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WordPress has made it a lot easier to create websites without requiring to go into a deep knowledge of coding. Whether you’re about to create a social community website, a course selling website, a job portal, or any other website, WordPress brings the best for you.

All you need is just a right and smart combination of WordPress Themes and Plugins.


Create a Job Board Website with Community Features?

To create a job board website that consists of advanced community features, you have to integrate these plugins and theme on your WordPress website

1. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is a light-weight as well as an open-source Free job board plugin for WordPress. Being a Shortcode based plugin, it allows adding, managing, and categorizing job listings in a much simpler way.

The admin UI has the power to list jobs along with some important actions like edit, mark filled, delete, search and filter functionality.

This plugin allows employers to list jobs on your WordPress Job Board site from the frontend.

Check out the WordPress Job Board Theme.

2. BuddyPress


For community features, the BuddyPress plugin provides a base that turns a website into a social community. It is a free WordPress plugin using which you can build any kind of community website on WordPress. With member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more, an online community will look perfect.

Checkout BuddyPress Demo with Reign Theme

But that’s not an end! There is something more in the box!

Extend the power of Job Board Website with BuddyPress Job Manager Add on

To create a Job Board Website with social community features, you will need a WordPress Plugin which can help you integrate WP Job Manager and BuddyPress.

And, that’s what BuddyPress Job Manager does for you!

Essentials of BuddyPress Job Manager

buddypress job manager

Two plugins are essential for this plugin-

  1. WordPress Job Manager – Applications
  2. WordPress Job Manager – Resume Manager

Features of BuddyPress Job Manager Plugin

✦ Create Member Types

As an admin, it allows you to create two BuddyPress Member Types i.e. Employer & Candidate so that everyone can register specifically. If a member wants to post a job, he has to register as an employer. On the contrary, if a person wants to share his resume to apply for vacancies, he has to register himself as a candidate.

✦ Profile Features

BP Job Manager Profile

It introduces new tabs in the employer’s and the candidate’s profiles by incorporating BuddyPress with the WP Job Manager plugin.

✦ Job and Resume Features

  • The job feature of BuddyPress Job Manager Plugin creates a widget that shows the applicants per job which is very beneficial for employers.
  • Candidates can add multiple resumes.
  • It gives candidates a choice to display their latest resume at your BuddyPress Profile.
  • It also allows choosing which resume fields should be visible on the BuddyPress profile page.


Download BuddyPress Job Manager Plugin now and extend your job board website with cool functionalities.

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