Best Voice Messages Plugins For Your WordPress Website In 2024

WordPress Voice Messages Plugins

Customers today want personal attention from a company they are interested in dealing with. They want to be adequately heard and replied in the right manner. We cannot doubt the effectiveness of customer support in a business and how easily a bad repo with your customers can completely break your customers. So it becomes important to conversate with your customers personally and for this nothing is better than voice messages. WordPress also provides you voice message plugins that can help you speak to your customers via voice messages and not relying on that heavy emojis and texts. Let’s check these WordPress Voice Messages Plugins 2022:



Voice Messages WordPress Plugins

1. Heyoya

WordPress Voice Messages Plugins

It is a comments plugin that allows your readers to send voice messages in a fun and easy way. It provides a very effective way to engage your user and increase your conversions, blog traffic and a lot more.

Heyoya is a very to easy to use plugin which provides you with giant buttons for recording, a completely integrated text are and also allows users to upload images and videos to the comments.

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2. Google Voice/ Google Hangouts

WordPress Voice Messages Plugins

Google Hangouts is technically not a plugin, it can be included on your website so that you can allow people to leave voice messages for you. You just need a Google Account to do it.

You just need to set up the Google Hangouts Button on your site and you are ready to go. Your site visitors can use this button to call you. Just follow this documentation for a complete setup.

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3. Joy Of Text Lite

This plugin is a free WordPress plugin that offers a great way of connecting with your clients, blog subscribers or site members. It allows you to send SMS and text-to-voice messages to an individual or a group. The free version of this plugin includes allows admins to add, delete and update members from a group, creates a subscription for, provides merge tags, allows language preferences to be selected and more.

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4. Excitel

WordPress Voice Messages Plugins

Excitel is a great plugin to increase your sales levels and communication level with the customers.
It offers wide customization features such as the setting of the work hours in which you can adjust the time for receiving calls. You can also take multiple calls at once.

It also allows you to forward calls to another operator. Statistics of the calls, call recording, exporting the data of call, custom designing of the online call button are some other great features offered by this plugin.

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5. SpeakPipe

WordPress Voice Messages Plugins

One of the best WordPress Voice Messages Plugin, SpeakPipe lets you receive voice messages from your audience directly on your website.
The site owners can easily integrate their Speakpipe code into their website without requiring to change any source code that is zero codings. It is a free as well as a premium plugin, and if you wish to extend your functionality, then you must go with the premium version.
Also, another great feature of this plugin is it does not require any login which means anyone who visits your website can send a voice messaging without an account.

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6. CometChat

WordPress Voice Messages Plugins

This one is really great for user engagement. It is an all in one chat plugin that you can use to add audio chat, video chat as well as text chat on your WordPress website.

Features such as adding collaboration tools, stickers emojis, real-time translations are also provided by this plugin. You can also use the Real-time messaging and one-on-one chat options for your website.

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What’s Your Verdict?

Personally, voice messages play a very important role in shaping the customer base of your business. Talking to your users via calls and responding to them personally can be really effective and fruitful.

So, what’s your take on using these plugins for your website? If you have any suggestions for us or want to share your experience, please drop them in the comment section below!



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