Use WordPress Page Builders or Not?

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In today’s world where an online presence is becoming an inseparable aspect of everyone’s life, It becomes important that a website should be responsive as well as good-looking. Everyone wants to attract a huge number of visitors to their website. In order to do that, one should make his website appealing to the visitors. A page builder makes this task easy. In simple words, a Page Builder makes it easy for WordPress users to build custom layouts for their website and gives them various features and functionalities to make their website look better. The best part about these builders is that you do not require to know a single line of coding. If you have a good design/layout in your mind then these page builders will help you achieve that in the best possible manner.

But the question is, Should we use these page builders or not? Undoubtedly these page builders are a life- saver but they are also not the best things to be used. In this article, we will discuss in detail, the major pros and cons of using a Page Builder. Let’s see whether we get our answer or not!

Why should we use a Page Builder?

Let us first talk about the benefits of using a Page Builder one by one. Main pros of using a Page Builder are:

  • All Functionalities at one Place:

Page Builders plugins are considered great due to its All-in-one functionality. These builders provide almost everything that website requires being customized all at one place. Page builders give a user features of so many plugins in just one plugin. For example, if a user wants to customize the layout of his website by adding sliders, social share options, grids, charts etc, he can easily do so by one Page Builder without resorting to any other plugin.

  • No-coding required:

The best merit of using these page builders is that you do not require to know a single line of code. You can easily use them even if you are a beginner and have an amazing layout in your mind. These Builders mostly provide drag and drop options at one place. Just drag your element and drop it wherever you require. These plugins give you a blank canvas to show your creativity. Just be creative and start designing.

  • Control your design and change them quickly:

A user can easily control his designs and add more designs if he wants to. A theme no matter how responsive is limited in some way. To overcome such limitation you can easily use a Page Builder to create your own designs. Adding a header or slider becomes easy with these builders. Changing a design is also easy with these builders. If you aren’t happy with what you created, just create something else. It’s that easy!

Why should we not use a Page Builder?

Let us now talk about the demerits of using a Page Builder one by one. Main cons of using a Page Builder are:

  • Slow Site Loading:

The biggest demerit of using these Page Builders is the slow loading of a website. These Builders being heavy plugins increase the burden on a site and make it slow to load. The speed of a website decreases considerably after installing these plugins. No one wants a slow loading website. A website loses most of its visitors if the website does not load fast making it rank low. Therefore, using these builders might bring a negative impact on a website.

  • Leaves Shortcodes:

Page Builders use shortcodes to create designs on your websites. This becomes an issue as these plugins are shortcode-specific. As soon as you uninstall these plugins, they leave these shortcodes on your website making it difficult to manage. This not only becomes a difficult to handle but also makes your website look really bad.  The designs that you created after spending hours will become ineffective leaving only and only shortcodes on your site.

  • Not easy to work with:

Page Builders are not easy to work with. If you do not have any coding knowledge then it might become a hurdle for you.  When a web developer designs a website using codes, he makes sure that it is responsive to all types of browsers and devices. You can be assured that the website has been tested in a considerable amount of time. But if you design a website using these builders, testing it on various browsers and devices becomes a time-consuming task thus making it difficult to work with. Also, one requires testing these plugins whenever they are updated. Thus, using these builders isn’t an easy task at all.

Final Thoughts:

No doubt page builders are amazing. They not only provide various features and functionalities at one place but also makes a website appealing without using any code. But this isn’t enough for a website to excel in marketing. Site’s speed is highly important for a good website and it gets hampered due to these builders thus making a site load slower and heavy. There are some drawbacks of using a page builder and they are being pointed out by developers.  If you are using a Page Builder make sure you know all the demerits of it and then proceed with one.

Hope this article helped you in deciding whether you should go for a page builder or not!

Have any thoughts on it, Leave a comment below.

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