Best WordPress Firewall Plugins

Do not let hackers jump into your website, install WordPress firewall plugins on your website

Firewall plugins are necessary to protect your website

WordPress site is prone to hackers as they are in pursuit of mistakes you make and clear the passage for them. This way they get deep inside your website stealing content and important data. Hackers already know about the mistakes website owners commit at times. It is just that they are patiently waiting for you to commit one. Neither you will get to know who jumped into your website and stolen your data. For protecting your website from the master hackers, install WordPress firewall plugins safeguarding your site every second.

Hackers work in a group and independently but have better knowledge about the ways to breakdown the WordPress security system. They can easily make changes to your content ruining your hard work and stealing the precious content. They can even make the best use of WI-FI routers to sneak into your website. Keeping your data safe has been challenging as hackers are now more attentive and can even monitor your activities. Don’t fail and give a tough challenge to hackers.

You can install these WordPress firewall plugins to safeguard your WordPress site:


Best WordPress Firewall Plugins

It only takes a minute to finish installing this plugin which updates automatically preventing plugin and theme exposure to hacking. By the help of this plugin, you can block automated bots and hackers right away preventing malware and spam. Thus, securing your WordPress site from such exposure becomes easy and protecting your site from such attacks gets simple. You can also monitor activities being held on your website so that you can make changes keeping your site safe and up to date to prevent attacks.

 Key features:
  • Reports regarding PDF security
  • You can monitor activities 24/7
  • Autonomous backups

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Best WordPress Firewall Plugins

This firewall plugin was made available in the market after finishing analyzing around 240,000 WordPress websites and after collecting resources based on the requirement to safeguard a WordPress site. It begins searching for hidden malware allowing you to clean up your website before getting blacklisted by Google. This plugin has a pro version that is efficient in safeguarding your site and lets you update plugins, themes of various sites using a single dashboard.

 Key features:
  • Website updates are available in bulk
  • Protection at the time of login
  • Teamwork

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Best WordPress Firewall Plugins

It is among the topmost WordPress firewall plugin list and that is because of its performance and unique features. Installation count was estimated at around two million and it is on fire and being picked by the millions of people across the globe. You can monitor the traffic updates and keep a check on attempts been made by hackers using the ninety live traffic view available. Attackers are blocked right away when they make an attempt and it can also block a malicious network that can sneak in your website.

 Key features:
  • Protection against exposed passwords
  • Modern manual blocking
  • Two-step authentication process

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4.Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security

basically, it is known for its effective performance regarding website security worldwide. It is the best solution for security issues arising in WordPress. It is free and does not lack any feature which is required to follow the protection protocol. Despite being free It has several unique features which help in safeguarding your WordPress site.

Key features:
  • File monitoring
  • Security boost
  • Hack control even after the hack has to begin
  • Security Notifications are provided
  • Firewall but only with a premium version

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5.All in One WP Security & firewall


it is one of the best WordPress firewall plugins which is easy to use and provides complete security support to your WordPress site. It takes instant action against the attacks and leaves you with the option to safeguard your WordPress site against website attacks. Having a complete set of security solution it can help you take your security protocol to a whole new level.

Key features:
  • Complete protection against attacks
  • Logging out all users after a preset time limit
  • Monitoring login attempts using your user IP

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6. BulletProof Security


Providing bulletproof security to your WordPress site against attacks, it is a complete package for you to safeguard your site. It provides protection against XSS, CRLF, and SQL injection. The best suitable WordPress firewall plugin for a beginner is now available. The strong firewall protecting your site against login attacks and backs up the data in the meantime. It has unique features that makes it the complete package to choose for your WordPress site security.

Key features:
  • Advanced setup wizard
  • It provides .htaccess website security protection
  • login security is available along with monitoring
  • ISL or idle session logout is possible

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7.iThemes Security


It is into a developing process since the year 2008. It is a WordPress firewall plugin that can be trusted and is quite a popular WordPress backup plugin provided by iThemes. Installing iThemes security means your WordPress site is completely safe and is regulated by iThemes regularly. It blocks the users who attempt attacking different sites accessing your site. Thus, security measures are quite effective. It provides information regarding IP addresses of failed login attempts and restricts them from safeguarding your website in return.

 Key features:
  • scanning and reporting instantly
  • fixes the threat
  • blocks bots and users with abnormal behavior on the site

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If you find the source of information helpful and relative, share it with a maximum number of people so that they can stay up to date. Your site can be well protected against the threats easily by installing these WordPress firewall security plugins. Everything which is mentioned above justifies that you won’t have to worry about attacks anymore. These plugins are updated timely so that they can cope up with the web trend and provide better security against threats and attacks. Hackers are waiting for you to commit the mistake so don’t allow them to sneak into your website, install firewall plugins.

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