Favorite video hosting platforms like YouTube with more than 300 hours of video uploading every minute pulls in numerous site visitors. But, its various settings for video-hosting such as limited security, plenty of advertising – are unable to match up to your business requirements when it comes to publishing content.

Here we explore for you some of the best alternatives to YouTube video hosting platforms for publishing content that works as a perfect tool for your business. These YouTube alternatives can upload videos and augment their audience following if the content is excellent.

Best YouTube Alternatives

We offer our collection of best YouTube alternatives 2022 that are ideal for creators of video content.

1. TikTok – Free Video Upload


A platform that is high on popularity at this moment for sharing short-form videos, TikTok has transformed the manner in which videos are made and shared. In fact, it has become super easy for normal users to develop and share videos.
Using this platform, many people have become famous and minted money. This is without any doubt the best YouTube alternative so far as short viral videos are concerned.

An app-based platform, you can download the app on your mobile and begin creating captivating videos.
As one of the rapidly expanding social media platforms globally, TikTok provides an alternative variant of online sharing. Users can create brief videos with filters, music, and various features. It competes with big names like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook that has the support of Facebook or Google.

What makes TikTok distinct is that it is an entertainment platform rather than a lifestyle forum. What makes it amazing is the fact that any person can turn into a content provider due to the ease of use that the app offers.

It helps TikTok stand out among the competition is that it’s more of an entertainment platform, instead of a lifestyle platform. And what makes it so attractive is that practically anyone can become a content provider because of the simplicity of using the app. That’s why it appeals to so many content creators around the world. With 500 million active users across the world, TikTok has emerged as a social network site that has surged ahead of Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat and Twitter and among the most downloaded apps worldwide having surpassed the 1.5 billion download target.

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2. Facebook For Creators

Best YouTube Alternative
Best YouTube Alternatives

Facebook For Creators is among the best alternative for youtube video publishers presently. This platform is available for regular video publishes. You can easily access it by signing up for Facebook for creators and input Facebook.com/creators.

The best part is that Facebook will remit 55% of the revenue meant for the advertiser’s which is much better when contrasted with YouTube. A new mobile app, Facebook Creator contains tools for video streaming, updating stories on Facebook and messaging individuals across the platforms of Facebook. There are several separate apps for features on Facebook such as the one used for handling Facebook pages.

Facebook Creators can be initiated when users desire to handle their Facebook video creations. Facebook refers to the Facebook Creator app as “a one-stop-shop” for makers who prefer to take their interest a notch higher. They can generate original videos, get live with particular features and interact with their online community on Facebook.

A platform such as Facebook Creator contains the following features: Camera and Stories, Community tab, Live Creative Kit, and Insights. You can create and customize live broadcasts by using the Facebook Creative Kit tool. The Community tab allows you to link with followers and associates through a unified inbox, which gathers your comments from Instagram and Facebook which also includes messages from Messenger.

You go to the Camera and Stories segment whenever you prefer to utilize camera effects or conveniently crosspost content to various platforms. You can also view Facebook Stories from this section;

Ultimately, the tool Insights allows you to watch metrics that can assist in content creation. It also displays page analytics, fan base, and videos. Therefore, the primary thing to bear in mind is that Facebook Creator app contains exclusive features for Facebook Live, and allows you to evaluate analytics, interact with your followers, lets creators and publishers handle blogs, and post content on Facebook Stories and different platforms – all from a sole app on your mobile.

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3. Dailymotion

Best YouTube Alternative
Best YouTube Alternatives

Among the finest YouTube Alternatives for Video Publishers, Dailymotion caters to all kinds of video publishers. At times called the European YouTube, Dailymotion asserts to be the second-largest video sharing site across the world, with users touching 300 million who view 3.5 billion videos per month on this platform.

Irrespective of whether you are desiring to post your videos or content of the third party, Dailymotion permits you to monetize such videos. As a matter of fact, YouTube is unable to upload videos belonging to third-party.

Similar to Youtube, the business model of Dailymotion concentrates on monetization via ads and is thus free. Nevertheless, users are restricted to uploads of 96 videos every day, culminating at a total of two hours of video every day. Dailymotion permits a video duration of 60 minutes. It also offers analytics for its users who pursue advertising and video monetization.

You receive various advertising options from Dailymotion and it helps marketers as it performs instream display and advanced media formats. Their OpenVOD scheme offers opportunities for monetization for content makers. This program called video-on-demand permits content makers to sell their videos, select the price, format, and marketers can broadcast on Dailymotion, and gain entry to statistics for such videos.

DailyMotion is a distribution alternative for media companies looking to monetize content, particularly if it is situated in the platform of leading countries.

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4. Wochit

Free Video Upload

The platform Wochit focuses on newsrooms, social media editors and editorial groups. They help to make them share their narratives with the world community and attract responses.

Wochit assists in creating a video that every business can access and produce videos that can be shared on digital and social platforms. You can create videos fast using Wochit. Several top brands like Reuters, Getty, and WENN are using Wochit. A video creation platform that allows media firms, newsrooms, and brands to broaden audience engagement by using the potential of social video. It provides an opportunity for brands and storytellers to immediately create a brief, branded and video clips of studio-quality at an economical scale. You can create a viral video of a high standard with Wochit for publishers

Wochit has advanced features in the form of a real-time media library that contains infographics, videos, and images. Using this library you can upload your content. Your brand signature can be assigned by using Wochit. It helps to create an effective video by using effects, overlays, colors, fonts and offers a distinct brand recognition in social media.
Content marketing using Wochit becomes resourceful as it lets the users acquire greater leads and steady traffic that results in high rates of conversion and incremental ranking in search engines.

Wochit also utilizes survey tools to analyze customer surveys and let the marketers or publishers deliver such surveys conveniently. Customer feedback by using the survey tools of Wochit helps in devising advanced strategies in marketing and advertising through analysis. In addition, Wochit also delivers ads and video campaigns directly to mobile users by targeting potential audiences with exclusive strategies.

Wochit produces effective video as it performs skillfully the various editing activities such as video duration, sounds, graphics, animations, fixing an image, adding the recorded voice to the captured videos. Trending Wochit videos can be utilized to harness advanced strategies. You can use the advanced tools of Wochit to crop the videos and pictures and create videos that are adaptable with viewer feeds. Its autofit text format is one of the benefits of using Wochit.

The completed videos can be uploaded to the site and you can utilize social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter to upload the videos like a native video.

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5. Metacafe

Free Video Upload

A basic video platform, Metacafe is older than Youtube. It facilitates a significant number of videos that are of 90sec duration and of inferior quality, in contrast to different platforms. Nevertheless, they make it certain that there are no videos on Metacafe that are duplicates.

It is an amazing platform for individuals searching for humorous videos, reviews of products, tutorials, or instant how-tos. Similar to Youtube, it classifies videos into sports, entertainment, movies, video games, news, and TV. It also allows viewers to endorse channels or watch various playlists, too.

Why Metacafe Is Better Than YouTube


1. Simple interface
2. Excellent platform for crisp, brief-form content creators and content related to community
3. Contents are not of low quality


1. Lacks Detailed Videos due to time-limit restrictions
2. Viewership count is low when contrasted with YouTube

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6. 9GAG TV


A go-to-forum for followers of social media and for those searching for brief and amusing videos. 9Gag-TV is a favorite of Twitter and Facebook users who prefer this platform due to its GIF memes, and various entertaining photos that can be shared with friends and community. The content is graded which makes it handy to find what you are searching for.
9GAG is a video platform housed in Hong Kong and is also a social media site. It lets users upload amusing photos, videos, and GIFs. which can be uploaded to the site. For uploading video content users have to share it with the social media accounts of 9GAG, letting admins consider whether to share it on the website.

Every content is owned by 9GAG, and no monetization is allowed. Nonetheless, it is a fun site to surf, as it accommodates a few of the highest shared internet memes.

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7. Vimeo

Best YouTube Alternative
Best YouTube Alternatives

Started by filmmakers, Vimeo is an apt platform for innovative minds. Almost all people from video producers, photographers, artists, and ad agencies utilize Vimeo. It contains a wonderful interface and certainly excels Youtube with its superior quality videos (4K Ultra HD) which also helps content creators to earn some additional income. Vimeo is ad-free as well and contains an in-built community for users to comment, track channels, and exchange videos on their accounts of social media.

On this popular video-sharing platform, the manner of earning varies from the monetization techniques followed by YouTube and Dailymotion. Here you do not make money by posting advertising links on your video. It offers a much more reliable model of monetization compared to YouTube. You can also watch its content without any distractions. It’s simple to use interface lets you browse by categories instead of channels. In addition, few of the TV shows are also included.
Vimeo has powerful tools for growing business, lead capturing, and generating an audience. It makes your videos that are embedded appear perfect and seamlessly embedded in personal websites. You can publish videos from Vimeo to Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also evaluate the stats from each platform, collectively in your Vimeo dashboard.
Vimeo creates countless live events, unlimited live streaming, simulcast to your preferred social platforms, and respond to all in a live chat.

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8. Veoh – Free Video Upload


Another website for video sharing that has an easy interface, Veoh presents user-generated and customized content, without any time deadlines. If you are searching for famous TV shows like Two and a Half Men you will prefer Veoh. You can also watch the best movies and to view HD content, you require to install the Veoh Web Player.

Veoh is found to be a hybrid between a video streaming site and a social site. The users of Veoh can connect with different users, participate in groups and chat with their associates
Similar to social media, you do need to engage and converse with various people and make them like your content to make your channel grow and expand.

Well recognized within the gaming circuit, Veoh permits its user to ‘live broadcast’ their playing or upload the recording. This platform for video hosting also acts as a social network that lets people share their game strategies and communicate with one another.

Final Thoughts On Best YouTube Alternatives

Selecting the proper platform regarding your video content is based to a great extend on your requirements such as audience reach, monetization, pricing, advertising and the type of analytics that suits your business, increases its online presence and upscales it All these alternatives is intuitive enough to create professional appearing compelling videos and become a great video-sharing website.

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