find a plugin for your eCommerce store. Since you’re building the website in WordPress, your best choice is WooCommerce, which is an open-source platform built by its community. You may have to pay for various extensions, but it will quickly and easily turn your website into an online store.

With the plugin, you will get:

  • Product pages
  • Secure payments
  • Cart and checkout
  • Shipping options and label printing
  • Automated taxes
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, MailChimp, and more.

Conduct a keyword research

Knowing the fundamentals of SEO is important if you want your online Amazon FBA business to thrive. Utilizing the right keywords is crucial for good SEO results and you can use tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush to do this.

However, for this process to be a success, you should know your target audience first. Your keywords have to resonate with your target customers, which means that you will need to figure out what they are searching for.

You are probably aware of the types of products they are interested in, so you could start by researching long-tail keywords related to those products. That should be good enough for the beginning.

Plan and create content around your chosen keywords

WordPress Website

As already mentioned, if you are looking to create a website for your Amazon FBA business, you absolutely need to know the basics of SEO. But SEO is much more than just taking your chosen keywords and distributing them across your content pieces.

When it comes to planning and creating content that drives traffic, you should come up with a clear plan by focusing on the following points:

  • How long will your articles be?
  • What keywords should you consider as your primary ones and which ones should you consider as secondary?
  • Which products do you want to promote or mention in your articles?
  • What are your rivals doing?
  • What will the tone of your brand be?

Having an answer to these questions will help you create good content that increases your visibility in search engines and drive traffic to your website.

Publish your content

Once you create your content, you should start publishing. And the first stop should be your website’s blog.

Again, do your best to follow SEO practices such as internal and external linking, proper title tags, meta descriptions, and so on. Try to include optimized images just to avoid slowing your website down.

As soon as you publish, you should submit the content to the Google index and share it on your social media pages.

Even though you might not be expecting traffic from sharing on social media pages, the emphasis should be on showing search engines that you are present in places other than your own website.

Final words

Almost every single online retailer comes to the point where they have to consider Amazon FBA if they want to take the store to the next level. That is why you should consider doing this too.

This move will allow you to humanize your brand, help your target audience separate you from your rivals, and enable you to get a database of your customers.

You will still be able to sell on your own website store and avoid any commission that can be incurred from Amazon. Just remember to set your eyes on the long-term vision for your brand and you will create a high-traffic FBA website.

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