The Good and Bad of Page Builders

It is the page builder plugins of WordPress that make the whole task of creating attractive websites incredibly easy. From resizing the elements on your web page to adding new elements, you can customize your web page with the help of page builders. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, with the help of the page builders you can create beautiful web pages in a matter of seconds. Offering an extremely user-friendly interface, the page builder also allows the users the option to drag and drop.

Though it almost rejects the need of hiring any website developer at all; page builder has its share of disadvantages as well. Here are some of the major benefits and disadvantages of WordPress page builders.

The Good In Page Builder

The page builder plugins in WordPress help you to design the websites of your dream easily. Without knowing a single amount of CSS or HTML coding, it lets the users to design the pages of their websites the way they like. Page builders of WordPress offer all the needed features and patterns that a web designer can provide you. In simple words, it gives you all the power to add a touch of life to your designs. Without letting anyone else mangle with your own designs, you can have the total charge of your own website.

From the various themes to endless color patterns, attractive graphics, wonderful landing pages, and amazing service pages, the best page builders offer unlimited features to the users. Suppose you’ve hired a web developer for building your website but unable to pay for the development work any further. Well, it is the page builder then who can help you out in completing your website, by offering interesting landing pages and product pages.

WordPress page builder

The Bad In Page Builder

Apart from its so many advantages, page builders in WordPress have their own share of limitations as well. Depending on the page builders you choose, you may encounter some issues now and then. Therefore, the job of choosing the appropriate page builder is trickier than you can imagine. One mistake in choosing the appropriate page builder and you’ll end up with a terrible mess, instead of getting a perfect website.

While some can be extremely helpful in creating awesome websites in minutes; others can cause some issues. For example, some page builder plugins do not save the design or content of our website. Therefore, the moment the plugin will be deactivated, all the designs and you created will be lost instantaneously. Some even leave a total mess of complex coding on the website page.

Considering the benefits as well as the drawbacks, you need to understand that page builder is just a tool after all. Yes, this particular tool can help you in getting the desired look for the pages of your website. But the page designs and elements aren’t everything that keeps a website going. To get exactly the kind of website you wished for, you need to use the variety of page builder plugins in WordPress as a part of a well-developed strategy.

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